My Favorite 15 Marvel Villains

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  • He is the god of lies and illusions. Only by itself this is good enough to choice him as a badass villain.

    Thor is my favorite Marvel hero and Loki is the villain. Its sounds clear and make sense.

  • ANd one of the other Thor's bad ass evil villains. Surtur is a big,bad,red demonish giant. He is the leader of Fire Giants and the ruler of Muspelheim.

  • Venom maybe the first marvel villain ı met. And also the first one who is a little bit spook me off. Spider-Man Animated Series introduce me with this great classic villain who is also have a "reverse hero" theme.

  • One of the most orianted and focused villain of all times. His genius, his character arc and development is the best of the Spider-Man's Rouge Gallery.

  • (anti-hero)

    I dont like him todays, like ı did before. He is comedy card and post-modernist situation not comes good or cool to me anymore.

    But he is a ımmortal and funny version of Deathstroke.. You cant escape that. He is a great ratings part on him. Funny, Ruthless, Talented and Weird. He has two voices inside his head.

    He is crack person. This is the part of his charm ı guess.. But ı like him when writers dont push that weird and absurd parts too much.

  • Somehow he is even able to look cool in those suits man. With that helmet and his name is cheesy. But still he is the most famous universal threat in Marvel Universe and he is hungry like a cosmic wolf !

  • One of the coolest characters of Marvel. He is kinda Deathstroke & Midnighter mix in a gothic way.. And this is soo coool !.

  • Big bad fat ass. Best and most popular street level crime boss of the Marvel.

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