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Street Level Comic Counterparts for Akatsuki from Naruto franchise

This was tough and fun.. But I'm gladly make this final form of the team.

Share your toughts with me (Please)

List items

  • He is the couterpart of Hidan

  • He is counterpart of Sasori

  • He is the counterpart of Deidara

  • She is teamed up wth Cloak for so many years.. She know teamwork (like Pain & Konan) Her gentle but dangerous allura did forced me to take her on these very team.

    She is counterpart for Konan

  • He is counterpart of Kisame.. Actually ı thought King Shark before then Manta but King Shark not smart or versatile as Kisame.. But he is the alternative.

  • He is the counterpart of Kakuzu

  • He is counterpart of İtachi.

    He is under the effect of the virus. Without virus he is like İTachi with Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

    He is a telepath and he also smart. And have some visuals powers ı think he is good for İtachi

  • She is female counterpart of Zetsu

  • He is a scientist, he try to fix something about himself and voia .. He turns to a freakin serpent..

    Of course he is a counterpart for Orochimaru.

  • High senses, BFR possibilites, Versatility.

    He is counterpart for Pain. (Plus piercing fetish ;) )