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Was that Mandarin with a Captain America tattoo? Now I'm intrigued

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I just thought it would get the problem solved quicker, seeing as Spot's picture is Coyote

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In the most recent issue of Daredevil it revealed that Coyote is a separate individual from Spot, instead Coyote is using him for some unknown purpose. Am I right about this? And could somebody clarify this for me

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Health Manipulator


Weapon Morph

Healing keeps me alive, and destabilization basically takes down any power

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Wonder Man

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I dont, sorry new to this, any way to delete this

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Previews for the soon to come events of Final Execution, looks like Psylocke is dead and Genesis has finally become Apocalypse. Got these off of comicbookresources.com, thought I'd share with fellow Comicviners, link to the actual interviews here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=40927

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doctor octopus proved he was smarter than intelligencia in a recent spider-man issue

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I had to think about this for quite a while, the reboot completely revamps the history which explains my current lack of many X and Avenger titles. I don't have 52 yet, but I'll keep adding to the list as I come up with ideas. Feel free to post comments or constructive criticism.

1. THE ASTONISHING X-MEN #1 (Writer: Jim McCann|Artist: Marc Silvestri) Team: Professor Xavier, Cyclops, Havok, Jean Grey, Angel, Scarlet Witch, Iceman. Professor Xavier and Magneto decide to protect the mutant population, Charles training new mutants at the Xavier Institute and Erik hunting down threats with his X-Force strike force. The first mission is rescuing Havok and Angel, who were eager to prove themselves by stopping an AIM laboratory heist but got kidnapped.

2. THE AVENGERS #1 (Writer: Zeb Wells|Artist: Steve McNiven) Team: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Nova, Hank Pym, Wasp. Nova arrives on Earth to warn the inhabitants about an incoming invasion fleet of Kree warriors and the World's Greatest Heroes assemble to combat the threat. This is set slightly before the other stories, giving them a chance to establish themselves.

3. S.T.E.E.D. (SUPERHUMAN THIEVERY, EXTORTION, AND ESPIONAGE DIRECTIVE) #1 (Writer: James Asmus|Artist: Carlos Pacheco) Team: Borin Stormbrow, Gambit, Chameleon, Black Cat, Glass Man, Ant-Man (O'Grady). Borin Stormbrow, the immortal thief and his bodyguard the Glass Man assemble a group of the world's best thieves but what happens when they get too deep in a mission? Borin Stormbrow and the Glass Man are new characters I created, both with unique powers and personalities.

4. THUNDERBOLTS: JUSTICE LIKE LIGHTNING #1 (Writer: Rick Remender|Artist: Neil Edwards) Team: Cobra, Bullseye, Ghost, Radioactive Man, Elektra, Equinox, Wonder Man. Wonder Man, an ex-villian makes a deal with the government that allows him a chance to give convicted criminals a chance to redeem themselves. Their first mission is protecting Cobra, who is being targeted by the Serpent Society for information he learned while he was a member of the group.

5. THE AVENGERS INITIATIVE #1 (Writer: Jason Aaron|Artist: Sara Pichelli) Teachers: Nick Fury, Captain America, Hank Pym, Wasp, Hawkeye, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, various guest speakers. First Class: Amadeus Cho, Darkhawk, Justice, Speedball, Firestar, Beast, Butterball, Rage. After the success of the Avengers team, SHIELD decides to give young superhumans a chance to be like their heroes, but someone in the program is traitor and the students begin to turn against each other.

6. SPIDER-MAN #1 (Writer: Nick Spencer|Artist: Carlo Barberi) Peter Parker is a new hero eager to prove himself, but when a mercenary hired by someone involved in his creation comes after him will he know what to do? This skips the origin, but flashbacks to it throughout the series. The mercenary is Constrictor, a villian I always wanted to see Spider-Man face.

7. CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 (Writer: Warren Ellis|Artist: Luke Ross) Captain America, recently revived by SHIELD from his icy tomb is adjusting to his new life in the future but an old enemy named Arnim Zola isn't happy about his return. This is set after he escapes the ice, and Arnim is much more threatening and plans to assemble a team of his foes and resurrect the Red Skull.

