The Least Intelligent Characters of Naruto Franchise

This list lies on my opinions and its about The Least Intelligent Characters of Naruto Franchise.

List items

  • Hidan is a crazy dude. Cant think, dont care and aint good at nothing about in terms of mentality.

  • He is the worst speedster ı ever seen. He aint utilize his speed effectively. He is so predictable, linear and slow at reactin or seein things. When he starts to run yeah he is one of the fastest. But when he decide to do something he is kinda wood.

  • He is cool, respectfull and enthusiastic but thats all. He is not smart :)

  • Most of them.

  • When he was calm he is ok (still not something good) . But he release his CS then he is brain washed.

  • Actually he is not that dumb. But trying get into close combat with Maito gai 3 times in a row !!!.. And after first 2 fight still aint able to understand that dude cant use ninjutsu ? Maan.

  • He has will power, good judgement and loyal duty sense.. But he aint bring anything about intelligence on the table.

  • Lamest Kage and Father of Narutoverse.. Enough said.

  • He is actually impressively intelligent at political works or assasinations.

    But his usage of Izanagi and the style that he choose against Sasuke was ridicilously bad. Ok ı get it he was nerfed by then for Sasuke's behalf but still... He just wasted 10 Izanagi lifes so badly. I cant imagine what Tobirama, Minato, Jiraiya, Itachi, Kakashi would do with same power :D It would be far more efficient.

  • He is actually also at my "the most intelligent" list. But he is also some kinda unintellect. His pride and overconfidience constantly blocks his judgement..

    He fall into that trap against Hiruzen, Sasuke, Itachi, Sasuke again.

    Besides his pride and recklessness .. He is one of the best.. But this attidutes of his kinda makes him a silly combatant..

    But again his mostly nerfed cuz the behalf of Uchiha Brothers. I m also aware about that but still. Feats are not limited with uchiha bros (Naruto + Hiruzen too).

  • yeah most of you wants to kill me for this :D But lemme explain.

    Like Danzo and Orochimaru.. Itachi is not an dumb person too. And just like them he is pretty intelligence..

    But he is here cuz he had so many bad judgement and decision feats contrary to his intelligence.

    I think he is intelligence can be considered as good when he was dealing with some situation which is decided already.

    But he had to decide on something important.. He is more likely fail..

    Make her brother a maniac, slaying his clan for stoppin war but wars aint stopped. And using koto amatsukami for brain washing his brother but not using on Tobi or any other Powerfull akatsuki member (ıt would change the balances between villages and akatsuki).

    So yeah, he is one of the best at acting in some situation.. But he is one of the worst about creating that situation.