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  • He is strong decepticon and teacher Megatron.

  • leader of the decepticons.

  • Right hand of Megatron. Second in commandos and to force.

  • He is the faithful servant megatron and the third in the team. And a messenger on earth.

  • He is fourth in the team but third in force. He is the only one-eyed decepticon.

  • Barricade is one of general in Megatron army.

  • Blackout is one of the strongest Decepticons there is. Blackout is also the most loyal of all the Decepticons. And one of general in Megatron army.

  • Second in aviation, after Starscream.

  • Third in aviation, after Starscream and Skywarp.

  • One of constructicons and general in Megatron army. Appearance in two film. In revenge of the fallen his clone was in film and put together Devastator.

  • One of Robots put together Bruticus. One of general in Megatron army.

  • Ranking officer, strong decepticon and the most devoted desepticon. Always listens Megatron.

  • The triple changing Train/Space Shuttle member of the Decepticons. And ranking officer.

  • Bombshock is a veteran of millions of years of combat. The experience has left him cold, viscous, and ruthless. And ranking officer.

  • The triple changer Decepticon transforms into a jet and tank, Blitzwing is one of Megatron's most dangerous forces. And ranking officer.

  • Demolishor is a Decepticon who serves as Megatron’s Military Expert during the Unicron Trilogy. In Transformers: Armada is Minicon partner is Blackout. Demolishor was originally planned to be called Scourge

  • One of the ranking officer.Communications of Decepticon Pretender and skillful warrior. Bludgeon prefers to use his blade during combat.

  • Bludgeon is skilled in the ancient Cybertronian martial art of Metallikato prefering to use his sword and shield in battle rather than a gun. He follows a strong code of honour during battle. In the comics Transformers 2011 years he wanted to killed Megatron.

  • A female Decepticon. One of the strong decepticon and the trustee Megatron.

  • Decepticon soldier and leader of the Decepticon subgroup called the Predators.

    And ranking officer decepticon.

  • Leader of the Seacons, Snaptrap is a powerful and deranged Decepticon. Escape is near impossible when he's on the hunt. And ranking officer decepticon.

  • The Combaticons leader and master strategist, Onslaught transforms to form Bruticus' head and torso as well as a dual-barrelled anti-aircraft vehicle.In trailer mode, Onslaught can travel at speeds up to 100mph. He can launch photon missiles with a range of 6500 miles.

  • A robot similar to Blackout. He was killed by Optimus prime.

  • The leader of the Predacons, Razorclaw transforms into a lion and forms the torso of Predaking. As the Autobots and Decepticons allied against the new Cybertronian faction, Razorclaw became wary of how close some of the freshly created Decepticons became with their Autobot allies

  • He is a Decepticon warlord who ruled over most of Cybertron from his citadel known as Darkmount. He transforms into a mobile cannon and carries a powerful energy axe. He appeared in Marvel.

  • Was a G1 Transformer and at one point and time was the leader of the Decepticons because of Galvatrons untimely demise during the Headmasters animated series.Later a Predacon with a scorpion beast-mode named Scorponok would appear in Beast Wars

  • Rumble's homicidal and psychotic twin, Frenzy is one of Soundwave's cassettes who specializes in destruction, rage, fear, violence, and mayhem.When the Autobots and Decepticons crash-landed on Earth, Frenzy was among the team of Decepticons led by Megatron, who were in pursuit of the Autobots and wound up laying dormant in the Autobot Ark for over 4 million years.

  • Black Shadow is a Decepticon mercenary and gangster whose skills in robbery, extortion and murder are available to anyone who can meet his price he is only loyal to the highest bidder even his fellow Decepticons don't like to work with him. He can was snape shifer.

  • The Insecticon master of electricity with an insatiable appetite for energon. Apperance ni G1 and G2.

  • It is rumored that Cyclonus is the fallen Decepticon known as Skywarp. Appearance in armada.

  • Hun-gurrr is the gluttonous leader of the Terrorcons and is able to create missiles out of materials that he digests. He combines with the other Terrorcons and forms the torso of Abominus. He was a snape shifter.

  • He leader of the Constructicons and Megatron's favorite, Scrapper transforms into the right leg of Devastator. Appearance in Transformers 2 (film).

