The Most Powerfull Turkish Superheroes or Villains in Comics

The Most Powerfull Turkish Superheroes or Villains in Comics

I'm Turkish and we has a little known characters too some of them can be find in Cvine's data some of them not.

I wanna made a list with what ı can find from here. So wish me luck.

List items

  • Powerfull god from Türkish myth.

    He is from 616-Marvel Universe

  • Erlik Khan from 616-Marve Universe

    Hades -> Greek Myth = Erlik -> Turkish Myth.

  • a DC Comics character member of Justice League International.

    She carries two ancient relic which is the things that gave her super powers.

  • with movie feats He is immensely powerfull. Probably can beat Spider-Man with relative ease.

  • Turkish Conan The Barbarian.. But this man has his own wolf as a sidekick ! Bad Ass..

    With movie feats he is also very powerfull

  • The Leader of the Akinci Force from Ottoman Empire

    He is a super soldier way before than Captain America

  • Former Suicide Squad and Secret Six members.

    One of the best marksman (or woman) from DC comics

  • Flying Carpet

    reptesents Turkey in The Team.

  • First comicbook hero from Turkey he is a legend but lets be honest he is not close to Tarkan & Kara Murat.

  • He is first modern military base (like Captain America) comic book character of Turkey.

    He is kinda hybrid of Captain America and James Bond .