The Most Potentially Wasted Characters of Naruto

The Most Potentially Wasted Characters of Naruto

These characters is the ones whom are treated worse by Author somehow.

They forgotten or twisted, or purposely wasted or outlined.

But actually we're love' em back then.


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  • One of the biggest retcons/ taking back / aspull jobs happened in anime history.

    Hiruzen portrayed as Best Kage among Gokage and even best Hokage among previous 4 Hokage.

    He hailed as "The professor" who knows every jutsu which is invented in Konoha (that means Hirashin, Edo tensei, Hachimon Tonko,Raikiri, Rasengan, etc). Also hailed as master illusionist who has over 1000 illusion jutsus at his disposal.

    What happened to Hiruzen ?

    Story Plot leave the idea of "Ninja Way" and decide to go with "Dark vs Light" and that plot brings Senju Vs Uchiha cuz a lot of retcon act happened in Senjus and Uchihas and cuz of that Hiruzen is forgotten, weakened and lefted out.

    We dont know his past, his acheivements and never able to see any glimpse of Prime Hiruzen.

    Looking at other animes how they treated their old badass men like Whitebeard, Netero, Muten Roshi, Yamamoto. And look at Hiruzen its just pitty and sad.

  • Damn you Kishimoto.

    Neji was a perfect candidate for who is gonna build up new Konoha Village and Shibobi System with Naruto as the head of Hyuga Clan. Cuz this is the deal between that promised by 'em long way ago. Neji is the only prodigy type character ( Orochimaru, Gaara, Itachi, Kakashi, Minato, Sasuke, Hiruzen, Madara, Nagato) who died casually ?! DAMN !

    He has a great history and origin story and has a great bond with Naruto.

    Naruto once said "when ım gonna become hokage ım gonna chance Hyuga and ım gonna get rid off from family branches and you're will be the leader of hyuga"

    That was the promise of the series. Neji stated even better prodigy than Sasuke .

    But then Neji asspulled by Author

    Shikamaru shined, Ino Shined, Choji Shined, Hinata Shined even Sakura shined too.

    But Tenten, Neji, Lee, Shino, Kiba is asspulled and wasted. But the problem is Neji was the most potentially skilled person between these chars and Neji had a real bond and story with protagonist. Why Gaara shined as Naruto's saved and redemded friend but Neji not !

    And very terrible ending for him.

    And we never able to saw his development. He never faced with Akatsuki seriously (Which is done by Sakura, Ino-Shika-Cho,Naruto, Sasuke and Sai), his dad came as an Edo but author didnt write any scene with Neji !!!

    I mean this is cruel man.


    And also not just Neji besides Hinata all Hyuga clan is wasted cheaply by Author . Whom hailed as the strongest clan in the leaf then leave aside to the shadows of uzumaki, senju, uchiha, otsutsuki,. Its sad .

  • Actually Orochimaru aint wasted or forgotten as the same level as Neji or Hiruzen but Orochimaru was the big bad wolf of this series and he sacrified everything he has, he turn his back to all of his friends and family for imoortality, all jutsu in existence and become an ascendant living being.

    and he was too close tooo.. Until Uchiha Retcon happened (like ı mentioned at Hiruzen)

    Orochimaru was the man who beated strongest kage among gokage and 4th kazekage in the same day. And Konoha was desperate enough to wish 4th hokage was still alive. Who is stated as the true hero of the early series.

    But then retcon happened and he became a stepping stone a punch bag for teen uchihas. He never reached to his potential or never able to show how much he developed in terms of jutsus and powers after leaving Konoha !

    His entrance to the series and his role in the series offers much but much more intention and supremacy. But we never able to understand his motiviations or his skills trully. He is still most myterious living char on Naruto / Boruto Franchise. He totally wasted.

    And most sadly part. Before Retcon Orochimaru was the man who devoted his life to developed that jutsu call as Edo Tensei. That was the reason of his treason to Konoha but after retcon suddenly Orochimaru wasnt the inventor of Edo tensei anymore. Tobirama was... this was very unloyal and crappy move by Kishimoto.

  • Youngest of the 4 Leader Jonin of Konoha. Even at her young age she is stated as roughly equal to other senseis such as Gai, Kakashi and Asuma.

    Actually each 4 Sensei represent each 4 fundamental forms of ninja ars/skills

    Kakashi -> Ninjutsu

    Gai -> Taijutsu

    Asuma -> Bukijutsu (weapon/melee arts)

    Kurenai -> Genjutsu.

