The Most Overrated Comic Book Movies

This list all about my opinion.

overrated =/= bad / sucks.. Im not try to lowball these movies. There is 2 types of overratin imo.

1st Type of Overrated Tag = yeah its good/decent/great work but its not groundbreaking, glorious it has fair mistakes and bads

2nd Type of Overrated Tag= Its very poor actually whats the deal about all this popularity compared to the level of art of the work.

List items

  • 2nd Type:

    This is really seriously bad film. Im not just try to say " hey nolan is good but he is overrated as hell cuz has fair bads" no ım not try to say.. What ım try to say is "This movie is one of the worst in this genre but people still digg it cuz of Nolan Wank and the effect of previous movie.

    Terrible Movie

  • Both 1st and 2nd Types

    Great dealing with the antagonist and also setting the tone of the cinematography for the execution moments for the movie also is gold.

    But plot, ending, finale are all poor and action is just a joke.

    Tons of plotholes, tons of mistakes with Batman.

    ITs a fine movie but not one of all time greats. ıt has really shining moments but also shitty ones too.

    And the most ironic part is that ım a batman fan.

  • 1st Type

    Its a cool movie and very memorable piece of art in terms of cinematography.

    But its impact value very poor compared to the original graphic novel and there is a lot of differencies between with it.

    So stop wankin this movie like its the bible of comic book adaptations. Its not !

  • 2nd Type:

    Its fun, ıts cliche, ıts full with bathos humor. And its a shit. Poor character arcs, annoying usage of humor with bathos aproach. And very disrespectful to the source materials (nordic mythology or Marvel Comics)

  • Both 1st and 2nd Types:

    Full with unbalanced power shifting. terrible motivation setting. Poor character developments and very poor written final act which is full with plotholes.

    ıts not a terrible movie its pretty decent but its not that good.

  • 2nd Type:

    Yeah its rated fairly by critics but fans and locals still act like "this is a treasured, underrated gem in cinema that nobody understands" . But sadly its not. Blur, Blank characters, very inconsistent motivations, poor screenplay, terrible story and rushed ending.

  • Both 1st and 2nd Types:

    Its fun, ıt has some qualities but people overratin sooo much. ıts a very cheap movie. Cast is poor, story is very cliche ( Its a Mario Game) side characters/role are also very weak. Final Boss and Final Level Design is also almost a shit to me. And besides the highway action sequence.. There is no true Deadpool action you kinda expect from.

    Its a decent / ordinary movie. Its fun thats all. Nothing special about.

  • Both 1st and 2nd Types:

    Yeah its fun, it has a historical value for superhero movies. And has some cool features. But its not the epidome of superhero team movies or teaming-up type action movies. The plot is pretty poor, powers of the chars are poorly portrayed and there is no character arc just random events.

  • 2nd Type:

    It has a already told story and ver formulatic script. Only added things are cgı abs and relentless slow mo. This movie is very ordinary hollywood thing nothing more or nothing less. Dont act like its an another Snyder Magic.

  • 2nd Type:

    Very shitty movie with blank characters with blur motivations action choreos and sections are poor. Ending and Boss Battle is terrible. Its very formulatic space ophera parody.

    ITs not a special thing at all.

  • 2nd Type:

    Its a very blank, blunt, poor work

  • Both 1st and 2nd Types:

    Poor setting, weak plot, terrible characterization specially at the field of character development arcs. It has a cool cinematography and cast but motivations are blur. Allegories are lost.

    Bad start for the DCEU and following the formula of this movie for the upcomings make this Franchise rotts currently. Bad start

  • 1st Type:

    Its a goooood movie But very formulatic, there is no risk. Its the poor mixage of Old Man Logan graphic novel and The Last of Us video game.

    And there is tons of unnecessary, pointless events, shots and moments in the movie has a strong finale / ending but the executing the motivations & reasons before the final is also very shallow.

    So it has fair / honest mistakes so people shouldn't act like its the epidome of the superhero movies. Like ı said for Watchmen

  • 2nd Type:

    Overrated Comic Book as even more overrated and glorified meanningless movie

  • Both 1st and 2nd Type:

    It was a decent movie but some people act like its a groundbreaking thing for the genre. Which is not true at all.

  • 2nd Type:

    Very crinky movie which not likely similar to the original graphic novel and very poor casting.