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The Best High School Basketbal Players from both Kuroko no Basuke and Slam Dunk

This list all about my observations and opinions.

List items

  • Maybe he is not explosive like Rukawa or Sawakita or maybe he is not gifted like Sendoh. But ım not listing a list about "best scorers" ım listing a list about "best players". Thats requires all-round /overall dominancy and proficiency.

    So in my opinion Shinichi "The King" Maki is the best well-rounded player in Slam Dunk. 2 times MVP is the proof of that.

    He is a good leader, disciplined athlete and always wants to win.

  • He is not no #1 cuz he is already at his sophomore year but still doesnt have any significant acheivement about basketball. And he didnt have the guts / tenacity to dominante his opponnets.

    Other wise he is the most all-rounded talented player in all series.

  • He had stamina issues, teamwork issues and he is unexperienced.

    If we're gonna set besides all of these he is kinda copycat of Eiji Sawakita.. Rukawa can do what Eiji gonna up do.

  • Tensai Baskettoman Hanamichi. .

    Even the time being middle of the series.. Hanamichi was already a force to be reckoned with his basic abilities from everyone. His only problem was scoring and shooting in that time. But he even solved this issue at end of the series.

    With Morishige he is physically the best suited high school player to basketball. And Sakuragi already has great fundamentals too.

    He is good defender, passer, jumper, dunker, rebounder, blocker, stealer, intercepter, etc, etc. And ı think he is the potential no#1 of this series.

  • He is both captain and head coach of Shoyo which is the 2nd most successful team of Kanagawa Region. Fujima's fundamental skills is likely equal to Maki. He is the ultimate rival of Maki at Kanagawa Region match-ups.

    Good scorer, defender, passer, shooter, leader, playmaker, etc.

    Only problem about him is his 2 type of work as coach and captain.

    Also he is not an athletic, explosive player too. Thats why he is here.

  • Fastest and the most quicker player of the series. Miyagi is very suited to Shohoku's fast break counter attacks. And even Akagi admitted the fact about that they cannot forge ahead in tournaments without Miyagi. Miyagi already gain the respect of other great point guards of the series such as Maki, Fujima and Fukatsu. He is the shortest starter player in that tournament but still able to make one's presence felt against some players like Maki, Fujima and Fukatsu.

  • He is the best technical center of the series. Also his physicall attributes is not shabby either.

    I think the series show this pretty clear and that is the Hanagata's supremacy on Akagi. So thats why ı put Hanagata here.

  • The Captain and former ace-player of Shohoku High. Akagi had some creativity and post proficiency issues other wise he is a good leader, sportsman, athlete, blocker, rebounder, defender, finisher and pretty decent scorer.

  • Kiyota is a very athletic and promising rookie player. He is the shortest starter small forward in the series. But even with that handicap he was still able to select Kainan High. He is pretty all-rounded player.

    His biggest weakness is that he is easily distracted in the game.