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The Most Powerfull One Piece Characters (part I)

Actually ı didnt want to make up a "tier list" for One Piece. Because parameters, power balance and ability relationships between the powerfull characters are so poor and this make the OP is a the worst for tier listing job.

But ım bored and my friends force me to do it so now ım gonna start to create one. But even I cant give you any guarantee about quality or solidness for this list.

Second List (101-200)


And ı add the featless characters with guessin' and makin' comparation. So this list is not a solid or worthy enough (like the series itself)

Creation: 27.09.2016

Last Check: 10th May 2023

Sadly I don't even care about this list after chapter 1043. When we learned that Luffy is a kinda reincarnation of JoyBoy via his secretly mystic zoan devil fruit !!! This series is just been bullshit since timeskip but Wano Arc's itself has deconstructed so many hierarchies in the series and OP is not a consistent universe sadly. Everything is all about deus ex moments, plot armors, and retcons. So I don't take my list seriously anymore and I don't even know If I am gonna add more. But I'm gonna make another OP power list which will be about "If things were right how this list will turn around" ?

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