Anti-Akatsuki Team.

I always wondered about why Villages not bring their forces together before its getting to late.

They can create a task force for dealing with Akatsuki. Like Tsunade sending troops for Hidan & Kakuzu or Jiraiya go to deal with Pain..

With collobration they can do acheive it far earlier.

Then ı wanna create an Anti-Akatsuki team.

I cant take any Kage cuz like Jiraiya said to Tsunade.. Kage should be at his/her village for the job.
And ı also cant pick a criminal or missing-nin. It should be loyal to their villages.
And I also cant pick a jinc like Naruto & Bee this is dangerous for 'em.. no one would willing to assing them with this job. I try to be realistic.
And no chunnin or genin allowed to be in.
Akatsuki Roster: hidan, kakuzu, sasori, deidara, kisame,ıtachi, pain, konan, zetsu (Tobi behind the curtain)

They're gonna lure them with Naruto's clone and then the team gonna bust their hideout and take them all (except Obito he aint in the hideout)

Roster: 15

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