My "Justice League Dark" Crew

My "Justice League Dark" Crew

Limitation: 12Person

List items

  • Spiritual Batman of The League (New 52 Version specialy)

  • Magic, Brutal Power, Rhyme and Devilish Theme ... He is the main column of my team.

  • Potential Main Powerhouse and the beauty of this team.

  • Vampire Prince.. The Man who is able to do many things.

  • Main powerhouse of my team. He was worked with JSA before. He has the hero potential. This team is fit for him more than JSA.

  • Second Devilish powerhouse of this mystic team.

  • Bridge between life and death .

  • Spiritual Investigator and Xcutioner

  • Magical, Shining Knight of our team.

  • She is pretty usefull for communicaiton and portaition

  • Underwater Atlantean Powerhouse

  • Mystic, Gothic, Devilish Sorcerer and Sykie

  • BONUS 1: He is not directly member of the league.. He is a outcome member. Just for occasional.

  • BONUS 2: Sidekick card - Sidekick of Blue Devi

  • BONUS 3: Sidekick card - Black Adam's sidekick