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The Thing + Saga = One badass comic book 0

Issue one of Spread is a great time. There is not an overload of dialog explaining the how, what, when, where and why and that mixed with the graphic, pulpy artwork makes for a fast paced beginning to a grim comic. It is another comic with a baby on the Image imprint and it certainly has a vibe that screams 1982's classic film 'The Thing'; however, I would argue that this isn't bad and while perhaps not the most original comic written to date it is one hell of a good time. Certainly not for t...

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The Evil live forever. 0

I enjoy a lot of Lapham's work, but I felt his earlier two takes on the Crossed came up as overly gore laden and filled with more sex than I would consider remotely plausible given the circumstances. However Lapham's first story in Badlands proves to be getting better with each issue and this is the topper so far. I won't go into much detail other than to say that his look at a kid who is terrified shitless at everything while struggling with puberty and his own cowardice is really quite good. T...

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Short and sweet 0

I will keep this review short since both sides of the argument regarding this comic's necessity or irrelevance have been written down by others members of this site in greater detail than anything I will write. What I would rather stress is by distaste for Superman. I do not like him on a plethora of levels. All the usual complaints about his boy scout character and what seems an inability to truly get his hands dirty are all reasons why I have avoided the prime color wearing paragon.Geoff Johns...

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Painting the Garage 0

A-Fucking-mazing issue. Bendis really knows how to deliver a story and Maleev is impeccable through and through. There is not much to say about this issue without giving it away but reading Lowlife and the 15 issues of Daredevil that precede this story arc really have a huge build up to them. Matt Murdock has been accused of being Daredevil and in an attempt to clear his name and prevent his life and all his work from crumbling into shambles he is in the process of suing the newspaper that print...

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The Inhumanity 0

This is how I liked my Crossed. This issue has no gore in it. In fact this is one of those issues that hardly has anything violent in it at all, but it is just as gripping and intense as any other issue that Garth Ennis has penned. One of the most memorable events from the original series occurred with the question of whether or not you could kill little kids who had not become Crossed simply to save them from a more horrid future. This topic was a like a shot to the gut for me, it raised an inc...

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A sense of humanity 0

When Bendis started his first story arc for Daredevil I was intrigued by the way he and Mack had the lay out for the issue as it is almost sort of surreal and dreamlike, almost like it is a foggy remembering of something. Issues 16 through 19 follow Ben Urich as he works to find out just what has happened to a traumatized child by the name of Timmy who also happens to be the son of the costumed criminal Leap Frog. Something big has happened to Timmy, so big that it is put him in an almost catato...

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A quick end 0

The first issue of Husk as full of a vibrant world and a griping story that, at the very least, keeps the readers interest enough to finish the read. This second and, sadly, last issue of this short story is meant to be an explosive finale to the story that began as it includes a giant talking T-rex in a massive Husk, the awakening of many a Husk on Mars and a slew of other interesting and imaginative ideas. Our two protagonists just make it to Mars under loose disguise to try and figure out jus...

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Back in the Seat 0

Hal Jordan has been out trying to find himself. He walks from town to town looking for work and now he has finally made his way to California to help pick peaches thanks to a tip from his new hippie friend Clay (issue 2). Hal finally feels content where he is at, he has a good job and is ready to learn everything he can. The only thing stopping him is the fact that several cities he has been to have magically disappeared without a trace and not even Superman is able to find any clues as to their...

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Enough is enough! 0

Hal and Guy finally duke it out and without their power rings to boot. This issue escalates pretty quickly into this bare handed grudge match but sort of fizzles in the second half. Two guys from town see both lanterns leave their rings in the diner they were in and decide to go and snag the rings for themselves while Hal and Guy get arrested. After a little while the two guys figure out how to use the rings and decide to go to town and cause a bunch of havoc while getting sloshed with their goo...

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In the Beginning... 0

If you aren't a Deadpoolboy yet then this is a great beginning for you. If you are a fan then you probably already own this issue or should definitely have this in your collection. Instead of tracking down every issue that Deadpool has been in involving his creation and spending God knows how much money in the process, Deadpool Origins gives a nice little summary of who he is as a character and how he got to be where is is now. Now when I say brief I mean brief. There isn't anything about Blind ...