    Kurenai was good enough to stunt instantly a guy like Kisame with her fundamental genjutsu and also she was good at breaking Itachi's genjutsu by her own.

    She was egzotic, beautiful, myterious and promising. But Kishimoto just make her pregnant for life ı assume :D We dont even saw her as civillian or aint saw any flashbacks about her. Or her place never replaced ? Who educated Team 8 ?

    Kurenai deserves far more than that.

  • Anko one of the most unique figures in Naruto franchise. Licky Cat Like Hot Ninja with snake arms ?!? Damn!

    She was talented, promising, fun, resillient and bad ass. She could be the female version of funnier Kakashi.

    Cursed Seal user, Orochimaru's first pupil, from same generation with Minato. And maybe the most powerfull tokubetsu jonin.

    Why Kishi leave her existence out of naruto at shippuden Era. Then make her for Snake fuel for Kabuto then Make her a big fat cat lady.

    C'MON !!! I still miss Part 1 and Part Anko

  • Kakashi's father who is even more famous and powerfull than Kakashi. Who is at least famous as The Sannin. The White Fang of Konoha .

    We aint have any flashback, any filler, any game or any movie/ova debut about him.

    He has no sharingan but still stronger than his son ? We're need to see this way before dude.

  • Like Anko Shizune also a Sannin Pupil. Shizune actually starts very good back then. She is praised by Kabuto and Orochimaru and she was a big deal back then as Tsunade's guard and asistant.

    But then magically Sakura suprassed her w/o any study except 2.5 years. And Sakura aint has any exceptional genes from famous clans or aint has any special feature but Author decide to make her Tsunade Jr. And that makes Shizune even less important. She was friendly, a bit porky and strong-willed woman. She deserves far more than that.

  • The Star of Naruto Anime Series (not shippuden) the participant of one of the best (if not the best) shonen battle in history. His Kimimaro fight also was very special both for anime and manga. Art, choreography all were so good.

    He has a great origin story, great setting, very emotional and passionate bonds with others (such as Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Gai, Neji) . He was a fan favorite .

    Then retcon happened and all non-sharingan , non-team 7, non-ıno_shika_cho characters goes to trash can by Author.

    We never able to see Rock Lee's development his rough journey to fullfil his ninja way. Such a shame.

  • Shino Aburame was the strongest genin after monster 5 ( Gaara, Naruto, Neji, Lee, Sasuke) And he was the most myterious one and one the coolest among all genins.

    He was intellect as Shikamaru, Skilled almost as Sasuke, resillience almost as Neji.

    He is from one of the noble clans of konohagakure and Clan Leader's son.

    After shippuden he completely ignored and only seeing in filler episodes. Even Akamaru and Tonton has more screen time than Shino.

    And making Shino a Chunnin as Class Teacher at the end ?

    Shino should be a wanderer, a researcher, a S jonin as sensor or a duty at central intelligence.

    He is downplayed by Author.

  • Look ı now Minato is very popular, very beloved and very powerfull character. But he is also wasted in some other way. How ?

    He is not completely wasted as Hiruzen and Orochimaru cuz Minato was the main setting of the manga's start. Plus he has so many connections with main character.

    Father of Main Character

    Master of The Main Char's Master (Kakashi)

    Pupil of The Main Char's Mentor (Jiraiya)

    The Sealer of The Demon Fox Who is livin in Main Character (Kurama)

    So thats why Minato never wasted or bad treated as Hiruzen or Orochimaru.

    But anyway, he also never reached to his potential. We never able to saw what Minato's reputation and portrayal at early times of the series offers to us.

    He is also kinda trashed after retcon. Minato was kinda once in a century type prodigy who is even make strongest shinobi (the first god of shinobi) Hiruzen retired at who is still at 56-57 age.

    He was that kinda man. Who is a sealing jutsu master, ninjutsu master, fastest ninja, teleporter, speedster, super brilliant, super intellect, Toad Artist (after Jiraiya) , Pupil of Jiraiya (who is the pupil of the 3rd Hokage) .

    Minato offers many things wo single handidly sealed Kyuubi and defeat Madara (at least we tought it was Madara).

    Then retcon happened and Uchiha is pushed to the center of the series and that brings Senju Vs Uchiha.

    And thats why lazy Kishimoto didnt wanna create all new skillset and powerset for Tobirama intead of that he decide to gave all OP jutsus to Tobirama. He steal Edo Tensei from Orochimaru which was a nonsense, he steal hirashin from Minato.

