My "New Akatsuki" Team from Naruto Franchise

This is a new akatsuki crew.. Without any former akatsuki member..

The team is doesnt limited with any spesific age/timeline or any land.

Roster Limit: 10 member. (without the leader.)

This characters are not in their individual regular forms.. This is my imagination on here. They're in some different positions and situations so they're little different then before they're.

And ı have a power rank on that list soo top position is the strongest. Botoom is the weakest.

List items

  • He is abandon the ANBU and become a leader for New Akatsuki

    He has 10 sharingan, kotoamatsukami, He is also knew katon(fire rel.) (beside fuuton)

  • 2nd in charge. He is mytesirous most powerfull person in the team.

  • Tough, rude and merciless mummy of our team..

  • He didnt suicide and he is go to join new akatsuki :D He is the dojutsu master in the team.. Jonin Neji x 5 version of him.

  • Adult Shino with Torune Aburame's posionous bugs.. One shot-one kill.

    He is intellectual, myterious, creepy and slient.

  • Puppetmaster (in her prime). She has a great medical feats too.

  • In his prime.. He is the 2nd best short/middle range artist on the team.

  • She is myterious and has a myterious ability. Shakuton release.. She is already a sand villiage legend.

  • Much more powered-up version of his. He knew suiton (water rel.) and doton(earth rel.). He is on his prime.. More durability, speed and versatility for him.

  • Oro-Kabuto/Kabuto-maru version of him.

  • Adult and more cruel, durable and fast version of her... Wild Beauty of the team.