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Strongest Naruto Characters w/o different mods or versions

I decide to do that cuz the request that comes from some of my friends .

This list gonna consider a specific character as its strongest version. And you're not gonna see different Madaras, Narutos or Sasuke or any of it like my other NAruto power lists.

For those detailed lists you can check this out.

1st List (01-100)

2nd List (101-200)

3rd List (201-300)

Im not gonna consider Kakashi as DMS and Gai as 8th Gate cuz these guys can tap into that power for very very short time. So its kinda unfair. And Gai die seconds after it so dont be shocked. Also ım not gonna count Yamato with Guruguru.

This list is not just about 1vs1 conclusions or results. Its about versatility, being unique, value as a warrior, portrayal ,reputation, feats and all of it.

List items