One More Chance Redux

Beginning Chapter (Rough)


Here goes: Peter and Mary Jane are back together (courtesy of Nick Spencer). They've been together a while (several months) and so far its been great. Then Peter starts recalling his past with Mary Jane, how there was a lot of will they won't they, a lot of close calls, a lot of on and off. It all goes back to what would have been his wedding day and his unforgivable screw up by not attending (curse you OMIT). When Peter tries to have a more serious talk with Mary Jane about them and their future, Mary Jane deflects.

One day Peter confronts Mary Jane wanting to discuss their renewed relationship and its goals. Mary Jane tries to reassure Peter but doesn't give ground on being more serious relationship goals or anything, she's trying to keep things as they are. Peter expresses that he doesn't just want to be with Mary Jane and not plan for life together, not taking the bigger step. He tells her he's always regretted how he screwed up on their wedding day as that was the eventful moment in their lives that changed their relationship forever. But Peter just doesn't want to be with Mary Jane knowing their relationship won't amount to anything more than just being lovers again and with Mary Jane not responding he leaves.

Mary Jane slowly drops to the floor and says that she knows what Peter means. But that she can't go through with what he wants, what she also wants for fear of the death of their loved ones. For fear of the death of May Parker because of the deal with Mephisto. In here she confirms she remembers everything (kinda like Iris in the last Flash comic) about her past life married to Peter. She looks up and says that there's something else more important than even May's life that's keeping her from divulging what she knows. In front of her is an apparition of Mephisto with a young redheaded girl in his possession. Its her and Peter's daughter, the one they would have had if they hadn't made the deal with Mephisto.

The girl, whom Mary Jane called Anna May Parker, was born to her shortly after she left Peter for California after his identity had been restored. Mary Jane was pregnant by that time and had a healthy baby girl in secret in LA. This period was an intersection, a space time distortion between the Married Timeline, what would have happened if they hadn't dealt with Mephisto, and the Altered Timeline, in which they didn't marry but she became pregnant by this time nonetheless. Both these timelines were occurring at the same time. A point of convergence. And this was Mephisto's true stake in his desire for Peter and Mary Jane's unconditional love, their fated child, the embodiment of a love so powerful it stems from TOAA. When Mary Jane had the child, she was taken away by Mephisto who went on to tamper with Mary Jane's memories and remove any trace of her birth.

Mary Jane regained her memories of everything, her marriage to Peter, the birth of her daughter, when she and Peter rekindled their relationship. Mephisto did this purposefully to keep her in line and maintain the pact with him lest he loses the greatest prize he has ever acquired.



Sins Cleansed

Sins Cleansed (Version Prime)

apologies in advance for any grammar errors

May and the Picture: The story starts off with Aunt May in her house. She's a little sad because she's alone and decides to look through some old family photos. Aunt May smiles as she sees pictures of Peter as a baby and as a teenager along with Uncle Ben. How he was a good boy with a great mind. She's so proud of him. She continues to look and sees Peter's graduation pictures, pictures with the gang with Harry, Flash, Gwen and MJ. Then her look turns sadder as she nears the photos of what should have been Peter and MJ's wedding (fuck OMIT). When she turns the page, she is surprised to see a page size picture of Peter and MJ kissing in their wedding ceremony. "It doesn't make sense" she said "they never got married. Peter never showed up". May takes the picture in her hand and upon closer examination, she is struck with images of another life, a life when Peter and MJ did marry and she also sees her multiple brushes with death. What May just experienced were flashbacks from before the deal with Mephisto, the altered past, the true past. Aunt May is confused and doesn't know what to do. She calls Peter but he doesn't answer so she leaves him a message. May packs the picture in an envelope along with a written letter and mails it to Peter. Those flashbacks have struck May with fear and she refuses to leave her home. After she mails the picture to Peter, May continually gets flashbacks of that past she has forgotten.

Peter and the Picture: After finishing his patrol of NY, Spider Man returns to his home and finds the envelope in his doorstep. After changing from his tights, Peter sits down in his couch and opens the envelope. He reads Aunt May's letter and becomes nervous after reading it. Peter takes the contents of the envelope and sees the picture of him and MJ at the wedding. Peter, much like May, is surprised to say the least, because to him that's not what happened. He looks back at the event and how he messed up and missed the wedding. At the same time, Peter is struck by another set of memories that tell another story. Peter remembers being afraid of marriage because of the dangers of Spider Man but then shows up late to the wedding and says his vows. Peter is in a state of confusion. He calls Aunt May and asks where this picture came from and if someone strange delivered it. May explains that she found it in the old photo albums, that no one has come by, that it was just there. Peter takes the picture again and upon closer examination he gets another set of flashbacks. These brief flashbacks were of his honeymoon, his early marriage and of hard times. Peter's confusion escalates and he analyzes the picture in his home lab but only finds out that it’s just a picture, nothing constructed or fake. It's real.

MJ's Involvement: Peter decides to call MJ and asks her about their wedding day. The conversation turns sour when MJ reminds Peter that he missed it because of Spider Man. Peter tells MJ that Aunt May found a photo of the wedding, one where both of them were kissing as the pastor pronounced them man and wife. MJ is taken off by this and asks for an explanation. Sadly, there isn't one to give as Peter explains that May found it in old photo albums. A page size authentic photograph of a successful wedding day. It wasn't a fake, it wasn't constructed and it isn't from an alternate dimension. Peter knows pictures and he assures her that its authentic and that's why it bothers him. He tells MJ that received flashbacks, images of the wedding and their supposed married life. Aunt May also received this sudden blast of memories. MJ is disturbed by this and asks what Peter wants. Peter asks her to meet him at the Coffee Bean to see the picture herself and to see if it has the same effect on her.

