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My Favorite Comic Book Writers

Since this is my 100th list in CV and since CV is mostly about comics.. Then ı decided to dedicating this list to most insparational writers

My Favorite Comic Book Writers.

Im mostly a DC reader, so writers mostly will be from DC.

List items

  • He aint has a epic runs or novels like TDKR or Watchmen but his creative and insparational works are far better than any other ı guess. So he deserve to be here.


  • I dont think Grant Morrison has any novel like Watchmen, Killing Joke, Batman: Year One or Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

    But Grant is more consistent and more versatile than Frank and Alan imo.

  • Batman: Killing Joke, Watchmen, V enough said.

  • Daredevil Run, The Dark Knight Return, All-Star Batman, Batman Year One. Creating modern era Wolverine's attiributes and personality.

    He is changed everything in comics for 80s, 90s and after.

  • He is a damn legend :D

  • Great writing, creating & editing history with DC Comics. And he is responsible from Knighfall Saga.. Which is fine enough by me.

    But he is also creator of chars like Ra's Al Ghul, Richard Dragon, Bronze Tiger, Black Canary, Monarc and many others.

    And Before Frank Miller Dennis was the dude who was try to understand and explain Batman's psychology thru adventures.

  • I found him a bit overrated.. I read his novels (like American Gods) and some short-stories of him (which is his best skillfull side is short stories)

    I didnt able to complete Sandman.. But ı dont think Sandman series was better than his other novels.. They're gothic, un-mainstream and formulatic as religionous parameters. So ı dont think he is a ground breaking writer. He is kinda unique and special, and his good but not good like Frank Miller, Alan Moore.

  • He created the titans and he also one of the responsibles from Crisis on Infinite Earth Arc.

  • Writer of Kingdom Come and creator of many but many characters in DC & Marvel.

  • Pretty focused and intense style of writing. His New 52 Batman run was the best thing for New 52.

  • Games, Animations, Comics .. When Paul Dini in it ım know its gonna be awesome.

  • He has very consistnet quality of work in decades.

  • His "X" tagged Marvel series and Justice from DC Comics are spectacular.

  • His writing and creating skills are not too shabby either. I like his works as co-writer.

  • He is a solid DC Comics writer for decades ı love his works he can mix serious and funny characters pretty well.

    I also admire his last Doctor Fate run too.

  • Insparational works like as New Frontier, The Spirit Run .. I always liked his style.


  • His art and writing skills both unique.

  • His creative intelligence and easy to get type language is so good. He is pretty unique and passionate writer & creator.

  • He is a icon for afro-american comic book masters. And his recent work on Deathstroke is solid.

  • Created so many unique characters. Also his Legion of Superheroes run was a total succes ı also enjoyed from his "Reign In Hell" series.

  • Not a ground breaking writer but still has solid and respectull works.

  • Idendidty Crisis and some solid JLA Adventures.

  • Judge Dredd run, Batman run, creating Anarky. And long consistent creative writing career

  • His works on DC's Secret Files/Origins is pretty underrated but ı did like it.

  • He is ok :D I love his Black Adam: Dark Age at most but his Batman & Robin run was fine too.

  • He is young he can even more develope and evolve.. Superman: American Allien was gold.

  • He could be get better in time he is not too good and not bad either . I enjoyed from his old works.

  • Savage Hawkman and 2015 Deathstroke was good.

  • bonus

    Early 90s Batman run with Doug Moench and creating Bane .

  • bonus

    Early 90s Batman run with Chuck Dixon and creating Bane .