  • Venom is leader of the Insecticons and was a member of the original Mayhem Attack Squad. Appearance in Transformers 2 (film).

  • Decepticon, the more level headed half of the Battlechargers, Runabout is mesmerized by destruction and explosions the same way. Appeared in Marvel.

  • The Decepticons big rig rival to Optimus Prime and leader of the Stunticons. They dare not question him or disobey any orders. He forms the body and the head of Menasor when merged with his Stunticon underlings.

  • He robot who returned to live Megatron.

  • Irradiated Decepticon Seeker with a built in fusion reactor, Sunstorm believes he was sent by a higher power. He's unable to stop his power to emit powerful heat and electromagnetic waves. Appearance in Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen The video game. In Dreamwave Sunstorm is an experiment of Shockwave's to put a solar-powered fusion reactor into a Decepticon. He possesses the power to manipulate electromagnetic energy.

  • The venal mercenary Decepticon, Swindle looks out for himself first and foremost, selling out his fellow Combaticons if it suits his purposes. He transforms into Bruticus' right leg and a jeep. Appearance in film.

  • A double agent Transformer who works for Unicron. In the cybertron assistent of Starscream.

  • One of Cybertrons greatest strategists. He was reformated by Megatron to become a Vehicon General. And one of stong decepticon.

  • One of Cybertrons greatest strategists. She was reformated by Megatron to become a Vehicon General. And one of strong decepticon.Decepticon Pretender and skillful warrior.

  • Leader 1 minicon of Megatron. Very often saved him live. Megatron sometimes consult with him.

  • Darkwing combines with his partner Dreadwind to form the super jet called Dreadwing. He strikes fear into people.

  • A Decepticon assassin who attempted to murder the new leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime.Along with Umbra and Backbite,squad whose mission was to kill the new Autobot leader.He one live.

  • A Transformer bounty hunter. He was hired by Megatron to hunt down the renegade Decepticon, Drift. Lockdown also appeared in the Transformers Animated series and in the online series, Transformers: Cyber Missions, which was based around the film, Revenge of the Fallen. He want to help Bludgeon, but he turn down at the sight of Megatron.

  • Acid Storm is a Rainmaker, a sub-division of the Decepticon's Seekers. He specializes in intelligence gathering and disrupting weather patterns, causing acid rain. In this group three robots: green the leader of groop and stronget of them., blue work with bomb and yellow work with computer

  • He want to help Bludgeon, but he turn down at the sight of Megatron.

  • Clever decepticon seeker.

  • Seeker decepticon always, when he attacked by laser he causes robots stabbing wounds

  • One of the classic triple changers. Decepticon seeker.

  • A Decepticon Targetmaster who joined the Mayhem Attack Squad.

    Needlenose was once a renowned microchip designer on Cybertron. His 'Chic Chip' was all the rage but the fad began to wane and was completely dead when Optimus Prime and his followers pointed out how pointless and frivolous the Chic Chip was. appearand in Marvel comics.

  • Nautilator is a strong Decepticon who amazingly transforms into lobster. He is a mean Seacon and dosen't dosen't like Autobots much. He is not very ranking decepticon.

  • Leader of the Decepticon Justice Department. e has the strange ability to manipulate the sparks of Transformers by the sound of his voice so he can literally talk them to death should the need arise, and as a nod to his beloved leader Megatron, Tarn uses a customized double fusion cannon as his primary weapon.He has trouble with the pressure of his duties; his way of coping has given him an addiction to Transforming which has led to him burning through dozens of transformation cogs.

  • Number two in the army of constructicons.

  • Number three in the constructicon army.

  • One of decepticon in Megatron army. He average in strength and in the mind.

  • Overcast is a Decepticon. He landed in Japan in the Decepticons invasion. He transforms into a MiG-29 Fulcrum. He destroys all without leaving traces.

  • Mixmaster is the left leg of Devastator and cement truck Constructicon capable of turning virtually any substance put into him into apparently whatever substance he wants.

  • One of constructicons of Devastator.

  • Number two of the Decepticon Justice Department. Is a "linguistic purist" who speaks only Old Cybertronian, rather than the modern Transformer language of Neocybex.