The Reunion: Two days later, MJ meets Peter in the Coffee Bean. They exchange "hellos" and "how are yous" and then Peter shows her the picture. MJ is stunned to say the least because that's not what happened though its what she wanted to happen. Peter tells her to examine the picture closely and when she does she is struck by images and flashbacks of that day. Her visions go even further as she remembers their early years together, the struggle and the perseverance. MJ gets a headache afterwards and Peter asks the cashier for pain relievers. MJ is confused at this and continues to question Peter about its authenticity and if this is just some trick to get back together. Peter is slighted by that comment but doesn't dwell on it and instead assures MJ that its real. MJ says that it was in Aunt May's house and that they need to go there and get to the bottom of this.

The Revelation: Peter and MJ travel to Aunt May's house and find her unconscious in the attic with a lot of photo albums and pictures of Peter and MJ married. Peter and MJ wake her up and May says "Something's not right". Peter and MJ help May retrieve the pictures but as they collect them they see both of them together and happy. In the presence of so many pictures that shouldn't be, Peter, MJ and May are overwhelmingly struck by many images, flashbacks and memories. They collapse under the weight of such a strain of their minds. The three then go on to wake up in a distinct setting, an abstract time where their surrounding is both strange and familiar. They are surrounded by thousands of pictures and a single massive book. These pictures descend into a whirlwind as they're collected by the great book. From the shadows Mephisto appears and takes the book and telling them "This is mine. All of it.". Mephisto then shifts his gaze to a silhouette and says "This belongs to me, they surrendered it themselves of their own free will". The silhouette reveals itself to be the One Above All (in the same form as his Sensational Spider Man appearance) who rebuffs Mephisto by saying "They are victims of trickery and your sinister manipulation. Because of this I will be their advocate in this trial".

The Trial Begins: Peter demands to know what's going on and what's happening. The One Above All tells him that he and MJ have sinned, but their sin is a result of desperation and sinister trickery, which is why there will be a trial. That picture with Peter and MJ kissing in their wedding and that great book in Mephisto's grasp is a part of Peter and MJ's soul, their unconditional love they had for each other before they sold it to the devil in exchange for the life of Aunt May. The Living Tribunal appears as it was asked by the One Above All to be the overseer of this trial. The Tribunal dictates that the Trial of the Spider is now in session. Peter and MJ are guilty of acting against God by accepting the Devil's bargain BUT the One Above All has spoken in their defense. The purpose of the trial is to decide whether Peter and MJ's "unconditional love" serves the greater good or if the greater good benefits from their break up (if you think about it this way, TOAA is the will of the fans and Mephisto is the will of Quesada and the marriage haters). These are the facts: Mephisto has tricked two children of God into committing sin by surrendering part of their souls in exchange for life for Aunt May. Regardless of intention, a sin is a sin. Because of this Mephisto has ascertained control over these souls but the One Above All has spoken in their defense because their love is a shining example of the One Above All's power. For the truth of worth to come to light, the Living Tribunal has Peter and MJ go through separate experiences that will show them the truth and determine whether they themselves believe that their union benefits the greater goof or not.

Peter's Experience: in Peter's experience, he is taken through the defining moments of his life (spider bite, Ben and Gwen's death). In here the One Above All states that everything Peter has gone through has served to shape Peter into the greatest champion of good, a beacon of light and example for others to follow. Mephisto on the other hand states that if there was no Spider Man, that Ben and Gwen wouldn't have died. Spider Man's mere existence has caused chaos and turmoil in innocent lives. Peter is affected by this but the One Above All shows all the lives that have been saved because of it. Peter then goes on to experience the beginning of the past that was forgotten when he goes on to marry MJ. In here Mephisto advocates that Peter and MJ's union has hampered the greater goof by serving as a distraction for Peter whereas the One Above All advocates that Peter and MJ's union is proof of the power of love and perseverance. Mephisto preys on Peter's guilt while the One Above All amplifies Peter's heart. Peter comes to the realization that despite the pain and death, the love of him and MJ has served to save him from his despair and as an example to all that wish to be good.

MJ's Experience: in MJ's experience, she is taken back to her time with her family and all the struggles she faced before meeting Peter. Mephisto preys on MJ's selfishness throughout that experience. MJ then experiences other defining moments of her life such as discovering Peter is Spider Man, meeting Peter and her constant interaction with Peter. Mephisto accuses her that if she hadn't pushed Gwen into Peter's heart that she would have been spared from her fate. A constant in her experience was how she always tended to run away from her problems. Mephisto states that if she'd continued to be selfish and kept running then the world would have been spared from the negative effects of her union with Peter. The One Above All interferes and brings MJ to her wedding day. MJ experiences her boundless joy in that moment when she tied the knot with Peter and then goes through the happy moments in their marriage. Mephisto emphasized MJ' struggles by being Spider Man's wife such as when she started smoking, when she was a target of Peter's enemies and the neglect she felt from Peter because of Spider Man. If she had not been with Peter, then Spider Man would've operated without impediment and serve the greater good. When MJ prepares to admit this the One Above All lets MJ know that her union to Peter has served as his primary motivation and his greatest pillar of support which has made Spider Man into the greatest hero he could possibly be. Like Peter, MJ also realizes that despite the pain and struggle, being with Peter has changed her into the very best version of herself and that together they are both the greatest versions of themselves.

May's Experience: after Peter and MJ were taken to their separate experiences, Mephisto accuses May of being the cause of sin and brings her into the trial (Mephisto in desperation brings a new element to the trial after his failures with Peter and MJ). May is shown all the instances where her life has become an obstacle and infringement to Peter's growth and ultimate destiny. While she is a victim she is also a "causality". Because of her Peter has been cursed by the burden of debt as well as the power and responsibility dilemma that drove Peter to commit a heinous sin. Because of her Peter and MJ made a deal with Mephisto. The truth is that May should have died long ago. May finds clarity in this and admits to Mephisto's accusation. Peter has a great destiny and is an invaluable part of the greater good and May clearly sees that she's holding Peter back. That she is an anchor that keeps Peter adrift and unfulfilled. Her role in Peter's life has already been fulfilled. She has shaped Peter into the greatest hero in the world.

