My Ideal Justice League Roster (with limit of 12 person)

List items

  • Cosmic Char - Support Leader - Commander - Telepath

    Heart of the Justice League. Fabric of the Justice League's goals and meanings.

    He is the center of my JL Team. Without him ı cant even imagine a good Justice League.

  • Cosmic Char - Leader - Founder - Strongest

    SprituaL Leader of them. He is patriotic and idealistic hero. He is the big gun and man of the all teams.

  • Street Level Tech Char - Leader - Detective - Brain of The Team

    Critical and reasonable Leader of JL. Only Human bein in my list. He is detective work,leadership,genius level intelligence and techno stuff knowledge is needed here.

  • Pre 52 version ım talkin' about.

    Funny,kind and responsable speedster of the team.

  • Girl Power - Support Leader - Warrior

    One of the founder member. Top Class Fighter and Warrior of the league

  • He is a delegate for team's Universal Issues and troubles. He is powerfull,he is friendly,he is funny and he is too much usefull for us.. He has a green friends for the support call.

  • Mystic under water Powerhouse of my team who has the control of 7 Seas.

  • He is a gentle and noble hero. Mystic Powerhouse and Source materials make him the one of my roster choices

  • Street Level Meta-Human - Expert Martial Artist - And Sexy !

  • One of the tech heroes of my roster. He is a quite powerfull and usefull.

    He is tecnopath powers and elemental powers and loyalty make him a great team member.

  • Mystic Lord of his team. His classment is way above all this team. I Know it but when Shazam or Superman in trouble by the hand of mystic or godly powers... Then Dr. Fate comes for us..

    He is the ultimate key of my team.

  • 2nd Girl Power - 2nd Telepath - Cosmic Powers and Great strong willing personality