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The Most Powerfull Anime Characters in General - Part III

Part 1 (1-100)

Part 2 (101-200)

This list all about my opinion.. And ıts not include the all manga/anime series, its just include the series that ı watch&read. And this is the part 2 of the general list.

So this list is not completed yet.

I'll start with these ones for start


One Piece



Then ım gonna add these

KHR, Boku no Hero Academia, Bastard, DB & DBZ (maybe) , Hunter x Hunter, Samurai 7, Vagabond, Wolf's Rain, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun (only anime), Basilisk, Claymore, One Punch Man (manga feats not webcomic)


And when ım get to the current of these series

Toriko, Magi

I'll add these too.


And a lot of series is needed multiple linked lists.

And dont want to add featless characters like Kushina, Shisui, Shanks, Gol D. Roger. etc etc


Chakra=Nen=Reiatsu=Quirk Aura=Haki=Will Flame

List items