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Annnnnddd Go! 0

Well here we have the first issue of the first Deadpool series. All these issues seem to be good and hard to find these days which is a damn shame considering how good they get. We start off with Wade getting back from a job on the liberation front only to be screwed over monetarily. We get a nice, if not short banter back and froth with Blind Al as well as a nice look at two mysterious individuals who are sizing Wade up for a future job and eventually arranging things so he gets the assignment ...

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Strapped in 0

A special police officer inside of a Husk stumbles onto an individual who is unresponsive to the officers demands at stopping. This individual is inside a heavily armored Husk, a brand new body that allows a human to reach a new stage of evolution through a marriage of technology and organics. Unresponsive to the demands the police officer attacks and this is where Husk begins. A sic-fi world not very far away from our own where humans are still looking for some sort of extreme and where the pro...

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Struggle at an End 0

A final battle between Nobody and Batman over Damian, this issue is fast and to the point. Batman finally confronts Nobody for the life of his son in an incredible explosion of adrenaline. Since Batman and Robin started back up in the New 52 we have gotten a good picture of just how intense a villain Nobody really is. He knows Bruce Wayne is Batman, he knows about his son and most importantly he knows how to get under Batman's skin to the very things he values most. We see the Dark Knight pushed...

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A new Beginning 0

The first issue in the new Green Lantern series has some good to offer but doesn't really go anywhere. Hal, Guy and John are all reintroduced. Hal visits the JLA, bumps into Batman, Blue Beetle and Guy before saying that he isn't going to join them. Instead we find Hal off to find himself, hopping trains, hitchhiking and working as a farm had. Really the only interesting part of this comic involves John Stewart who is still in the midst of his breakdown over what happened with Xanshi. Still stru...

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Good Ol' Dystopia 0

This mini series gives a brief glimpse into the world of Narcopolis, a city in the middle of a filth ridden world covered in wastelands and garbage. In Narcopolis people spend their money on delicious fluids that basically keep the city sedated from reality. Buildings are covered in "SlickArt" (porn) and the vocabulary of Narcopolis is dumbed down from our standards today making it a bit hard to follow sometimes. Men are referred to as 'Blunts' and women as "Slotties' giving the distinction betw...

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The Beginning 0

When people think of Garth Ennis most of the time they go for the most immediate link of him and Preacher. Preacher is considered to be his best by many for a plethora of reasons that is almost to long to go through. While Preacher was a great series with an amazing and compelling story, I can not of the opinion that it is the best that Ennis has done.The Boys is an intense series that takes an idea that has been mulled over before and shows us how Ennis would do it. Each character is very belie...

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Walk down Memory Lane 0

This is the story of what happens to Billy Kincaid after his death and gives a glimpse of what life in Hell is really like.  Also we are treated with the very rare and special pleasure of seeing one of the five Phlebiac Brothers (all of whom, excluding the Violator, have never been used to their fullest potential in my humble opinion) in action: the Vindicator. Posing as a young child to tempt Kincaid, the Vindicator plays the role of telling Kincaid about various parts of Hell while dragging hi...

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Chew is a great comic.  It's only issue 9 and I can't remember the last time I was so sucked in to a story this strange.  Just when you think you ahve something figured out about how this plot is going to conclude everything goes ape shit!  I felt like this issue was only two pages long because everything happened so fast and so smoothly that I didn't even realize I had been turning the pages of this comic.  Why is the forest on fire?!!  Who's gun is that?!!!  And most of all:  HOW DID THOSE TWO...

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Zombies...yum. 0

This issue of Walking Dead seems very uninteresting by itself.  I don't have anyother issues until number 28 and I feel that this issue is the same as all the others in that you need all of them, or at least several that preced your current issue, in order for anything to make sense and for you to really feel much for the characters.  Having bought the Compendium and read the story before this issue everything in this issue makes so much more sense.    This is a good issue overall, the score it'...

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