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"I am the Heroine of all the Nine Realms!... too much?"

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Name: Carrie L. Frisk/Idril Ciryatan

Title: Heroine of the Nine Realms

Allegiance: Lawful Good... most of the time

Age: 18

Species: High Elf/Human

Birthplace: The Veiled Forest

Abilities: Olympic-level physicals, superior senses, slight magic resistance.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Confused Teenager...

Height: 5'8ft.

Weight: 132lbs.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue


Many an adventurer from Midgard has visited the Veiled Forest, even moreso in recent times surprisingly, and every once in a while one certain explorer finds a certain elf and... blah blah blah luvvy dovey stuff. Long story short, my dad was a modern adventurer and found his way to my mom, a high elf sorceress and her family, did some hero stuff and then you know how it goes. The other elves didn't really like humans at the time though, so they had to move out to my dad's home in- oh wait! Gotta keep that a secret!

I thankfully was old enough to witness and understand all the cool stuff in the Veiled Forest before we were kicked out, and when I got old enough I put on my elven uncle's old gear and went and did hero stuff!... Don't ask me why, I don't know, dad says it's just a phase. Mom blames the video games. I just wanna have fun!

My epic gear! :D

Mythic Blade-


Slashity slash slash! No legendary hero is complete without her weapon... well, technically it was my uncles but he said I could have it after... he was gone. Yeah, let's not talk about that. My mom infused this sword, which is on it's own made out of superior elven steel btw, with powerful magic! It's powered by the wielder's willpower, focus, and anger. It can slice through and deflect most thingies, and if my power is high it can charge with explosive and weakening magic!

Mythic Shield-

Nope, ain't gonna get me, I got protection!
Nope, ain't gonna get me, I got protection!

Top of the notch elvish shielding technology right here! Just like the sword, this shield was enchanted by my mom and given to my uncle to assist in his travels. When I hold it up, it creates a magical sphere barrier around me that can absorb energetic and magical attacks, and in terms of physical strikes it can let me stop a train in it's tracks without even flinching! I don't understand the physics of it either, it's magic, and it's freaking awesome!

Mythic Bow-

Me in a stealth-ified version of my uncle's combat suit!
Me in a stealth-ified version of my uncle's combat suit!

Again, yaddy yaddy yadda, it's my uncles, and the arrows were enchanted by my mother. Story sure does get old quick... anyway it's pretty awesome. I got fire arrows, ice arrows, grapple arrows, snare arrows, any arrows you can think of really!

Whistle of Power-

I'm a musician!
I'm a musician!

This is actually something my mom made specifically for me! She may not exactly approve of me running off into the Veiled Forest and battling rampaging beasts, but she's not about to let me go out there with just some old soldier's gear. The whistle, or whatever it's called in elvish (I haven't learned it all, okay?! >.<), is both an ancient instrument and a powerful weapon used by magical artisans and soldiers alike. Some notes create melodies that could calm even the most savage of beasts, and others can summon storms or earthquakes! Mom is making sure I only learn the safe aka lame ones though.

Amulet of the Four Swords-

See what I gotta deal with?
See what I gotta deal with?

Not even my mother could make something like this, the amulet was actually found by my dad during his adventuring days, inside of an ancient Wood Elf ruin. Again, it's something given to me to make sure I stay safe on my travels. When I'm wearing it, I can say "I call upon three swords!" in elvish and three clones of me will appear- each a representation of an aspect of my personality. The one in red is brave hasty and somewhat quick to anger or get frustrated, the one in blue is super smart and pays a lot of attention to things (this leads to her being a bit of a smartass at times...), and the purple one is amazingly creative but a little too childish, even for me! Our weapons clone too.. but every time I use it there is a rare chance for a "dark me" to spawn in the process if I'm cursed or smudge the chant (mostly if I say it in anything other than elvish, or say "four swords" instead of three).