Cracked.Com After Hours... Why the Pixar Movies are Intertwined

i love this video series and enjoy them

Okay Here is the Video! I edited it so you wont get lazy clicking that link and watching it on WATCH THE VID!

Now If you have time to watch the Video and listen to Dan's theory it really does makes sense

Every Single Pixar film might be intertwined!

now tell me your theories.... Or Ideas on how the Pixar Universe might be intertwined!

here is mine

The sprites in Brave might be the reason why there are sentient beings on earth

So A hundred years later Toys were secretly trying to make children happy.

That is what they do. There is a Rule However that they will not show their

owners that they are sentient because... It might have caused a mayhem way back or something

Anyways the Bugs life movie might have happened during the Toy story and toy story 2 timeline and years after that was the Finding Nemo Timeline

Now the Incredibles Movie might have been a Movie Remember that Kid that was holding a Mr Incredible Comic? YEAH the Movie might have had a franchise or something... Now in Toy Story 3 Buzz had a Buy N Large Battery so this might be the Beginnings of the Company's rise to power (seen in Wall-e)

Now Wall E is about a future where the world is dumped with so much trash and pollution that people decided to go to space right? Now remember the end of the film where they came back to earth... What if they were incapable of Living? Because they were too fat? Well EVOLUTION my friend They might have turned and incorporated their brains into cars because It is an easier way to travel No Requirement of Farming for food and stuff like that!

Monsters inc could have existed between the Finding Nemo and Toy story 3 timelines

Though their activity is kept secret because only children have interactions with them ( Andy now a Grown Up)

So any Theories about how the Disney Pixar Movie Universe can be A single one? I'd like to hear yours!