    And when 4th Great Ninja War happened. Kishimoto made Minato deliriously powerful and he also lately understand that Minato gonna steal show from Naruto, Sasuke, Tobirama, Obito, Madara if the things goes like this. And then he push to the asspull button. The same button used for Hashiran, Gokage and Hiruzen in the same time.

    Sennin Mode + KCM2 Minato loses his arms one by one and didnt able to perform what his reputation and skillset offers.

    He is still one of the best. Im not denying that but like ı said for Orochimaru, Minato builded up for more than that. We just able to see a glimpse from his brilliance.

  • At part 1 Kirigakure described as a demonic, mysterious and violent place. Actually its kinda true.

    the home of 7 swordsman of the mist

    the home of kaguya clan

    and for a brief of time it was the home of akatsuki.

    Ruled by Obito behind shadows viciously.

    But we never saw the potential of it. I wanna saw more village conflicts and fights back then . Its a shame.

  • Tenten was the only girl who wasnt try to hump on or pork with someone in her generation.

    Ino's main motivation -> Being a rival of Sakura for Sasuke

    Sakura's main motivation -> Following Sasuke and gain a kiss for

    Temari's main motivation -> Following Orders and Seducing 12-13 y/o kids like Shikamaru

    Karin's main motivation -> Licking Sasuke

    See ? How empty they're , there is no true motivation and morals when its comes to teenage girls in that generation but only one exception.

    And that is Tenten.

    Tenten is the only girl who has a big ideal goal. And that is "Becoming a great kunoichi just like her role model Great Sannin Tsunade"

    That is sweet, accurate and encouraging.

    But what happened ? Tenten got the least screen time in these girls and probably she is the weakest but actually she was the strongest after Temari at part 1 . What happened ?

    Well basically Kishi didnt wanna write any self-reliant teenage girl.

    But Kurotsuchi and Tenten . They're always be different and special to me in their generation.

  • Kumogakure become so clear and solid after years but it wasnt like that before. It was like Konoha's arch nemesis.

    Always has a passion about byakugan and extra bijuus.

    They try to kidnapped Hinata for breeding

    They try to kidnapped Kushina for Kyuubi

    Terrorist from Kumogakure try to kill Tobirama and killed 2nd Raikage.

    And they're even try to kill Konoha's Yellow Flash.

    Its a trouble town run by afro-russians :D Why never saw an akatsuki member from that town or any conflict betweeen Kumo or any Village.

    We never able to observe other villages properly.

  • I dont get it why this one is even a ninja village after all ! Its super weak and less populated. I Mean even Amegakure (which is aint belong to Big 5 Nation) got Hanzo, Nagato/Pain, Konan, Yahiko, Original Akatsuki. What Suna got ? Gaara ?

    Even Takigakure has Fuu and Kakuzu :D

    Baki was the Kakashi of Sunagakure you can do the math how weak is that village. Deidara almost gonna take down that village single handedly.

    Writer must show more features and characters from that village like he try to did with Chiyo

  • Maybe the 2nd most powerfull and populated village.

    Home of powerfull tsuchikages, Han, Roshi, Deidara, Kitsuchi, Kurotsuchi, Akatsuchi. And it was the main enemy against Konoha at 3rd Great Ninja War. But we never able to grasp whats the conflict between each village.

    Kumo wants byakugan and bijuu

    Suna wants better lands

    Kiri wants chaos and larger lands (maybe)

    Whay Iwa wants ? They're already powerfull and self-relience.

    I think the relationships and history between each villages its a potentially wasted, very good substance and context to read or watch.

  • Well he faced with really odd opponent (just like Jiraiya) and ı get that why he decide to sacrifice himself but ım mad about this;

    at part 1 Gai and Kakashi was superior to other 2 leader jonin (lovers -> kurenai & asuma) but not that much. They're still on the same ground.

    But in P2 Asuma and Kurenai become deliriously weak compared to kakashi and gai. And thats why ı always waited for some flashback about these two. A redemption from author that shows true power and talent of 'em. Like he did to Minato.

    And ı also disagree with the idea that "mentors need to die for leaving their legacy to their pupils"

    Ok that archetype can be use for couple of times but we need alive mentors too ?

    Asuma, Jiraiya, Minato, Hiruzen, Kakashi,Dai (temporarily) there is too many died mentors.

    He is one of the 12 Guardian Ninha of Fire (equal organization to 7 Swordsman of The Mist)

    And he is the son of 3rd Hokage and very important member of Sarutobi Clan.