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The Grand Nahiq
The Grand Nahiq

☬ Real Name: Hidden

☬ Birthplace: Unknown

☬ Alias: Urban Ronin, The Grand Nahiq

☬ Height: 5'8"

☬ Age: 19

☬ Weight: 110 lbs

☬ Hair Colour: Black

☬ Eye Colour: Opal

☬ Species: Presumed Human (but is actually a Hyper-Sapien)

☬ Alignment: Unknown

Affiliation: The Voice Unheard, The Yakuza (Syndicate), Nihonto Khan

☬ Identity: Secret

☬ Relationship Status: Pansexual

☬ Gender: Female

☬ Family: Unknown

☬ Occupation: Assassin


Sonar Sim'Sense
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Born with a congenital disease the Urban Ronin's body unexpectdly “rewired” the auditory cortex through evolutionarily ablating central sonar targets. For some unknown reason the neurons in the primary auditory cortex of the vigilante responds to sonar activation.

Shown here is accumulated spiking activity arranged as a clock, with the direction of motion of a barlike stimulus indicated by the small arrows. Tuning is indicated by the “lobes” of the central plot. Cells were observed that were tuned to the orientation of the bars (A) and in some cases cells possessed a preferred motion (B) as one would find in visual cortex – but this is the primary auditory cortex.

Abilities & Skills


Born with a rare unprecedented birth defect, the Urban Ronin enjoys the unparalleled benefits of a sonar based Vestibulo-ocular Reflex (or VOR). The primary purpose of the VOR is the stabilization of images on the retina during head movement. In order to accomplish this, the movement of the eyes is opposite the direction of the head and in doing so preserves the image in the in the center of the field of vision. But due to the Ronin's blindness, the VOR has been unexplainbly substituted by an advanced hearing and sonar like ability which combined, act as an instantaneous field of extensive vision and situational awareness.

Her semicircular canal, which is primarily responsible for the reflexes attributed to the responses of acceleration, have also been substituted and the strange augmentation grants the ability to move and react near meta-human speeds while maintaining near-peerless reactionary timing. Heightened neck muscles and a uniquely exercised otolith organ, mediate the acrobatic crime fighter's magnificent displays of balance.

Arc Reactionary Reflex (ARR) - The Urban Ronin's extensive repertoire of bullet dodging reactionary reflexes have finally begun to scratch the surface of her impressive index of mesmerizing movements. Evolved with a unique clavicle, flexible backbone, and state of the art vestibular system, the Ronin has the stylish ability to redirect the nature of his fall without ever having changed his net angular momentum.

Coupled with the ability to contort half her body so that her upper and lower halves rotate on differentiating axis', she can essentially right his body during a fall essentially equipping her with a naturally formed Self-Righting system. Coupled with the auto-genetic ability to synapse an overwhelming number of sensory neurons directly into her spinal cord (subsequently activating the spinal motor neurons instantly) enables her to react on a Meta-Human level of execution. The radically accelerated sensory receptors located on the cell membrane of sensory neurons responsible for the conversion of stimuli into electrical impulses hit the perennial polymath's C mechano- and metabo- receptors in muscles or joints at a rate exponentially higher then any basic human yet beneath the ranks of the superhuman.