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My Favorite Manga Series So Far.

These are the best mangas imo. Manhwas, Manhuas and webtoons are also included (if its in Cvine's database)

I already had an anime & manga mix list waaaay before .. ITs very old and since the number of manga and anime ı consumed raised up lately that old list become ineffective. So ım decide to seperate manga and anime series that ı like

In these list ı've the series that ı currently reading or completed.

For the old list:

My Favorite Anime&Manga Series

My Favorite Anime Series So Far

Real List

1- 20th CB

2- Slam Dunk

3- Naruto

4- Vagabond

5- Annarasumanara

6- Claymore

7- 21st CB

8- FSJ

9- KHR

10- Magi

11- Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

12- One Piece

13- Beastars

14- Boku No Hero Academia

16- Marry Grave

17- Wolf's Rain

18- Inugami

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