Interlude: Peter and MJ return to the distinct setting, let’s call it the Fate Court, no longer being plagued by Mephisto's influence. However, they return to see that May has been brought into the fold and May confesses that it is indeed true that she is an obstacle for Peter and MJ. Whereas Peter and MJ persevered May did not. Both Peter and MJ speak in her defense stating that her existence and her wisdom has benefited both Peter and MJ and thus the greater good. May however is certain in her guilt especially since she was the reason why Peter and MJ sold their souls, because of her. Because of her, Peter developed an obsessive-compulsive desire to keep her alive and planted in him the willingness to sacrifice everything for her including his wife and his future. May requests that Peter and MJ be shown their future, all their futures where she dies and the two see each other together, happy and with a family (RYV and MC2 among others). The thing they all have in common is that May is dead.

The Final Experience: Peter, MJ and May are taken to the moment where it all went wrong, they are taken to One More Day. The three of them experience everything that led up to that moment, the Civil War, Peter's unmasking, the assassination attempts and finally the deal itself. It’s clearly shown that Peter was hesitant to reveal his identity but because May convinced him to do so, it led to the events of One More Day. If May hadn't convinced Peter to reveal his identity, then none of it would have happened. If May had died when the bullet hit her or if Peter had decided to let her go then the deal would never have been struck. Finally, it is revealed that May's existence is an obstacle for the birth of Peter and MJ's daughter. May needs to die for Peter's daughter to be born. May and Annie share the same places in existence and if May doesn't go then Annie will never come to be. Peter, MJ and May assume control of themselves in the OMD experience and are asked by May to refuse the deal and let her die. When they do so, they are taken to their bright future and their wonderful family. Peter and MJ then go back and decide to go forth with the deal to experience what happened and see that their future is turned to ashes. They witness the events they remembered (OMIT) prior to this whole trial and accept the fact that because of their unwillingness to let May rest has caused all of this.

The Conclusion: The Living Tribunal singles out May Parker as the determinant factor that hampers the greater good. Mephisto's control over the book that embodies Peter and MJ's love is taken from him and Peter and MJ recover their souls. However, Peter and MJ beg the One Above All and the Living Tribunal for May's soul. Mephisto puts up a near flawless defense over his claim on May's soul but the One Above All interferes on her behalf and claims her soul instead to rest along her dead husband in peace for eternity. Mephisto then realizes that he's been tricked by this sham trial and the One Above All rebuffs him by stating "Commit trickery and you shall be tricked in return". Mephisto is banished to his domain after the Trial of the Spider concludes. Peter and MJ bid May farewell as her soul is reunited with that of Uncle Ben and move forth to the afterlife. The One Above All meets with Peter and MJ and reminds Peter of his promise to him about a happily ever after. He tells the couple that he is proud of them and that they are shining examples of the One Above All's love and power. TOAA says "And now you shall have it all" as the screen is engulfed in white.

Renew Your Vows: Peter and MJ's history is restored as it is supplanted by RYV. Peter and MJ meet their daughter Annie and together they go on home. At home Peter and MJ tell Annie the story of her birth and the events that followed the "Omission of OMD". They tell her that after Aunt May died, Peter and MJ went on the run for the next couple of months but in that time, they found out MJ was pregnant. In their journey, they came across Teresa Parker, Annie's favorite relative in this new timeline, and that she helped them through their hard times ensuring that Annie would be born without complications thanks to her government resources and contacts. After being on the run for so long, Peter, MJ, Teresa and baby Annie are encountered the New Avengers (Wolverine, Luke Cage, Ronin (Hawkeye), Spider Woman, Iron Fist and Doctor Strange). They joined up with them and with Doctor Strange's help they managed to restore Peter's secret identity and begin the process of rebuilding their lives which led to RYV2.

The End

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The Mephisto Imperative

Mephisto Imperative


Several years ago, a conflict known as the Civil War caused a divide in the superhero community. In this “war”, the United States government demanded that heroes reveal their identities and work as federal agents. Captain America led the resistance against the law feeling that the heroes themselves should account for their actions and that revealing their identities would put their loved ones in danger. Iron Man believed that heroes could do more good working with the government rather than as free agents and thus he led the registration side. Tony Stark convinced the famous and infamous superhero Spider Man to reveal his identity in support for the registration side and with the guarantee that he could protect him and his family. However, Spider Man saw firsthand Iron Man’s corruption and betrayed him when he found out what he was doing to the captured superheroes. Thus, Peter suffered the worst of the fallout as Iron Man and his side won the war and Captain America was killed. An assassin tried to kill Spider Man but the one who ended up getting hurt was Spider Man’s aunt May. Faced with desperation, Peter and MJ (controlled a by sinister demonic force known as Joe Quesada) made a deal with the devil, Mephisto to save Aunt May’s life and restore Peter’s secret identity in exchange for their unconditional love. In exchange for their marriage.

Years after this event, it is revealed that Mephisto was the true architect of the Civil War and the mastermind behind every event that came after it. Nitro, the villain who escalated the conflict, was an agent of Mephisto. Mephisto has orchestrated every conflict where hero has fought hero since the Civil War for he has the concocted the most malevolent goal ever perceived by a follower of evil. He seeks to achieve the greatest possible victory against the One Above All, the creator of the Marvel Omniverse. To do that, he seeks to pit the foremost embodiments of the forces of good against the forces of evil. One such example of an embodiment of good, is the One Above All’s greatest weapon, love, which Mephisto has taken from Peter Parker and Mary Jane. This power is the greatest threat to Mephisto and he orchestrated the Civil War to deprive the married couple of their unconditional love which was stronger than any other in the world.

