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The Most Overrated One Piece Characters

This list mostly about my opinions.

this list about a mixed opinions about things such as ; power levels, relevancy, importancy of the chars, and originality.

List items

  • Yeah yeah she is invincible, she is all mighty, she is ınvulnerable.

    Then blitzed by Brook, Strucked by Nami (twice), Taunted by Chopper :D :D Op fans are can be deliriously funny sometimes

  • People really think like Vergo is an admiral level char. Who can low diff chars like Ace, Jinbei and more. Its funny.

  • This guy struckked down so many people but none of 'em died He was supposed to be fast as lightning but he blitzed by Early One Piece Luffy who aint has G2 and that luffy was carrying a huge golden globe on his arm which was several tons.

    Enel did everything wrong and aint acheived anything but still wankin on internet like he is a god. its hilarious.

    Oda said Cp9 members 4 times faster than regulat 100m runner. They can run 100m in 4seconds. :D This is barely subsonic.

    And Luffy beated these guys with g2 so ..

    How a dude who beaten by G2less + Tons of Heavy Luffy and still can be claimed as "Fast as lightning" He cant !

  • Titles that given to him , never carried by him !

  • Just cuz he matched-up with Zoro everybody wanked him. Even declared him as the strongest 1st Division Commander.And we see how bad he is. No haki usage, no conqueror's haki, not enough armament not enough observation. Nothing. There aint any devil fruit awakening too.

    And his full zoan attacks that he use his head like a sling was terrible to read.

    Total failure

  • owned by anyone that opposed to him :D

  • Ace overratin on both departments.

    Characteristics and power levels.

    He is not a "good" character at all cuz he is a stubborn, unruly, egoist piece of shit that risks everyone's life cuz of his selfish and childish complexes about "father figures" ..

    And about power levels: Yes he is a powerfull character but people love to clainm "Ace would beat Dof ıf he were be there for Luffy" or "Ace is an admiral level char" both of the claims are bullshit

  • This dude aint acheived anything during entire OP Series. Never made a difference for the crew or the story. Pretty loser char even from the start.

    But still people think like he is equal to chars like Zoro, Law and Vice-Admirals. Which is funny

  • His all fights arreaged by Author. Always protected by plot. Actually Luffy is the most "plot-armor producer" protagonist ı've ever seen.

    Enel -> Being Rubbish saved him which is scientificly irrelevant

    Crocodile -> Aint know haki and beat upped with liquids ?

    Katakuri-> katakuri hits 10 damages for Luffy's each 1 damage hit. But he still keep fighting.. ?? Guess Why ?

    Luffy never acheived anything by his own.

    there were 2 things that always saved his ass

    1st -> Proper Support (Like Law for Dressrosa or Robin for Alabasta)

    2nd -> Luck and even the author of the series explained that "Luck is one of Luffy's super abilities"

    So yeah. he is a plot armor ball that bouncing aroung and overrated as hell.

  • He was one of the coolest antagonists that series ever have. And he was powerful for those times. Now he is a cP0 member that means he probably developed as almost Luffy or Zoro. I can accept that.

    But people still try to sell Before-TS Lucci like a total powerhouse. But sadly he aint.

  • He defeated by Marines that he attacked

    He defeated by Minks that he attacked (then force'em with chemical weapons)

    He defeated by Zou that he attacked.

    This guy is not smart, not significantly skillful or powerful either. Then why people try to claim him as one of the strongest OP Chars out there ?

    In my opinion Jinbei can kick his ass from what ı saw.

  • Oden and all of 9 Red Scabbards

    They're inconsistent, they're jokes, they're retconned and everything around these blocks just aint look natural

  • That guy aint have any spectacular or serious acheivement and almost featless for last 7-8 years.

    But people still love to see Zoro as Luffy's equal or Law's superior which is funny

  • He is a great dude , very powerfull (once). But the results he and his crew get is a total failure that nobody fail in OP like' em.

  • Well before startin. Im a Mihawk fan and ım one of those "wankers" of Mihawk's.

    This guy nearly a featless dude. But his charismatic design and portrayal convinced us that he is a "admiral/yonko" level char. Even ı believe that too. But to be honest we aint have nothing to suggest that. So yeah he is a bit overrated.

  • Whitebeard and Whitebear wankes love to brag about How Mihawk reckoned Vista. Well there is a huge difference between OP manga and aniem about that scene.

    In manga Mihawk shows that he knows Vista cuz he is one of the division commanders of the biggest and strongest crew (on paper only) and leadr swordsman in the crew. And Mihawk "said it would be foolish to not known you" . So what he said it was all about "strategical" nothing about admiring Vista.

    Same Mihawk also recognized "Daz Bones" too. What know Is Danz Bones a phenomenal powerhouse too ?

    Stop it boys.. Vista is not near to Mihawk's Even Zoro's or Law's level very questionable for Vista. So Dont act like Vista is the 2nd greatest swordsman around

  • Almost all of this crew are overratin like hell.

  • Speed of Light ? But travelling with no-engine old fashion galeon ships ?

    This series is very inconsistent in terms of speed. The author's himself stated that Cp9 members (except Lucci) are fast as 20m/s and in the last few episodes a dude who claimed his top speed as 200km/h speedblitzed Luffy and Zoro.

  • Suddenly he become a real deal w/o doing anything unexpected :D

  • Almost all of this crew are overratin like hell.

    People claimin things like "Cracker >>> Dof" , "Katakuri >> Admiral"

    Big time failures

  • People starts to act like "Robin can take anyone, cuz her arms can be anywhere she wants". Well ıf she is that OP or haxy why she didnt make any difference through all story ?

    Her power or her knowledge didnt play a big role yet. And that series over 900 chapters already.

    So stop admiring her.