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My Favorite 15 Marvel Heroes

My English Language and Marvel Comics (or just Comics) knowledge is limited(Limited than DC Comics). Than If I make mistakes please let me know or dont go harsh one me folks :)

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  • I Love mythology. And I also love Norse Myths. Odin is my favorite elder god and all father in all mythologies. And his short tempered, arrogant son who is the God of the Thunter and Lightning is a epic badass too. But Thor also is a noble, fair, devoted God too.

    Also he is pretty badass and epic warrior too. The Power looks good on him.. He is carrying these with all his glory and with his big heart.

  • The First Batman experiment of Marvel. But in time Black Panther makes his own name and way. He is one of the most important human beings in the world. He is smart(genius),rich,talented,skilled and noble hero.

    I hate all Avengers roster versions without him.

  • I met this charachter cuz of his great movies (Not the 3rd one)

    Then ı cathup his few stories. He is origin, anti-hero consept is set up very well. I Like Eric and his story. And he is has a great nick name

    The Daywalker.

  • He is really our friendly neighbour doesnt he ? He is warm,tenderness,carefull and responsible person. He is the greatest Marvel Comics hero ın my opinion. His powers,his rogue gallery(thanks to batman),his origin story,his costume and his personality. Great consept.

    He is a super powered street level Hero who is lift 25-35 ton. And maybe you think like "hey this is to much for streets". But he is also a teenager mostly at high school or college in his books.. He is strong but without experience or passion of power. This makes him a great hero to me.

  • Red Batman of Marvel's Comics. Hey ım just joking around here. But ım telling the truth either. His mostly known origin story belongs to Frank Miller. (like batman's).

    Matt is a great guy with great design of costume and abilites.

    His origin and his experince not impressive or convincing but he is still one of the best hero and char of Marvel Universe. And I like him..

    Look at him man !. He is cool . He is a freaking blind street devil !

  • I dont know him very well. But ı like humanly warm and gentle humanoid chars. (I Guess, I just made up now). I like Red Tornado and I like a lot Martian Manhunter.

    And Vision is a doubleganger of them. Why not. Vision is a good one.

  • He is a idealist and optimist leader of X-Men. And role model for all mutant race

    .......... What do you waiting for this is cool enough for #7.

    He is a freakin telepath mutant leader with a humble heart !

  • Horse Head Thor ! :D Just a joke.

    Beta Ray Bill is gallant,brave and a honest warrior. I like him.. He is a horse with a cape and hammer :)

  • He is a rebelious herald of Galactus. Rebel abaout cruelty and injustive. But no the other hand he is gentle,wise,peacefull f.cking universe surfer on his board who is look like a made by all silver ! Get it. He is silver,He is surfer, He is rebel for evil, He is protector for good.

    Is that enough ?

  • Hey, maybe he looks like a pimp. And not good looking like Doctor Fate.

    But Strange do his job like a pimp to.. He is an expert of a mhystic arts. Thats all about his "Sorcerer Supreme" statement. He is one of the coolest and strongest human being in all Marvel Universe.

    Maybe he is not important and powerfull today before he use to be. But he is still not a joke after all.

  • My favorite X-Men. She is the righteous leader of the X-Men after Prof. X. Her powers, her looking, costumes, quotes all are is mad her the best X-Men and the superheroine (for marvel) character for me.

  • (anti-hero)

    I'm not do love him anymore that much. He is still a interesting and attractive character but he is too much overhumored and abused by writers now. But still he is one of my favs.

    I dont like him todays, like ı did before. His comedy card and post-modernist situation not comes good or cool to me anymore.

    But he is a ımmortal and funny version of Deathstroke.. Thats why he is catch you cant escape from that. He has great ratings part on him. Funny, Ruthless, Talented and Weird. He has two voices inside his head.

    He is crack person. This is the part of his charm ı guess.. But ı like him when writers dont push that weird and absurd parts too much.