The Most Overrated Anime / Manga Series of All Time

This list is all about my opinion.

List items

  • The most overrated shit ever.

  • Mostly about slavery.. And its all about re-happening similar things..

    The Games of it would be cool but hypin this anime series so much its meaningles.

  • with Dragon Ball-Z and after it.. Things got very simplistic, predictable an shitty but still most popular anime in the world.. But aint deserve anymore.

  • ıts one my favorite (not after the timeskip though) and ı enjoyed with it back in the day. But damn even the best arcs of this shows are not even close to the series like Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Fullmetal Alchemist or Magi. But still the most popular and beloved and naturally overrated series. Specially after timeskip the series consistenly gone shittier.

  • Galactic Basketball badly ripped of from Slam Dunk and mixed with Bleach power levels ? ... It could be good for fangirl dome and non-basketball related kiddos but generaly its sucks

  • I dont even know why so many people so hyped about this thing for so many years.. Yes it was cool at the start then it turns to a pain in the ass even the editors of Shuheisa pushed the Author (Tite Kubo) to finish this series and fuck off ..

    But somehow Bleach acheived to be associate with One Piece and Naruto as the 3rd best battle shounen of 2000s But its not even close to One Piece in terms of expanding universe and not even close to Naruto in terms of balance and story.

    Its a pretty shitty series after Seiritei Arc (Soul Society / Saving Rukia Arc)

  • Its started solid and it was good but even at the start this series was just good not great or genius .. And lately its kinda starts to bore people cuz the lacking of world parameters.. premises of the villain types.

    But somehow people talking about this like a big deal.. Its one of my favs and ı love so but ıts not that great there is so many series than can dwarf BnHA

  • Lazy Mangaka (author)

    2 attempt of Anime

    And thanks to the Mad House touch at 2011.. New Anime Series make this forgotten little series popular again but the mangaka leave the project so many times so its boring . And even he wasnt , this series wasnt that great but some people love to brag about like this is the pinnacle of the shounen perimeters. İts a cool series and ı dig it But its not the pinnacle of anything and at some points its pretty much shit.

  • Gag/Troll/Bathos/Parody becomes the new ill of the last generation of people . So few art works able to deal with parodies or bathos works .. OPM one of 'em. Thats why the premise of the series and general perimeters are solid But characters, story, relationships are still lacking and not that much original than you think. And 3 Sources makes things complicated

    ONE's Webcomic

    Murata's Manga

    Mad House's Anime

    Its really good but some people realy way overrating this fine series.

  • Its fantastic detective/mystery/thriller type of series and very popular and ı love it too But some people try to announce this series like Top 5 material (all types and genres included) Which aint accurate at all.

  • Nothing special about the story, nothing special about the design of the world, nothing special about the characters. And artwork is pretty shitty imo.

    But somehow its manages to being a very popular battle shounen and content with series like Boku no Hero Academia, One Piece, Black Clover, Shingeki No Kyojin, One Punch Man in the same genre and its way more popular than many other loveable yet unpopular shounens.

    I really dont get it how nanatsu no taizai acheived of it. I guess "middle earth" type of atmosphere made it.

    But its a really overrated thing to me.