If They Say; Why ? Why? Tell'em That is Human Nature

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  • Marvel loves Wolverine ı get it but this is just to much shitstorm. And this is sadly a cannon issue.

  • Poor story telling, confusing art. And clueless story.

  • Its kinda funny but its just too much unrealistic (even for a comic book)

  • Starts good, ends terribly.. And so much mixed shit.

  • Poor scenario, bad battle confrontin' and shitty reader votes.

  • Year One: Warrior;

    Kinda have potential in it but its groose, full with unnecessary panels and lines, non detailed and complicated, not orientated artwork.

    Its pretty bad.

  • What kind of sillyness is this ! A bunch of kids knows the job better than Bats even knows Bats better than himself. Strange all muscled up and send monsters as psychologic diagnosis and then Bat-Family doing power-rangers stuff ?!

    Maaaaaaan ! BULLSHIT !!

    Give us the true Batman ım sick of it !

  • Its Lobo so it has to be absurd ı know that but this is just cheesy and low.

  • Its not that bad maybe but contrary to its fame an succes. It is really bad and annoying.

  • Thing beat namor under the water :D Thats enough :D

  • Rushy, Cheesy full with faults as both Physicaly and Story Telling.

    Its an Emiko story not Olliver. Shitty

  • Terrible logic, very immature showing off juda-christianist mythos. And very inconsistent way of describing Ghost Rider's origin and powers.

    And villain is a total joke.

    I'm shocked that fact how Jason Aaron could write low key like that.

  • Starts good, art is good, character cast and idea is good but What are really try to explain or tellin' to your readers man ?!

  • Naked, Johnny Sins Bane ?

    Murderer Catwoman ?

    The Happy Couple from Baccano ?

    Bane is dumb enough to locked up Bats with his suit and utility belt ?

    Breaking Back Jokes

    Tom King !! What are you a agent who is wov for make Batman bad & Cheesy ?!

  • Shitty, confusing, full with nonsensical actions, confusing constantly changing artwork via different artist for 40+ page comic book. And very poor story telling.

  • Melodramatic-Emoish Sexist teenage stuff

  • Classic Mark Millar , formulatic, hollywoodish, rush, just events there is no sub-text or story.

  • What did you told us with that story ? What did you try to empose ? What were the things that our heroes acheived ?

    Blank & shitty gear-up Story.

  • Im talking for Batman #1- Batman #7 (before monster men event)

    Tom King tricked us he said, Batman gonna give his one of the roughest challenge against new superheroes of gotham and feel himself desperate against some occasion (Plane Crush, Bridge Destruction, etc).. And he try to face them or educate them..

    This was the plot then what happened ? Shit happened.

    1st Batman still was the one who is saving the day even the saves the asses of the new duo. So ı cant able to feel any reason for needing new duo for Gotham ?

    2nd. Story full with rush and unnecessary moments

    3rd: Gotham (not the city, as the character) merely able to lift semi-bridge.. Batman's batarangs able to pierce him and car explosions able to stunt him. And her sister Gotham Girl even weaker than him.

    Then somehow same Gotham beats all JLA with ease ?! And Gotham killed by Gotham Girl ?!

    so JLA >>> Batman with vessels and gadgets > Gotham > Gotham Girl > Gotham (again) > JLA (again).. what kind of power balance is this ?

    4st. Batman take orders from Amanda Waller ?! C'mon :D

    5st: Like it happened a lot in new 52 why Batman starts to reveal his true idendidty in every touchy moment ?!?! Its his myth, his mantra, his reflection C'mon

    It was bad.. David Finch's art was cool as always. I love it but story ? Is this is the story that Tom King talk about so much ? So ı think, Tom King didnt get what DC or Batman is ?

  • Twisted wanking of American war history which %80 of it is all about conquering off-shore countries out of no reason. Dropping atom bombs when they're already surrender ? Dirtiest War Country on earth is talking about heroism and nationalism. Its not fair or honest.

  • What are they actually tryin' to achieve ? I'm still dont get it. İts confusing and shit mixed.

  • Yeah it has a uniqye panel and art style and very surreal too. Formalist post-modernism. I get it.

    But still there is no poinst, its just lazzy mumbling. Being jew, being the art spiegelman and being sarcastic not gonna save you from the lack of understanding.

    Its a bad piece of work.

  • It is not that bad. Actually it starts cool but Identitiy Crisis far more better . They're try to use same theme but this book is not great as its fame or success.

  • Its too much cliche too much predictable and unnecessarily shallow. Like a 3rd stuff hollywood crap action movie with better equipments and visuals.

    The Art is beautiful though.