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My Favorite Anime Series So Far

These are the best anime series imo. Movies could be included (if its in Cvine's database)

I already had an anime & manga mix list waaaay before .. ITs very old and since the number of manga and anime ı consumed raised up lately that old list become ineffective. So ım decide to seperate manga and anime series that ı like

In these list ı've the series that ı currently watching or completed.

For the old list:

My Favorite Anime&Manga Series

My Favorite Manga Series So Far

Real List:

1. Slam Dunk

2. Wolf's Rain

3. Naruto

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

5. Twelve Kingdoms

6.Cowboy Bebop

7. Mushishi

8. Naruto Shippuden

9. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

10. Batman: Gotham Knight

11. Samurai 7 (not included in database of cvine)

12. Death Note

13. Hunter x Hunter 2011

14. One Piece

15. Magi: Labyrinth of Magic

16. Seirei No Moribito

17. Gungrave

18. Boku No Hero Academia

19. Psycho Pass I

20. Darker Than Black I & Ovas

21. TTGL

22. Claymore

23. Digimon (first season)

24. Monster Rancher (first two season) (not included in database of cvine)

25. Gangsta

26. Shougeki no Souma

27. Bleach

28. One Punch Man

29. Basilisk

30. Sekirei

31. Monster Musume

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