The Things I Wanna Change or Reorganize about DC Comics in General

Lets say ı'd become a head editor and operator in DC or a consultant to 'em.

What would be things I'd wanna change or reorganize or focus on ?! Lets find out.

Its not finished yet.

List items

  • The superteams in DC are not like Marvel's. The other companies has "superteams" DC has "super leagues" or "super societies" or even "super legions" So it shouldnt limited to 6 to 7 person. It needs main column characters but rest of the roster should change, evolve and shift due to the each arc or saga.

    Just like Justice League Unlimited Animated TV Series.

    Superman & Batman already has more than 5 title for each of their own. So they dont need to stole to show from others even in teamwork series like this.

    So ı would focus to characters like Martian Manhunter

    I would kick off Cyborg. He is a titan not a League material.

    Also ı would put characters like Red Tornado, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Maxima, Ice & Fire, Hawk & Dove, B'Wanna Beast some stuff.

    Also this title shouldnt be always about cosmic related threats or "saving universe" stuff .. Sometimes it could be personal issues, earthly problems.

    And get rid of it from

    JL of Europe

    JL of International

    JL of Space

    JL Task Force

    There is tons and tons of unused superhero team outthere. We dont need JL replicas. Make JL'S roster bigger and then you have different members from different nations to reppresent

    JSA member shoudlnt become JLA members and vice versa same can be said for Titans too

  • DC didnt able to handle it. First they sended all of these heroes to Earth-2 then come back again, then send again its a mess.

    But ı think these team could co-exist with JLA. Or even cross-over with in .

    JLA is more about cosmic and technological threats and big stories.

    But JSA Could deal with mystic powerhouses, phenomenons all over the galaxy.

    And both teams should leave the "America" part of their title.

    Justice League is enough and for JSA JS is enough or Justice Society of Galaxy.

    JSA shouldnt be big as JLA. This is more special, traditional and compact group


    Jay GarricK

    Alan Scott

    Doctor Fate (not should be hanging out with JSA all time cuz he is the agent of Order for all Prime-Earth universe but for special occasions he rejoins)

    Dr. Mid-nite (huge potential)


    Power Girl

    Atom Smasher

    Red Tornado

    Citizen Steel (or Commander Steel but Citizen is better)

    Johny Thunder



    Manhunter (Kate Spencer)


    Mr. Terrific

    Plastic Man


    Sandman (not the endless one)


    Ted Knight or Adam Strange

    And thats it. The Team shouldnt contain anymore heroes than this.

  • I dont like two "Titans" team. Regular Titans for young adults and Teen Titans for Teen and kids is a dumb idea.

    No everyone in a team should be in the same agehood. Thats why Watching Young Justice was great cuz bigger YJ members were sisters & brothers for new comers.. It creates a family touch onto it.

    Titans should collect together and must get very big family like in all days.

  • The Most Magneficient Super Team of all time.

    All Superteams of DC Comics coming together into a huge armada.

    JLA-JSA-7 Soldier of Victory-Metal Men-Freedom Fighters, Legion of Super Heroes.


    Thats why ı said JLA shouldnt deal with every universal threat by itself. Flash or Superman shouldnt be the determent character of a cosmic disaster. They should group up againt greater threats.

    Can you imagine All-Star Squadron as an emergency MEGATEAM for universal and even multiversal threats .. How great things can we read.

    OMG.. They should bring the power of huge connectivity and collectivity among DC super heroes. Cuz DC Comics differs at that point from Marvel but current DC try to be Marvel.

    And with this way powerful and charismatic villains wouldnt be beaten by 4-5 people and asspulled by writer.

    Darkseid was designed to be a universal to multiversal level threat.

  • Actually ı dont like this name cuz the all DCverse full with superheroes and superteams so ı like "Legionaries" name more than this.

    I think Legion would stay as alternative timeline or alternative universe super-team of DC. It shoudlnt mix with 21st century Earth*0

  • Too much crowd

    Get rid off Duke Thomas, Damian Wayne, send Jason Todd to the death, ge rid off Stephanie Brown, bring Huntress again.

    I think Huntress is better than Batwoman and Spoiler .

    Get rid off from Bat-Wing



    Cms. Jim Gordon

    Batgirl (Barbara)

    Robin -> Nightwing (Dick)

    Jason -> Roibn (deceased)

    Tim Drake -> Robin to Red Robin

    Cassandra Cain -> IF you gonna use Barbara as Oracle then ok Cass is a cool Batgirl ıf you're gonna use Barbara as Batgirl make Cassandra a outcast anti-hero.

    Stephanie Brown -> Girlfriend of Tim and thats it nothing more

    Damian Wayne -> never borned

    Huntress -> Bring her back

    Batwoman -> If you're good with Babs and Helena and this one is unnecessary but if Babs is Oracle then Batwoman could be cool but not put her on charge over family

    Duke Thomas -> Get rid off from him.

    Bat Wing -> Get rid of

    Bring Azrael back instead of Jason Todd

  • Made a new and clear origin story for both Power Girl and Superboy . I think being dad was looking good on Clark keep Jonathan Kent

    Get rid off Steel.