Mephisto’s plan is to have these virtues, which are blessed gifts of the One Above All to his creations, collide with the malevolent sins simultaneously and have evil triumph over good. Such a collision between the forces that govern all of reality, would tear across the fabric of space and time and corrupt the Multiverse. Thus, all universes, all realities and dimensions will see the triumph of evil over good and destroy any shred of goodness in existence. Mephisto seeks that moment, that moment when evil has triumphed over good in all of creation. And Mephisto will sit upon his dark throne and revel in the fact that he’s corrupted everything the One Above All created forcing him to emerge. To Mephisto, drawing out the Creator of Everything, making him interfere in the affairs of the Multiverse, is the greatest form of victory worth achieving for no one has dared to challenge God in such a way.

That is Mephisto’s plan. That is his goal. That is his Ultimate Evil.


The story begins with Mephisto preparing to begin his plan to pit the embodiments of good he’s collected since the Civil War against the embodiments of evil he has concocted himself. He looks at the embodiment of love, the love of Peter Parker and Mary Jane and revels in delight. In the Earth 616 Dimension, Aunt May is travelling home and just as she’s about to call Peter, she’s the victim of a car accident. Peter learns of this and rushes to the hospital where his aunt is in his true final moments. She makes Peter promise to let her go, to let her be with Uncle Ben and for Peter to continue to grow and evolve into an even greater man than he already is. A distraught and pain engulfed Peter makes that promise. Peter and May spend her final moments together, not as aunt and nephew, but as mother and son for that is the truth of their relationship. When May finally dies, Peter is overcome with grief, defeat and despair. In Mephisto’s realm, a complication arises. With the death of May Parker, the bargain that was struck with Peter and MJ is broken and the embodiment of love begins to escape Mephisto’s grasp. This drives Mephisto mad with rage as he’s losing the most powerful embodiment of good and the only true threat to his plan.

After May’s death, Peter retreats into his offices where he reminisces about his dearly departed mother figure and arranging the funeral. Mary Jane comes to visit him when she learns of what happened. The two talk without disturbance about Peter’s loss, their separate lives and what they mean to each other. Mary Jane comforts Peter and the two hold each other for several minutes. Peter invites her to the funeral and tells her that only family is invited. Suddenly, Peter and Mary Jane suffer massive pain in their heads as the memories of their forgotten marriage begin to return to them. The overwhelming amount of memories they receive causes both to collapse. Anna Maria Marconi enters the office and sees Peter and MJ unconscious on the floor. Hours later, Peter wakes up with Anna and Harry at his side. He then rushes off to find MJ who has also woken up and the two find each other again with complete memory of their marriage and unconditional love. With their memories returned the two embrace and kiss each other in loving passion. They travel to the place where they made the deal with Mephisto and then reality starts to destabilize. They begin to recall memories of the daughter they should have had and with reality being destabilized, she is brought into existence. Peter and MJ encounter their daughter, Anna May Parker, outside of the motel room and find her trapped between dimensions. Anna tells her parents that the devil Mephisto is planning to something terrible which will affect all realities and that she’s being hunted by his agents. Peter and MJ desperately try to get a hold of their daughter but are unable to so. Anna begs them to find her just before the reality warp closes. Peter and MJ are devastated but the pair are still determined to get their daughter back and everything they lost.

They visit Doctor Strange to seek his aid in saving their daughter. Doctor Strange scans their minds and finds the situation to be dire. He takes them with him in a journey across the dimensions hoping to find their daughter and find a way to foil Mephisto’s plans. As they travel through parallel realms, MJ hears Annie calling out and the three close in on her but find her in the grasp of the Green Goblin, who sold his soul to Mephisto in exchange for the power he needed to finally take his revenge on Spider Man. Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes are under the Goblin’s thrall and it is revealed that Mephisto has taken control of the Medallion of Power and enslaved the Spirits of Vengeance to his will, thus he has subjugated the Ghost Riders and made more of them. A heated battle begins between Spider Man, MJ (who’s been empowered by Strange), Doctor Strange against the Goblin and the two Ghost Riders. As Spider Man and Doctor Strange fight the Ghost Riders, Mary Jane rescues Annie using her new powers from the Goblin’s grasp. Spider Man and Doctor Strange defeat the Ghost Riders and while Strange distracts the Goblin, Spider Man makes his way to MJ and Annie and takes them to Strange’s portal. However Strange is overwhelmed when Mephisto channels his power through the Goblin and as such the portal he created is closed trapping Peter and his family. The Goblin proceeds to kill them and take his revenge but something unexpected happens. The Parker family is engulfed in waves of light and positive energy, engulfed in the power of the embodiment of good they possess which is love the weapon of the One Above All. Mephisto is further enraged as Spider Man and his family can now use that power against him. Together the Parker family overwhelms the Goblin and escape through another portal created by Doctor Strange to return to the Earth 616 dimension.

Back in Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, Peter and MJ finally meet their daughter Annie and as reality continues to warp, they also receive new memories of them together as a family. Doctor Strange however delivers sinister news and reveals that reality is warping because the Earth 616 Dimension is being taken to Mephisto’s Hell. Spider Man, MJ, Annie and Doctor Strange assemble the world’s heroes and prepare for the fight against Mephisto. With the heroes of Earth 616 gathered, Doctor Strange casts a spell that reveals the plan of Mephisto. They see Mephisto in his throne overseeing the collision of the embodiments of good and evil and empowered by the conflicting natures of good and evil. Mephisto also commands a massive army of Ghost Riders and Demon Spirits. He has also subjugated Master Order and Lord Chaos to his will. Reality continues to warp and Earth 616 is taken to Mephisto’s Hell. Mephisto appears in his throne and commands his hordes to destroy the heroes. A massive battle breaks out and many fall on both sides. Peter has equipped MJ and Annie with specialized spider man gear to protect them even though the entire family is empowered by the embodiment of good. Doctor Strange tells the Parker family that they are the only hope of victory against Mephisto and they must prevent him from causing the collisions. Mephisto then sends Master Order and Lord Chaos to the fray but at the same time, Jean Grey as the White Phoenix and Galactus the Lifebringer emerge and fight the cosmic entities and fulfilling their roles as vital parts of the universe.

