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The Best to The Worse Scaling for MCU and DCCU Movies

This list only about MCU and DCC(E)U Live Action Movies since from 2008

So there is no Raimi's Spidy Triology no other Sony Spider-Man movies, no X-Men movies from Fox Studios no Logan or no Deadpool. Also there is no Burton's Batman trio or Nolan's. Ok. Its all about DCU and MCU

for my other comic book movie and animated movie or tv series lists;

My Favorite / Best Comic Book Movies

The Worst Comic Book Movies

Average Comic Book Movies

The Best DC Animated Movies

The Worst DC Animated Movies

My Favorite Animated Series

All list (including this one) is only about my own opinions.

DCU Overall/Average Score per movie-> 66.2/100 (5 Movies)

MCU Overall/Average Score per movie-> 60.7/100 (17 Movies)

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