8. UNSTOPPABLE HULK #1 (Writer: Kieron Gillen|Artist: Miguel Angel Sepulveda) Bruce Banner is on the run from SHIELD Agent General Ryker in Hong Kong, but when he gets in a situation stopping black market surgeon Red Scalpel, can he keep the beast contained? Meanwhile, the Redeemer Company is being prepared to take down the Hulk. Red Scalpel is a new villian, who is currently powerless but will be powered up later in the series.

9. IRON MAN #1 (Writer: Jonathan Hickman|Artist: Max Fiumara) After escaping his kidnapping in Afghanistan in his newly made Iron Man armor, Tony Stark must deal with corporate copycats and an enemy of his fathers, the terrorist known as the Steel Samurai! This takes place directly after his escape, and new armors are made and worn throughout the series.

10. THOR #1 (Writer: Ariel Olivetti|Artist: Julian Totino Tedesco) Thor is stranded on Earth, betrayed by his brother and headhunted by SHIELD Agents but his biggest threat he will be facing is another stranded being, the alien known as the Super-Skrull!

11. DAREDEVIL: MAN WITHOUT FEAR #1 (Writer: Jeph Loeb|Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli) Daredevil is given great powers after his accident on the street, but when he trys to take down the Kingpin of Crime will that be enough?

12. FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (Writer: Tony Lee|Artist: Patrick Zircher) Team: Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch. Reed Richards inter-dimensional transporter is ready, but when they enter the Negative Zone they are struck by rays of energy giving them strange powers. They return to Earth, but with them comes two spores that quickly evolve into Annihilus and Destructus. Destructus is a being similar to Annihilus, but has a more grasshopper appearance with large spiked arms.

13. X-FORCE #1 (Writer: Jonathan Hickman&Brian Reed|Artist: Ron Garney) Team: Magneto, Mystique, Wolverine, Sunfire, Quicksilver. Magneto's team of warriors is ready to take down the threats to the mutant community, but can they handle William Stryker and his Purifier army?

14. WOLVERINE #1 (Writer: Daniel Way|Artist: Cullen Bunn) Found in the Canadian wilderness, Logan has no memory of his past. Joining the Alpha Flight group he seeks for answers, but when Garrison Kane comes for him he may find more than he is looking for. This is also set before the other series.

15. SIR PERCY, THE BLACK KNIGHT#1 (Writer: J. Michael Stracynski|Artist: Renato Guedes) Sir Percy is the greatest protector of Camelot, but when he discovers a the Cult of Fang and their monstrous leader Fin Fang Foom will he be strong enough to stop their invasion? This is a series set in medieval times, and has references to current characters and old ones.

16. CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (Writer: Brian Michael Bendis|Artist: Fiona Staples) Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree Fleet was selected to be the universe's greatest protector after his massive bravery in battle. His first mission is stopping his races invasion of Earth, but will he be able to bring himself to fighting his own people to protect a planet full of strangers? This happens at the same time as the Avengers series, and ties in with it's events.

17. THE MIGHTY #1 (Writer: Matt Fraction|Artist: Terry/Rachel Dodson) Team: Hercules, Iron Fist, Captain Britain, Silver Samurai, Doctor Strange, Clea, Black Knight (Whitman). The world's greatest warriors and mystics have assembled to take down the world's greatest magical threats, starting with the group of sorcerers and assassins known as the Hand, but when the monstrous Beast's mental influence is too much for Captain Britain can his teammates stop him from killing them?

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I believe in a small, yet powerful dream with plenty of grunts.

Leader: Zodiac (Zodiac Key)

Planner: Coat of Arms

Powerhouse/Second In Command: Ethan Edwards

Powerhouse: Super-Skrull

Energy Manipulator: Axon

Energy Manipulator: Melter (Young Masters)

Tech: Titanium Man

Muscle: Morass

Muscle: Aberration

Grunts: What's left of the Skrull Race