My Least Favorite Comicbook Characters

The Comic Characters That I Dont Like Very Much

Mainly from Marvel & DC

I didnt include pure villains and evils cuz being bad and annoying are their jobs.. Their main column so ı cant accuse Trigon for being evil get it ?!..

So thats why list is most about heroes, anti-heroes, white-villains.

List items

  • Rebirth-Damian is not that bad but Pre-Rebirth Damian and his DCAU version is makes me sick most wanked and spoiled street level character in comics ever.

  • His character and morals is ok. But he was pretty unnecessary character when DC Universe has Jesse Quick, Wally West and Bart Allen to bring up

  • One of the most inconsisted , most PIS used characters ever. And his all comics is about brute force, revenge and anger.

    I never saw a cult graphic novel about Hulk which is willing to tell a story about how Bruce Banner trying to fight with his inner demons !

    He is walking destruction and death machine ... But still we call him as hero !

    Dummest most childish hero origin and powers ever.

  • Besides Saint of Killers

    All Characters are brainless, brutal, overacting, empty/blank shits.

  • Definition of PIS.

    Their main villain is Galactus.

    And Thing beat namor under water and beat Black Bolt with a wall ?

    And Reed can messed up everything then he can fixed those messed things too.. And you cant even imagine why ? ?

    Their inner relationships are also very complicated too

  • I dont know was he right or not !.

    BUt ı know he is a dick and back boneless person when its comes to social relationships.

    Leadership cant save his ass here.

  • Its a garth ennis creation.. Of course it will be unnecessarily ugly and empty w/o any purpose

  • Unnecessary power-up and character with out any serve / purpose / goal or image

  • I dont like characters with weak mental condition but great reality manupilator powers.

  • All imps from fifth dimension are multiverser jerks

  • Bat-Family is crowded enough ı dont wanna see another rebel, disrespect non-special teenager in the team

  • Superman rip-off with inconsistent morals , rip-off costume and pretty lame stories and appearance.

  • Too much inconsistency about his goals and acheivements.. Just made up your mind damn it !

    otherwise he is cool

  • He was my favorite character with Batman when it was late 90s and mid 2000s.

    But marvel starts to over sell him. Clashed him with gods, planet level characters and Wolverine somehow one of the best at every field or department.. Just too much PIS.

  • Just made up your mind Marvel..

    Who is this guy and What are things that Sentry good about ?

    Character shifting, basic power shifting, story shifting... All of these makes him very unlikable.

  • I love Steve Rogers he is a good man, good leader, good mentor, good soldier and good person.

    But ı dont like his alter ego ..

    Dude we're at 21th century.. And he carries the name of a country !!

    I dont try to say make him stop being patriotic hero.

    Superman, Wonder-Woman, Spider-Man, Shazam all of 'em are patriotic heroes but they're not wearing a freakin FLAG!!

    Thats makes his superhero personality very racist, limited and annoying.

  • One of the most inconsistent and overpowered bitches all around the world.

  • There is a lot of annoying and lame characters in here such as matter-eating boy !! and many others

  • Where is she ? What she ever did something important ? What is her depth in the stories ?


  • Ok you're a strong, indepented and brave woman.. But these are cant be a good reason for being a bossing bitch !

  • Again a mutant, a Magneto related boy and one of the jerks out there.

  • He is a villain as any other mercenary. He is not hero or anti-hero.. He is just confused mad man who good with guns !!

  • late 80s and early 90s Guy was pretty lame from every aspect

  • Ok he is a gag-anti-hero and lunatic...Full with fun.. And we love him.. But after some point he lost his all unpredictability cuz fans and marvel wanked him so hard and so much its losts his special humorous effect on me.

  • Ridicilous character design, worst superman rip-off ever. Complicated history villain-hero-something else ? What story needed which Gladiator its all about