  • Nightstick used to be a criminal mastermind from the planet Nebulos before becoming the Targetmaster of Cyclonus. Appearance in G1 and G2.

  • A fierce Decepticon warrior.He seems to have been killed when a group of Decepticons came to Earth, but it's possible that his body had been recovered by Sector Seven and was possibly being rebuilt as Starcream discovered later.

  • He is brother of Wreckage.

  • Number three in the Decepticon Justice Department. Transforms into a portable smelting pool to torture captured targets with.

  • Number 4 in the Decepticon Justice Department. Transforms into an electric chair used for torturing captured targets.

  • Calm and strong member of the Decepticon Justice Department. He transforms into a high-speed, rotating crusher to torture captured targets with.

  • One of constructicons.

  • He was partner of Ravage. And one of minicons of Soudwave.

  • Wild transformer and the scout, his partner is lazerbeak.

  • Rampage appearance in Transformers 2 (film). He was killed by Bambalbe.

  • The Decepticon Space Shuttle with a superiority complex, Blast Off transforms to form Bruticus' right arm. Super-guard.

  • Bombshell is one of the three classic Insecticons along with Kickback and Shrapnel. Bombshell has the ability to hypnotize his victims with the use of his cerebro shells. And have with a sliding gun on the headю

  • Blot is a repulsive member of the Decepticons, with fluids of unknown origin secreting from him at all times. He combines with the Terrorcons to form Abominus. And very strong Decepticon.

  • Dead End is typically a depressed Decepticon that transforms into a Porche and forms Menasor's right arm. In the 2009 film, and IDW continuity, Dead End transforms into a Bugatti EB 15.4 Veyron. He landed in San Francisco with Swindle.

  • He robot-decepticon. Leader in police centre, they trace robots-autobots.

  • Desepticon who can fly, have not many weapons but not weak.

  • Armorhide is a Decepticon Commando. He and the other Commandos combine to form Ruination. Leader commando.

  • Bugly is decepticon in ground team.

  • Deluge is Decepticon scientist, responsible in the creation of the Insecticons. very clever but not strong

  • Detour is a Decepticon Micromaster. He used granades.

  • Drag Strip is the indy car Stunticon and forms Menasor's left arm; disliked strongly by his fellow Decepticons yet tolerated because of his competitive streak. He have a partner.

  • He Combines with Darkwing to combine the super jet Dreadwing. Always firing the guns.

  • Fracas is the Nebulan Targetmaster of Decepticon Scourge. He is very temperamental and unruly. He transforms into an incendiary cannon that can burn through the armor of most Transformers. As a weapon he can be used by Scourge in both his robot and vehicle modes. He is enginer of decepticons.

  • Decepticon warrior. He well armed. But he don't strong enemy.

  • Treadshot is robot-guard.

  • He is one of decepticos. His rank 3.

  • Decepticon more similar than others to human. His rank 3.

  • He are the arch-enemies of the Autobots. Decepticons -- as their name implies -- use deception and villainy to advance their own cause. Robot constructicon.

  • Starscream's Combaticons combine to form Bruticus, an extraordinarily powerful and extraordinarily dimwitted Decepticon gestalt. Robot constructicon.

  • he is a pretender monstor. A Decepticon sub-faction, whom combine to form Monstructor.

  • A Decepticon Triggercon. Crankcase carries a set of heavy guns and transforms into an off-road vehicle. Crankcase makes is live action debut in the third entry of the Transformers trilogy. He is seen on the freeway chase scene with fellow dreads Hatchet and Crowbar. He is later killed by Sideswipe and Ironhide.

  • Blowpipe is Lord Zarak's brother-in-law. He is binary bonded to Triggerhappy. Not stupid decepticon.

  • Caliburst is a Nebulan Targetmaster who is binary bonded to Slugslinger. Robot ground team.

  • Decepticon Gorilla/Space Cruiser. "Obnoxiousness is not a problem, it is an art." But he very stupid.

  • Quake's only weakness is his poorly designed cooling system, which is prone to shut down during battle, leaving Quake's innards to melt. He is robot cinstructicon.


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