Spider Man, MJ and Annie fight against the Ghost Riders and many Demon Spirits before the Parker family comes face to face with the Green Goblin, the archenemy of everyone close to Spider Man. This time the Goblin is soundly defeated by Spider Man who ensures that he’ll never be a threat to him or his family ever again. The Parker family go on to face Mephisto, but they arrive too late. The battle between the heroes and the demons have accelerated the collision of the embodiments and as such Charity is defeated by Greed, Temperance is overtaken by Envy, Patience is engulfed in Wrath and Humility loses to Pride. When the collisions happen and the forces of evil overtake the forces of good, a cosmic explosion called the Malevolent Wave is unleashed and spreads through the Multiverse causing evil to triumph over good in all realities. The heroes, the Phoenix and Galactus perish at the hands of Mephisto’s force. Ironically Mephisto’s own forces are also destroyed.

Mephisto’s revels in his success as he stands on the Altar of Malevolence at the center of the Multiverse and becomes empowered by the evil spreading across all realities. However, the Parker family is still standing protected by the last force of good in the Marvel Multiverse. For his victory to be truly complete, Mephisto becomes the overwhelming embodiment of hate and proceeds to fight the Parker family and have evil finally conquer good. Unknown to the Parkers and Mephisto, the One Above All has been aiding the Parkers all this time for the One Above All’s only weapon is love. Spider Man, Mary Jane and Annie become the Lightbringers and fight a vicious battle against Mephisto. In the end Parkers love triumphs over Mephisto’s hate and the demonic being is engulfed in light. Mephisto finds himself in the presence of the One Above All who tells him that he’s achieved nothing and that good will never triumph over evil. The One Above All tells Mephisto that the only reason he has allowed evil to exist is so that good can prove its purity over it. Mephisto submits to the One Above All and is then erased from existence.

Spider Man, MJ and Annie are together and alone in the Marvel Multiverse at the Altar of Benevolence. The One Above All appears before them and he tells Peter, MJ and Annie that he loves them and is proud of them. That they have triumphed over the greatest of challenges and adversities and will now be rewarded for proving the purity of good over evil. The One Above All gifts them with a new alternate history where they remained together and had their daughter. The Marvel Multiverse is restored at the One Above All’s command and Peter, MJ and Annie return to New York where they are greeted by their superhero compatriots in Avengers Tower and hailed as the greatest of heroes.

The story ends with good completely triumphing over evil, with deceased character like Jean Grey and others returning, with the Fantastic Four together again on Earth, with Peter and MJ’s characterizations restored and with every bad decision Marvel has made over the last ten years, remedied and fixed. Mary Jane resigns from Stark Industries and moves in with Peter and Annie in a new house in New York. Peter makes MJ the co-owner of Parker Industries and with complete control of her own autonomous Parker Industries division called Watson Entertainment where MJ will act as a mentor for talented young actresses and models. Annie is very much like her RYV counterpart and is the pride and joy of Peter and MJ. Just like the One Above All promised, Peter and MJ would eventually end up together and with a family to show for it. They’ve overcome a trials and tribulations and are prepared to face the challenges yet to come together as a family.

(Also much of the staff of Marvel Comics is replaced by fresh new editors and writers. Spider Man as well as the other comic book titles that have been treated unjustly by Marvel in the past have their characterizations restored.)

Good VS Evil

-Love (Peter and MJ’s marriage) vs Hate (Norman Osborn and Mephisto himself)

-Charity (taken from Matt Murdock) vs Greed (Wilson Fisk)

-Temperance (taken from Captain America) vs Envy (Red Skull)

-Patience (taken from Charles Xavier) vs Wrath (Magneto)

-Humility (taken from Thor) vs Pride (Loki)

With inspiration from knightwriteri and credit to him for his blessing.


The Refusal (of OMD)

The Amazing Spider Man: The Refusal (of OMD)

The story would begin in the final issue of OMD when MJ is talking to Peter about Aunt May and how it may be time to let her go. Previously Peter met in the Astral Realm with Aunt May's soul who told Peter to let her go. This time (and what actually should have happened) instead of being dickishly stubborn, Peter listens to Aunt May and decides to respect her wishes. Peter then tells MJ to let him do all the talking when Mephisto returns. Mephisto returns and as soon as he appears, wait for it...


Peter and MJ go to Aunt May and miraculously she wakes up to spend her final moments with her beloved family before passing away. Peter, MJ and Jarvis bury Aunt May next to Uncle Ben and the married couple leave New York. They travel from state to state hiding from the authorities and meeting new people who remember that Spider Man is a hero and provide him with shelter and supplies. Peter and MJ after a month of travel encounter Teresa Parker, Peter's supposed sister as well as Harry Osborn who's revealed to be alive and working with Teresa to protect them. Teresa and Harry are a ray of hope for Peter and MJ and provide invaluable assistance in evading the law. They manage to take it easy for a few months and then MJ tells Peter she's pregnant. They take refuge in a town in the middle of the US but then a building begins to burn and Peter's moral code does not let him sit idly by despite protest from Harry and Teresa. However MJ knowing this will eat away at Peter tells him to "go get em tiger". Peter dons the Spider Man costume and rescues everyone in the burning building without casualties. However this also blows their cover as SHIELD sends forces against him. MJ goes into labor shortly afterwards and is taken to a hospital where Harry admits her under new identity to shield her. However the Thunderbolts and the Sinister Six convey around the hospital prompting Peter to go out to face them drawing all attention to himself and away from MJ. He would let himself be attacked to a bloody pulp by his enemies. Then the civilians would rally to Spider Man recognizing that he's protecting the hospital and his pregnant wife.

