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The Most Overrated Comic Books / Graphic Novels / Issues / Stories

This list is all about my opinion and experiences. Im only considering the comics that ı read before.

And ım not try to say "these books are terrible and shouldnt be consider as a piece of art". No ım mostly gonna try to say "yeah these works are good but its not that great and aint deserve any kind of bible of comics treatment too"

Ok ?!

My Favorites #1

My Favorites #2

My Least Favorites / Worst Comic Books

Average Comic Books (not bad / not good)

The Series I Hold On For Later

I wanna read these soon

The Series That I've Dropped Reading

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  • Yeah ı know what ı say at the description of the list up there. ^^^

    But this one is one of the few exceptional works that really crappy but treating like a master piece.

    This mini-series / Graphic Novel only about sexual sub-text, religist (mostly judaist) offensive sub-text and terrible characters.

    Yeah it has a very cool story telling, decent art and storyboad too. Its not a total waste but there is so much quality works in the work that can make you forget this shitty package of penis jokes.

  • Unclear motivations, happening events w/o any solid, mature reasons and a terrible final act. ıt has a very commercial story telling and art work (like most of the Millar's works) but thats it. ıts starts promising but ends terrible and didnt leave the reader with any illations from the event.. ıts just "things happens" type of action.

  • Yeah that was a creative way to tell a sub-urb american horror story. But its a common genre. And its not that unique. Yeah using Vision and his family for this old and retro genre is definitely refreshing and ı loved it. Art work also good too.

    But besides the flashbacks of vision and wanda the rest of the story is predictable and so familiar. Why people make a such a big deal out of it ı dont get it. Yes its really good but its not great at all.

  • Yeah ı can hear even from my chair the voice of the people who are saying things like "Hell nooo ! He shouldnt mess with the bible of the modern comics."

    Yeah thats the reason why ı put this magnificient peace of art. Its my 6th favorite comic book of all time.

    But people talking about this book like a bible and talking about Alan Moore like a god.

    Well this aint true at all. The story fulled with plot-holes, full with couple of rushy jumps into another story and it aint has a clear thesis too.

    And also Moore used so many already famous comic book chars for his own characters so its not a %100 pure original peace or creation too.

    So ıdk why people try make things divine.

    Its a really fucking good and kinda revolutionarist piece of art but its not pure perfect or not mistake free. It opened the way for other generations. It showed a path for other artists and writers thats it.

  • Its a very cool Batman story. And has a decent art work and story telling too. But thats it there is nothing more than that .Total fan service and fan favorite piece of work. Dont try to make a TDKR or Killing Joke or Batman RIP from this work C'mooon!

  • There is a ton of old man logan books out there even ım shocked and confused about which one of'em the starter.

    Man we already got novels like THe Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come and Batman: Beyond for looking at old heroes and their tragic but insparing returns.

    This is just a commercial effort for the movie franchises and its not that special and not that different than any kind of Wolverine Comic.. This time he has a lot of handicaps and thats makes the protagonist more lovable and perceptible.. Thats it the only magic in that story.

    I love Jeff Lemire and this story its not a shit at all. But like ı said ..

    ITs done before and ıt was far far but faaar way better than this.

  • Its just events and unimagined actions. Motivations are weak, consistency is leaking . It has a very cool work of panneling and art work but its just a another "make things bigger, make things shinnier, and mightier, make things more haxy" type of marvel move in the end.

    I really enjoyed when ı read this one and its in the my all time favorite lists but its not a cult classic at all.

  • Its a very clear and very satisfying fantastic story arc. I loved it. But its not that much of a master piece too. There is a tons of problems with rhythm and with messy one-shots.

  • Its a great, unique, pioneer, asthonishing piece of art. One of my favorites. But some people treating like its from another world.

    Well ıts just an experiment. Very bold, rushed, cutted and young experiment. It has good sides and also bad too.

    Overally a great work ı would recommend for but its also very blank and unreasonable moments too.

  • Its a refreshing and more post-modernist version of Superman: Secret Origins or Superman Birthright. And this one involved more dc comics char into Clark's childhood too.

    Otherwise its just an another great superman origin story. ıts not a revolutionarist touch to Superman .. Its not it .

  • Well this is a solid, gothic Miller job and ı kinda love it. But ı have to say this is not even close to TDKR or Batman: Year One.

    John Romita Jr. is the only representive of Frank Miller's drawing style but his panelling and color griding is not unique or ground breaking like Frank's.

    And ı have to say.I starting to think like, Daredevil is a unsuccesfull character. One of the first batman experiments of Marvel. But he has far less background and ambitions contrary to Batman but still Daredevill looks more unrealistic to me. And even ı suprised about that.

    His childhood is very common for many other kids (except losing his dead cuz of gangstas) . Bullying by other kids and tough puberty. But somehow Matt is both heavily resentfull and also perfect as kid.

    He trained by one guy for so short amount of time but he is immideatly became a monster !! And his feelings not natural or realistic what he did with Stick, how he respond to Elektra or how he turn back to New York.. Not cuz of his own will cuz of a business trip.. But in the end he just decided to stay.

    So did you get it ? His character set-up as vigilante not ambitious and full with will power as Batman. He aint has a plan, aint has enough training (cuz stick lefted him) and not enough resources.

    Yes actually his world looks more small and humble and thats why you should think like "hey Daredevil more realistic street-level knight than Batman or others" ... Actually ı was thinking like that too. But after reading this and couple of his wiki pages. He sounds so broken and absurd to me.

    Miller is the guy who made Modern Solid, Dark, Tough, Realistic Batman. But he aint able to look like acheived similar result with Daredevil at this one (I heard good things about Born Again) . Not even close.. But ı think this is more about Character not the writer.

    Dont get me wrong this is really inspiring and memorable Graphic Novel. But it aint has enough impact power. I guess ı should read "Born Again" for similar or even better taste.

  • This entry maded for representing to all Rebirth Era Superman Issues

    Yes Superman is the winner of the Rebirth Era so far and ı realy loved some of the arcs its really impressed me.. Even some one shots realy got me (like the one with Swamp Thing) ..

    But people talking about like a new type of superman emerges from out of nowhere. Well Superman was like that before new 52. Its not that different. Its more minimalist and simplistic and this is great but this is not a new fresh of air.

    And some of the arcs very low. So dont act like that everything is awesome in this title

  • Terrible logic, very immature showing off juda-christianist mythos. And very inconsistent way of describing Ghost Rider's origin and powers.

    And villain is a total joke.

    I'm shocked that fact how Jason Aaron could write low key like that.