Favorite Super Heroes

I think the title is pretty self explanatory.

Also this list needs a lot of work. More to come!

List items

  • It is probably not very surprising to see the Dark Knight on a list like this, but for me Batman has been a part of my life growing up as a young child while remaining one of the few constants into adulthood. A man who is wealthy enough to sponsor himself and a complete badass like no other I don't think anyone else could come close to this number one spot. Of course having the best set of villains helps and I've always loved anything with a noir feel to it. I grew up first exposed to the cartoons around 1992 and to this day anytime I am reading something Batman is saying it is always Kevin Conroy's voice I hear. There is even the distinction between Batman and Bruce Wayne. Absolutely and without a doubt my favorite protagonist to read about, Batman just doesn't get old.

  • The Tick is another hero I was exposed through thanks to cartoons. I was only 6 years old by 1993 so the X-men and Batman cartoons caught my eyes before I even know about the comics. The original comic series is freakin awesome. It's a great spoof on the comic world and I only with it had continued for longer than twelve issues. Sure the spin offs are alright, mostly hit or miss, but just the idea of the Tick is great. A man who can't be hurt by anything with the single desire to serve justice to all those would-be villains while possessing the mind set of an eight year old. I really wish that Ben Edlund had continued the saga of the Tick, since he was the creator his material was always the best. Most other writers for the series always seem not to really know what to do with this big burly mass of blue justice which is a complete shame because the Tick could be so much more that is has become, this is a comic that needs some serious revamping. Even in the state that the Tick is in now though, I can't help but love this guy for being so ridiculous and lighthearted about every situation he ends up in.

  • The only man I could ever be ok with punching Batman's lights out, Hal was always my favorite Green Lantern with Kyle following closely after. A man full of internal struggle and yet self confident in his ability to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown his way. Not to mention that Geoff Johns has done a great job of writing for the Green Lantern, everything that has happened in the past few years starting with Rebirth has been incredible.

  • Being a journalist was never so badass as Warren Ellis' own Spider Jerusalem. I always wanted the balls to just walk in somewhere I didn't belong like I owned the place and not give a shit once I got kicked out, but even if I could get up the nads to do something as trivial as that it would be nothing compared to what Jerusalem has done. Getting the truth out there is a dirty, pain in the ass job, especially when your appliances are addicted to drugs and your world is a fucked up as his, but Spider gets shit done like no other. Not to mention the last sentence of the final issue is one of the most rewarding I've ever read in a book. I love me a good chuckle and sure enough this series slapped a big ol' grin on my face more than once.