The villains would be forced to fall back and then arrives Iron Man to calm the situation and help Peter (realizing how catastrophically he handled the situation with Peter during the Civil War). Iron Man removes Peter and MJ's criminal status and makes amends to the Parker family. After Peter heals from his injuries he goes to meet with his wife and his newborn daughter Anna May Parker. Peter, MJ and her newborn, Teresa and Harry go to the Sanctum Sanctorum to ask for Doctor Strange's help (who remained neutral during the Civil War) in making the world forget Peter is Spider Man. Doctor Strange puts Peter, MJ, Anna, Teresa and Harry in a protective bubble to shield them from the effects of the mind wipe spell. The spell is cast and the world forgets that Peter is Spider Man freeing the Parker family from further persecution. This would begin the true Brand New Day with the Parker family moving back to New York. Eight years later, Peter, MJ and Anna live in a decent and beautiful home with their daughter attending school and manifesting her inherited spider powers which Peter has taught her to use responsibly. Peter works at Horizon Labs as a scientist and engineer and is a prominent member to the company's success. He's also a reserve teacher occasionally giving a class in Empire State University and Midtown High. MJ is the proud owner of a nightclub called Jackpot. With both Peter and MJ, they've brought stability and providence to the Parker household. Also Harry and Teresa have become a couple and regularly visit Peter and MJ.

With their memories intact and their experience during the Civil War, Peter and MJ have developed a cautious mindset with safeguards in place for Peter's identity and eventual supervillain attacks. Peter becomes even more cautious with his identity (and slightly paranoid) however he finds it in himself to reveal it to people he unquestionably trusts such as the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Doctor Strange and Wolverine.

Its important to know that the events following OMD and Brand New Day happened as they were released by Marvel such as Secret Invasion (though they evaded that), Siege (Spider Man played a vital role in Norman's fall), Shadowland, Spider Island, Avengers VS X-Men, etc. The only difference being that Aunt May is dead and never married Jay Jameson and Peter and MJ remained married and with their kid who would turn out like Annie in Renew Your Vows.



The Visitor/Time Displaced Daughter arc

First of all Peter would reveal that he is Spider Man to his closest family and friends (such as Aunt May and Harry, Flash Thompson if he doesn’t know). Peter is creating a new suit which materializes from a badge like device attached to his person which allows him to turn from Spider Man to Peter Parker in an instant and the device can also house other clothing styles. His new suit enhances his current power set with an emphasis on his Spider Sense, gives him Enhanced Vision, Camouflage capability and even Venom Blasts. While testing his new suit around New York, Spider Man spots Annie May Parker from the Renew Your Vows storyline. She is injured and bleeding atop rooftop. Spider Man takes her to a Parker Industries Medical Facility where she is healed. He learns that she is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane from an alternate universe. Spider Man discovers a new use of his Spider Sense allowing him to connect his mind to Annie’s via their mutual Spider Sense ability to get a better understanding of who Annie is, her history and how she got from her universe to his. Annie tells Peter that her parents sacrificed themselves to save her from their certain death scenario back in her universe and she was transported through a portal. Peter comforts the saddened child and upon embracing her, a fatherly instinct awakens within him driving him to tell Annie that he will protect her, care for her, train her to better use her powers and if possible bring her parents back and restore her life.

With that said, Peter uses his resources to have her registered as a citizen and then adopted. Peter introduces Annie to Aunt May and the older woman is surprised but noticeably happy about her new granddaughter (or grandniece in this case). Annie sees a picture of Mary Jane and begins to remember her own mother (MJ from her own universe) causing her to be sad. Peter explains to her why he and MJ are not together in this universe and that despite how hard it must be for her, she cannot expect Mary Jane (Earth 616) to be something she is not. Peter Parker also publicly acknowledges Annie May Parker as her adopted daughter in a Parker Industries announcement. The duo go on several adventures together as Spider Man and Amp (Annie’s superhero identity) developing a deep father daughter bond and dependence for one another.

One day after thwarting a villain’s warpath, Peter and Annie arrive at a lunch date with Harry, Betty Brant and Flash Thompson (having returned from space) only to also encounter Mary Jane. Mary Jane “tigers” Peter and then proceeds to introduce herself to Annie and complement her on her looks and red hair (MJ learned of Annie through the media). Annie is stunned and begins to remember her mom, her own Mary Jane and at the same time remembers what Peter told him about MJ. She hides behind Peter trying to contain her tears. When MJ asks about her, Peter talks to her in private and explains that she is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane from an alternate universe and how she ended up with him. MJ is surprised at this revelation. Peter tells her that he has no right to ask this of her but nonetheless he asks her if she would let Annie pretend that she is her mother to calm her down and to help her deal with her traumatic situation. After the lunch date is over, MJ talks with Annie about her predicament and lets the time displaced girl pretend that she’s her mother. Annie hugs MJ calling her mom and telling her that she misses her so much. MJ feels a motherly instinct awakening inside of her afterwards. This encounter sets up a chain of events which see Peter and MJ reconnecting. Annie becomes an important part of Peter's world and cares for her immensely. He restlessly continues to research ways of bringing back a universe since he cannot contact Reed Richards. Tragedy strikes Peter when Aunt May dies in a car accident. Peter is devastated but he confesses that he had always been prepared for when she might die. Harry, Mary Jane, Jameson, Flash, Liz Allen, Betty Brant and several others were present at the funeral. Her death also broke the deal they made with Mephisto but reality was not altered. Instead Peter and Mary Jane began to remember their married life and forgotten love.

