Best Paramecia Fruit Users in One Piece

Best Paramecia Fruit Users in One Piece

The list aint about power or might its about who is able to use his/her fruit better, who was able to shows true potential of her/his fruit base abillities.

And list all about my opinion of course.

List items

  • His fruit is about strings you can ask yourself like "How string can be a threat ? ıts just string ! "

    Yeah but Doflamingo is maybe one of the best fruit users out there.

    With strings he was able to travel at sky

    he was able to partly heal his organ

    He was able to snipe miles away people with invisible strings

    He can trap people with strings

    He can use his strings for puppetery

    he can use his strings for defense and able to create webs

    He can use his strings as spikes or senbons

    He can use his strings for making clones/puppets

    And his clone is durable and sharp enough to cut an entire island .

    And he has awakening mode !!

  • We dont know her & her fruit's true potential yet but her fruit is pretty OP and she is a Yonkô /emperor .. So deal with it.

  • As the protagonist of the series he has the most screen time . And this is eventually brings us the most recognizable and famous fruit.. Which i s Gomu Gomu no Mi.

    With all those features and abilities put lUffy here. He is maybe dumb character but his usage of rubber fruit is no joke.

  • The most unpredictable and usefull paramecia fruit. And Trafalgar Law one of the tricksters and good strategists from one piece.

    So he use it very well.

  • He is one of the most unique paramecia users. He uses his fruit abilities like a logia. Constantly regenates poisonous material and cover his entire body and travel with venom roads.. He is a logia-like paramecia users and speacily in surrounded/close areas/fields (like Impel Down) ı think magellan is the most dangerous opponent to face with.

  • His devil fruit is unknown but the power of the fruit and Issho's usage is no joke. His usage far superior than Shiki.

  • He never used his abilities for necessary destruction he is a true pacifist so thats why we aint able to see the true potential of his fruit.

    But ı can say this "This fruit is the absolute BFR fruit" It can sends you anywhere around the world.

    Kuma is genius !

  • He was able to turn silly material (biscuit) a threatfull force. (Like Doflamingo)

    Fruit has some weaknesses but Cracker's usage with clones is great even his biscuit soldier clone force Luffy to use G4 !!

  • Her fruit and her physical abilities are not destrcutive or lethal.

    But she is usage of her fruit is brilliant and make her one of the most effective supporting characters. And she is one of the best paramecia users in terms of creativity.

  • His fruit is unique and his usage is too. He is nerfed by Author pretty hard but that aint gonna change the fact that Moria one of the most versatile devil fruit users out there.

  • Gura Gura no mi is the most destructive and physically is the most powerfull fruit. But the feats of it is limited.

    And WB's usage of the fruit is not splendid as the usage of Dof (or luffy's)

  • He was able to use the fruit almost good as Whitebeard immideatly.

    So he is tie with White Beard.

  • She mixed up her fruit with her powerfull haki (3 types) and the results are great. We never saw Hancock like striking for kill. Or never saw her in a death battle so thats why we dont know her true potential but even her limited feats great enough to put her here..

    But she can be higher.

  • He has awakening but he is not looks so impressive too

  • He is not a powerfull dude but his usage of his fruit pretty damn creative and effective. unexpectedly good.

  • His not at War Lord level or Division Commander level. But his brilliant usage of his Barrier Fruit is greatly usefull and effective.

  • Like Hancock Ivankov mixed his fruit abilities with her okamakenpo.

    As supportive usage maybe horu horu is the best fruit and Ivankov totaly gives her best on that fruit

  • Her fruit is pretty usefull but she not just about her fruit.. She is also great user of it able to create different type of soldiers for her or just able to turn humans to mindless toys. And her physicall abilities are no joke too. She was stated as the 2nd most dangerous person in Dressrosa after Doflamingo !

  • His fruit shows its true strength when someone get in the inside of bege's castle-like body. He has absolute dominaton over it.

    And his keen strategic mind matches with his fruit greatly.

  • His fruit is pretty destructive and flashy but Gladius also pretty creative and fine devil fruit user too.

  • Her fruit is pretty unique like herself. And her usage is not different too. She is pretty versatile and intimidating in terms of devil fruit usage

  • His usage is pretty poor but still Shiki one of the most dangerous pirates out there and he has a great fruit that makes him directly one of the best paramecia users.

  • Slashing an admiral from hundreds of meters away with music !

    Man this man is avesome :D

  • He aint has enough feats but his voodo type abilities and redirecting attacks are pretty unique and ı can imagine its potential.

  • He is very intimidating with his fruit around all over a island. There is no escape from him.

  • His fruit abilities are generaly myterious type of being supportive. But his usage is pretty creative and he was able mix it with his weapons, entruments and body which is great.