Making Konoha's Shinobi Roster with DC Comics Superheroes

Making Konoha's Shinobi Roster with DC Comics Superheroes

This is based on the Konohagakure roster when Hiruzen was Hokage and Minato was a Jonin, Orochimaru still in the village.

This is based on both characteristic and power levels.

List items

  • Counterpart of Hiruzen.

    Leader of the village

    Light of the village

  • Shadow of the village

    Counterpart for Danzo

  • Counterpart of Jiraiya

    Goofy, Clumsy Hero, protector of the prophecy

  • Counterpart of Orochimaru

    Hero or Villain its complicated.

  • Counterpart of Tsunade

    Powerfull, free and independent woman

  • counterpart of Sakumo Hatake.

    We never saw Sakumo's true potential like Abin Sur.

    Both are a legend for their society.

  • Counterpart of Kabuto

    Sidekick of Orochimaru / Black Adam.

  • Counterpart of Minato.

    Prodigy, Future of the society , noble hero with great humor.

    He is gonna be the leader

  • Counterpart of Kushina

    wife of Minato/Barry Allen

  • Counter Part of Choza

  • Counterpart of Inoichi

  • Counterpart of Shikaku

  • Counter part of Anbu Kakashi

  • counterpart of Maito Dai

    inferior to his son/successor in terms of skills but not in terms of courage

  • counterpart of Maito Gai

  • Counter part of Shibi Aburame

  • Entity of hatred & anger.

    Counterpart of Kyuubi.