The Last Superhero arc

A storyline unfolds in which every superhero in the world have mysteriously vanished. All except for Spider Man. Spider Man tries to contact other heroes to no avail. He stops by SHIELD to see if Director Hill has heard from any of the heroes and she confirms that all of the teams and individual heroes they keep track of have vanished without a trace. In Times Square, Spider Man faces off against a Hulk Clone whom he defeats thanks to his new upgrades. Spider Man calls Mary Jane to see if Tony Stark is still active but she tells him that Stark’s whereabouts are unknown and its beginning to worry her. Spider Man drops by Stark Tower to request Mary Jane’s help and after FRIDAY confirms that she has lost communication with Iron Man, he turns on the news revealing the official news that every superhero and every team have vanished leaving Spider Man as the planet’s sole superhero. Following this newscast, villain attacks occur around the world resulting in absolute chaos (the reality is that the superheroes were part of a rapture by a cosmic entity and are fighting to save the universe). Peter puts the resources of Parker Industries to work against this rising chaos and works with SHIELD and other agencies to secure the world. He enlists Mary Jane’s help as he goes on to stop the most dangerous villains. She acts as his eyes, ears and source of information and helps Peter take down many villains. Peter has Mary Jane tell FRIDAY to deploy Iron Man armors around the world to maintain security. After globetrotting, Peter returned to Stark Tower to Mary Jane where things have become worse. Peter senses Annie in danger and rushes off to save her at her school from Beetle and brings her back to Stark Tower. Mary Jane continues to help Peter take out villains in New York and begins to take a liking to it since she is helping Peter fight crime but without having to suit up. After locking away numerous villains, Spider Man notices that most of his own villains are yet to be found.

Suddenly, the Green Goblin emerges with most of Spider Man’s villains under his command in a broadcast in New York. He claims that he will turn New York City into his personal playground. Spider Man takes Mary Jane and Annie with him to the Baxter Building where Harry and Anna Marconi are waiting for them. Peter has the entire city evacuate before the Goblin’s plan comes into fruition along. Peter has FRIDAY take over as his support while makes sure that Harry, MJ and Annie are with the evacuation. Spider Man and his Iron Man armor supports go on to hunt down the Goblin and his many foes but is lured into Times Square where his enemies converge on him. The Goblin’s plan comes into fruition and New York is made into a prison and Spider Man is alone against many of his foes. Among them are Carnage, the Vulture, Scorpion, Electro, Mysterio, Rhino, Shocker, Lizard, Sandman, Kraven, Molten Man, Hydro Man, Hobgoblin, etc. The Goblin broadcasts this across the world as Spider Man battles to survive. Spider Man’s upgrades and experience allow him to stand a chance against so many foes keeping in mind that he has to protect MJ and Annie. Suddenly the heroes who disappeared reemerge and collectively try to penetrate the barrier around New York City to come to Spider Man’s aid. Spider Man begins to tire and takes many attacks from his enemies. Annie sees this and runs off to her father. MJ follows her as well as Harry. When Annie and MJ arrive to aid an injured Spider Man, Goblin attempts to kill them by ramming them through his glider. For all the world to see, Spider Man stops the glider even though he is impaled by it and his blood is spilled over MJ and Annie. Spider Man destroys the glider and knocks back the Goblin before losing consciousness. With everyone believing Spider Man to be dead, the heroes filled with rage break through the barrier and help take back the city surrounding Spider Man’s villains. Annie and MJ are beside Spider Man hysterically begging him to not die. Spider Man moves slowly and manages to stand up to the awe of Annie, MJ, the heroes and the villains. In his grievously injured state Spider Man unleashes his full fury and defeats the Green Goblin while the rest of the heroes defeat the remainder of his villains. The Goblin attempts one last strike against his archenemy but Harry kills him telling Peter that it was his responsibility to stop his father.

One More Time Again arc

Despite the victory, Spider Man is severely injured and near death. This brings Peter’s friends and loved ones together at his side in the hospital bed. Peter avoids death and he begins to heal though it will take some time and a caretaker. MJ volunteers to oversee his recuperation. In his time off from being Spider Man, Peter focuses on running his company, being a father to Annie and researching ways to bring back Annie’s real parents. With the help of a Cosmic Cube and Spider Man 2099, Peter successfully restores Annie’s home universe and builds a portal in the Baxter Building. He and Annie walk through the portal but unknown to them, Mary Jane had come to visit and followed them through. Annie is then reunited with her parents, the alternate versions of Peter Parker and MJ. Mary Jane walks in and both Peter and Annie are surprised. In that moment Peter and Mary Jane meet their counterparts who are Annie’s parents. The two MJ’s get to talking and MJ (from Earth 616) asks her counterpart about her life with Peter and how she managed to stay with Peter and have a child despite all the danger and complications. The alternate MJ explains that she and Peter were always meant to be together, that any life made without him in it would be incomplete and speaks from experience when she tried to build a life away from him. Through willpower, resolve and their love, the alternate MJ and Peter have overcome all challenges to their marriage and their family emerging the stronger for it with MJ so used to villains’ attacks that she herself can take on her husband’s foes. The alternate MJ correctly guesses that MJ and Peter still hold deep love for one another and encourages her to rekindle her relationship with him and to not make excuses about danger and complications, that together they will overcome anything. The real MJ explains to her counterpart that she wants to live her own life and not have it consumed by Peter and Spider Man. The other MJ tells her to do it, to do what she wants to do but no matter what, her path and Peter’s will always meet. Peter and MJ watch as Annie departs with her parents through the portal though not before Annie hugs the two, telling them that she loves them. She gives Peter a locket with a picture of her and him in an amusement park and with Spider Man and Amp on the other side and promises to visit if she can.

