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The Myths / obscurities of Naruto Franchise

These characters or the situations about characters are the most myterious obscruties about Naruto Franchise imo.

List items

  • Yeah we see his chakra form but we're never see his true potential and his canon origin.

  • Like his elder brother.

  • Prime Hiruzen.

    We're never able to see what prime hiruzen really is. Due the portrayal of his he is the 3rd strongest Hokage (and kage) after Naruto & Hashirama

  • He is fame stated as "great as sannnin". And he has his own reputation as "Konoha's White Fang" so .. He is a myth

  • This character not from Naruto

    But Naruto Series has a character with that name ıts Hiruzen's father. And his the reason behind Sasuke Uchiha's name.

    When Sarutobi Clan dealed with Konoha and join them Sasuke Sarutobi was the clan leader. He is from the same era with legends like Hashirama & Madara and he stated as a legendary shinobi

  • Prime Hanzo.

    We saw sick, hysteric, rusty Hanzo... Even the existence of characters like Hiruzen, Ônoki, Muu, Gengetsu Hanzo is the 2nd best candidate (after Hiruzen) for considering as a "strongest of his era" and sometimes even as #1..

    He is a mytery too

  • Orochimaru - Hashirama hybrid the most myterious Kage in history.

  • Jimi Hendrix of Naruto :D

    Jokes aside we aint know nothing about him like all 1st generation kages except Hashirama

  • He is great at bargain :D But this is the only thing we know about him.

  • We aint know anything about this Poseidon & Gandalf hybrid bad ass old man. Its sad.

  • He is probably the inventor of Jinton and Kajūgan no Jutsu but thats the only things about him.

  • He is one of the most bad ass lookind dudes in Naruto but the only thing we know is that he is a puppetteer.

  • He killed by Gold & Silver Brothers during a kage summit. But we dont really know who he is.

  • He showed some abilities of him and some personality at War-Arc but this is not good enough.

  • except Gaara, Naruto& Killer Bee all of them are myterious characters..

    Specially Fuu and Han are the most unknown ones.

  • She showed some skills but still not even close to her possible potential and she is the mother of the main character !

  • First Jinchuuriki of Kurama and Hashirama's wife and a uzumaki clan member.

    She looks like a big deal but we dont know anything about her.

  • He is not a myth but his anbu special ops member Dad & Mom are.

    by the way

    and also; how much developed Konohamaru as a elite jonin ?!

  • We never really saw how much yahiko get developed after Jiriaya

  • Yeah we know about Kotoamatsukami and his shunshin mastery but he is featless. But we wanna know him better.

  • Uchiha Clan Leader

    Konoha Police Forces Commander

    Father and first mentor of Itachi & sasuke

    What we know about him ?!?! Nothing.

  • She has a unique kekkei genkai and she is one of the most reckognazible Sunagakure Shinobies out there. But she aint get scream time enough.

  • We have a little info about his personality and his abilities but he is a pretty unique character yet he is a mystery too.

  • Hashirama Senju aint a mystery or myth but ... How he died !?

    Yeah thats hell of a myth !!!

  • Sealing Master

    Old Monk

    Previous Jinc of Shukaku.

    But we aint know much about him.

  • Chiyo is a splendid kunoichi but what about her brother ?!

  • How much Baki developed in Part 2 we're never saw him in action again.

  • Jonin Level Shinobi

    A Medic Ninja before Tsuande.

    But she is featless.

  • There is 2 myth about him.

    Minato died at 24 he never reached his prime what would been a Prime Minato

    And 2nd one

    He didnt do his jutsu at war - arc that the one he talked about seriously what was that jutsu ?!

  • How he ever find Yata Mirror and Totsuga Blade ?!

  • How did he find Madara Uchiha's corpse ?!

  • We never able to see Kurenai in action or working with his team due to her pregnancy

  • Dose she has a curseld seal modes like CS1 and CS2 ?

  • Where the all other senjus ?! They're not depopulated like Uchihas or any genocde.. But still there is no senju around ?!