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The Most Mightiest Characters Of Naruto Series (human or halfhuman chars only) PART I

My First Original List broked cuz of my my mistake.. Thats why ım re-building the list again.

remake: 25th January 2018

2nd List (101-200)

3rd List (201-300)

I didnt care the epilogue chapter of manga when ım doin this list. I'm just put Naruto and Sasuke's last epilogue versions.

I didnt include featless characters like Elder Kages, Mito Uzumaki, Fathers of kakashi,itachi,hashirama,madara. etc etc etc

These chars has not enough feats at all.

This list is not just based on 1 vs 1 matches.. ıts based on capabilities, might, skillsets and portrayals

List items