Sometime after Annie’s departure, Peter laments the loss of her adopted daughter and Mary Jane contemplates about the words of her counterpart. Despite both of them having achieved stability in their separate lives, the two feel a longing in their hearts, an empty void that swallows them whole. In addition to that, the memories of their forgotten past as a married couple continue to surface further deepening their desire to be with each other. After reflecting on his recent experiences and his entire life, Peter achieves clarity and realizes what matters most to him in the world. One day, Mary Jane is walking back to her home when it gets cloudy and she rushes her pace. Peter Parker as Spider Man waits for Mary Jane outside her home hanging upside down in his webbing. When Mary Jane is at her door, Spider Man descends and makes his presence known. The two friends and former lovers are in each other’s presence, alone for the first time in what feels like long time.

Dialogue (Still under Works, fully heartfelt no quips)

Mary Jane: Peter! What are you doing here?

Peter: (slight silence) I wanted to come… to see you and to talk to you, because it feels like a long time since we’ve done that…

Mary Jane: What is it?

Peter: (slight silence) How are you?

Mary Jane: What?!

Peter: How are you really?

Mary Jane: Alright I guess. What’s this about?

Peter: Did you do it? Did you build the life you wanted for yourself?

Mary Jane: (slight silence) Yes… I think I have.

Peter: Are you happy?

Mary Jane: Peter… why are you here?

Mary Jane: Why are you asking these things?

Peter: (slight silence) I just needed to, because… I’ve realized what’s important to me in this life. And it’s not Spider Man, it’s not my power or responsibility, it’s not even my friends and family. Gwen Stacy is not the love of my life, and Aunt May is not the most important person in the world to me.

Peter: It’s you. Just you.

Mary Jane: (slight nervous silence) Peter… we’ve…

Peter: My double life has been a nightmare for you, I know that. You want to live your life the way you want to and with whoever you want to. I admire you for it and respect your choices.

Peter: You and I, we’ve, had a turbulent relationship. Despite that, we fell in love and found happiness with each other. And I will never forget it, neither the good nor the bad. Those are my most valued memories.

Peter: To my core I’m still the same. I haven’t changed. But you… you moved on, and encouraged me to do the same, to find happiness and live.

Peter: And I’ve tried to, I’ve tried to move on, I’ve tried to go on living for my sake, to let go of you. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Peter: But I can’t. Because I don’t want to. I don’t want to move on from you. I don’t want to be with someone that isn’t you.

Peter: You are always in my mind. The simple thought of you gives me the strength to turn a losing battle into a resounding victory in every aspect of my life. You are the force that drives me forward, you are what I fight to protect, you are my definition of happiness, and you are my heart, my soul… my life.

Mary Jane: (Mary Jane stays silent, hanging on Peter’s next words)

Peter: I will always watch out for you and gladly risk my life for yours without a thought, without regret. Whether you’re with me or not, whether you’re near me or far away, whether our lives take us in different paths and make us distant… I will always be there when you need me the most.

Peter: Whatever trouble you find yourself in, whatever villainous plot you’re in at the hands of Green Goblin, Venom or some other foe, whatever your need, I will save you. Because you are the only one that’s important, the only one relevant in my existence. No one else matters. No one will ever replace you in my life and I will never care for anyone more than you.

Peter: If you choose to leave us behind, to give up on us permanently, to live out your life alone or with whoever you want, that’s alright, because it won’t change the way I feel about you and what I’m willing to do for you.

Peter: No matter what deals we make with devils, what gods we pray to when we’re afraid, what villains get between us or if destiny itself interferes, in life and death…

Peter: Above everyone and everything, Mary Jane Watson… I will always love you.

Peter: Forever.

Mary Jane: (silent, shocked, in tears and with her entire world revolving, Mary Jane is speechless)

Peter: That’s what I came by to say… I’ll never say goodbye again Mary Jane.

Peter: Instead… I’ll see you later. (Peter prepares to leave)


There are several outcomes to this heart throbbing confession on the part of Peter Parker to Mary Jane.

1- The first would be that silence prevails between both of them and Peter leaves after saying farewells to his reason for living. Mary Jane would remain in place processing what she heard and reflecting upon it but with no immediate response or decision. Mary Jane enters her home and begins to shed tears and after recent events which saw her and Peter reconnect coupled with his confession, she struggles for clarity in what she must do, because she still loves Peter and wants to be with him but something is holding her back, mainly the reason why she doesn’t remember her marriage to Peter. After several days, Mary Jane stands outside Peter’s home in the rain. Peter sees her and rushes out to her. He hears her own confession, how he loves him and wants to be with him but is still uncertain. She wants to be with Peter but she doesn’t want to be consumed. Peter reassures her, convincing her that he won’t let her regret it if she finally wants to take the chance to be with him for good. The two are under the rain holding each other when both of them fully remember the past that Mephisto erased and Mary Jane whispers “Alright”. Peter brings her inside and after drying up, they sit together holding each other and finding comfort together reminiscing about their shared history. MJ remembers that she left Peter because she didn’t want to be entangled in Peter’s double life but realizes that it was an excuse for not being strong enough to be with him and overcome their challenges. She’s left Peter numerous times but she always comes back. When she left Peter and lived her own life she still found herself in the middle of battles between heroes and villains and realized that both would never cease to be. Peter and MJ realize they love each other and that they were meant to be together. The two stay together forever and ever.

2- The second outcome (and my favorite) would be that as Peter prepares to leave, Mary Jane puts her hands in Peter’s head and holds him, pressing her face to his in loving affection. She begins to pull down his mask slowly and they have their trademark upside down kiss, intense and passionate, probably the best kiss of their lives.

a. This outcome ends with either Peter departing after the kiss or…

b. With Mary Jane pulling Peter down and taking him to her home for a passionate night. They figure out a way to live with each other for better or worse but with the fierce determination to fight for their love and their life together.