My Least Favorite Anime / Manga Characters

My Least Favorite Anime / Manga Characters

Except first 2 characters ı dont hate them but ı dont like 'em a bit too !

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  • Yeah Ace ! I dont like him ! So many people love him and ı dont find those people's either mentaly or morals healthy !


    Let me picturing Ace for you.

    - He is the son of legendary Pirate King Gol D. Roger but he never able to met him.

    - But thanks to his father's legacy he alwayas lived in danger and thats why he always hated his father. Who is the main symbols for being Pirate all over the world !

    - Then Ace raised by mountain bandits. The legendary marine admiral Monkey D. Garp always kept him safe from World Goverment. Garp also were the rival and the archfrenemy of Gold Roger.. Who is hated by Ace

    - Garp always training ace to be a marine soldier thats his wish

    So far you might think this kid gonna become a Marine cuz he loves Garps who is raised him who is a marine hero and he hates from his father who is Pirate King !!

    Right !!

    BUT NO !!

    - no matter how Garp warn Ace hardly about being Pirate and how they became enemies after that.. He didnt listen and became a pirate like his FATHER !

    - Then he adopted by Legendary Pirate Whitebeard who is one of the closest friends of Ace's father Roger !! Who is hated by Ace !!

    - And Ace devoted his life and efforts to make Whitebeard the Pirate King ! Which is the title of his Father ! The one that Ace hates soo much !

    - He aint saw Garp as father, aint saw Roger as father but he saw Whitebeard as Father a beloved father.

    He never listened Garp and never care about Roger.. But you starts to think like yeah now Ace gonna be settle down and become a loyal commander to his Father Whitebeard.

    Right ?


    - Ace aint listened his orders and starts to chase one of the most dangerous man in the world by himself

    - Eventually he captured by Blackbeard and sold to Marines and World Goverment wanna execute Ace for a big message for all Pirates !!

    - And as father Whitebeard and as brother Luffy come to Marineford for savin Ace.. And Garp let them to do it as adoptive grandfather !

    - Hundreds of men died cuz of Ace's salvation. But finally Ace saved. And Whitebeard gave his last order as one of the most legendary pirate captain all over the world.


    What ace did ?

    - noooooo he is too fired up about Akainu insulted his father WB and didnt give a shit about the last order of his dying father.. And jump on Akainu and make his brother defenseless against an fuckin ADMIRAL..

    As last act he dive between Luffy and Akainu and died.

    You might think thats a honorable death !!

    When he died he said

    "I've no regregts besides seeing you growing Luffy"

    NO REGRETS !! a lot of innocent man and your beloved father died cuz of your stupidity you moron !!!!!


    Worst shônen character EVEEEEERRRR !

  • He is just so disturbing.

  • Except Kiyoshi Teppei and Aomine Daiki all characters are trash.

    Kagami always talking about team and being together doing everything by himself and breakin physics law.. I dont know what is different between Kagami and Aomine both of them scoring points at least %50 of their team ? Sooo ? How kagami is a team player and Aomine not ?

    Fangirl service characters with colorfull hairs and shitty personalities !!

  • His horny face is not funny anymore. He is been a loser for sooo long time. Idk what matters most for Sanji anymore, very disturbing, idiotic figure. Back then he was cool and promising.

  • One of the most overrated character in history in terms of intelligence.

    His luck always helped him, his origin and the origin of his abilities are blur. He is a walking plot device, nothing have to make sense... Young generation finds pretty impressive cuz it has so much political mambo jambo :D But actually one of the shittiest stories ever told.

  • Actually we should be not suprised about why Hisoka getting erected when he see Gon !?

    His voice, his outfit, his shitty and muscular personality and his adul version which is looks like pole dancer version of hulk !!

    One of the worst protagonist ever. Thank god we have Killua

  • Before timeskip ı loved him. His humor, his childish but also basic will power.. It was , how can ı say.. Catchy.. Yeah he was goofy but he always was. But after time skip Luffy become 20-21 y/o MAN !

    Not a child, not a teenager. But Luffy becom more goofier and more sillier than his all previous selves.

    And also ı dont like him cuz he is the most PIS, CIS, asspull (for Luffy's opponents) used and most protected fictional character ever..

    He never won a battle (except Arlong and Ussopp) w/o author's obvious PIS help !!

  • People call him as hero or anti-hero.. But he is just f.cked up spoiled teenager without any long term goal.

    I like him as a villain ı hate him as (false) hero

  • Dude almost 5 year passed and this dude become a commander of a Yonko ! And still a coward, same joke, one trick pony uninvested jerk.

  • He aint has any goal, any pursuit, any emotion, any fire, any will, any personality inside him and he aint has any charisma and reliability outside of him.

    What Urahara says

    What Rukia says

    What Orihime screams

    This is all about Ichigo's motivations and motions !!