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The Strongest Feng Shen Ji Characters

Sadly, comicvine aint apply webcomic, manhua and manhwa sources. And Feng Shen Ji one of the best chinese manhwa ever produced. And actually there is a small company that published it but ım too bussy to prove that this manhwa is a purchaseable product as a comic.

So eventually ı cant add any team or characters or volume about this series in cvine's data. But thanks to cv ım free on my on blog.

So here it is. This is my list about powerfull and unique characters of Feng Shen Ji.


1- Tian (Black Dragon) ( HighSkyfather Level)

No Caption Provided

-----there is a gap------

2- Zhen Chan ( Skyfather/Herald Level)

No Caption Provided

3- Immortal Phoneix (Prime/Healthy) ( Skyfather/Herald Level)

No Caption Provided

4- Nothingness (with any host or without it) ( Herald Level)

No Caption Provided

-----there is a gap------

5- Ah Gou (End of The Series. He has Divine Power, Dark Soul Spiritizing, Nothingness, Nitian's Griffin and Tian's Blood Spear) ( Small Country to Large Island Level)

No Caption Provided

6- Chi Long (Red Dragon) (Small Country to Large Island Level)

No Caption Provided

7- Shi Xing (With Immortal Phoneix and Blood Spear) (Island Level)

No Caption Provided

8- Zi Yu (with dark soul spiritize, smelting aura and heaven piercer) (City/Mountain/Island)

No Caption Provided

9- Huang Long (Yellow Dragon) (City/Mountain/Island)

No Caption Provided

10- Shi Xing (with Phoneix & curse w/o Blood Spear) (City/Mountain/Island)

No Caption Provided

11- YongHeng ZhiYe (Prime/Healthy in his (City/Mountain/Island)

No Caption Provided

12- Ah Gou (without Blood Spear and Griffon) (City/Mountain/Island)

No Caption Provided

13- Ancient Dragon (City/Mountain/Island)

No Caption Provided

14- Tian Wu (with the power of ancient gods)

No Caption Provided

15- NiTian ErXing (Healthy/Prime) (Mountain/Small City)

No Caption Provided

16- Li Ne Zha (with giant City Golem) (City/Mountain/Island)

No Caption Provided

---------there is a gap--------

17- Xin Yue Kui (With Immortal Phoneix) (at least)

18- Bai Long (White Dragon) (at least)

19- Xuang Feng (Mountain/Small City)

20- HanFen LinLin (Healthy/Prime) (Mountain/Small City)

20,5. Sick Ni Tian Er Xing

21. Pan Gu / ShenYen

22- SiWang YenShen (Mountain/Small City)

23- Lan Yue (with power of ancient gods) (Mountain/Small City)

24- Tian Wu (base) (Mountain/Small City)

25- Tian Kui ( Town/Mountain)

26- Bai Yu (Town)

26,5. Sick HanFen LinLin

--------there is a gap---------

27- Crystal Rock Giants (Town)

28- Sea Devil King (Town)

29- Bai Liam (Town)

30- GuiMei SenLin (Town)

31- ZongHeng TianXia (Town)

32- Xin Yue Kui (with corroison souls) (Town)

33- Jiang Shang (with Bai Yu's heritage) (Multple City Blocks)

34 - Bu Nu (Multple City Blocks)

35- TieXue WuShuang (with possible limit break he is could be near to the Tian Kui) (Multple City Blocks)

36- Quan Dao (Multple City Blocks)

37- Shi Xing (Monster Form) (Multple City Blocks)

38- Zi Shou (with Wounded Phoneix) (Multple City Blocks)

39- Zhui Ri (after timeskip) (Multple City Blocks)

----there is a gap-----

40- Kong Que (Town Block)

41- LuanWu KuangDao Town Block)

42- Fu Yi Town Block)

43- HaiKuo TianKong Town Block)

44- Li Jing (Town Block to Town)

45- SuiFeng QiWu (Town Block)

46- Hei Tei (Town Block)

47- Horned Vamp Gods (Building)

48- Tai Ji (Building)

49- MuWu BiaoQing (Building)

50- Gui Mui (healthy) (Building)

51- XingXing YouLei (Building)


52- Liu Yue

53- Da Ji

54- DaChi SiFang (at least)

55- Emperor Wu (mad emperor)

56- Common Great Gods

57- Ah Lan


58- Bai Cai

59- Zi Dian

60- Yun ZhongZi

61- DaLi HuQuan and Common Dark One Warriors

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