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Top 5 Characters I'd Like to See Star in a Short Film.

These are characters I would love to see star in their own Marvel shorts. Not even necessarily to lead into their own films, just so that when you see them in the background of big movies, you'd know who they are.

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  • I loved this guy when I was a kid. He's got a great costume design, he's got a pretty cool backstory and ability and a great weakness (though a lot of that depends on which version is canon...) and I was really glad to see him make a comeback in The Runaways and subsequently Marvel Team-Up.

  • Hearing his name brought up on the podcast, I knew this would be an incredible movie at full-length or shortened. Taskmaster has a great look, a unique and cinematic power, and a good personality. Whether it be his more traditional beginning of training badguys to fight, or his new proactive stance, I think you could easily make the Taskmaster into a sleeper-hit of a character.

  • The perpetual character without a home, Moon Knight has seen more series starts and stops than perhaps any other Marvel character and with good reason. It can't be easy to write an ultra-vicious street-level vigilante who worships an Egyptian god and has different, distinct personalities, but if it could be pulled off right (maybe attach someone like David Fincher or Christopher Nolan) it could be a truly unique entry in the superhero film lexicon.

  • What if the guy who got superpowers was kind of a dick? Not a bad guy, per se, he does the right thing when it comes to the clutch, but what if between saving lives, he was just kind of a dick? Robert Kirkman answered that question giving Eric O'Grady a new Ant Man suit and the results were comedy gold. It's a difficult line to tread, having him not be such a prick that he's completely unlikable, but not having him be so heroic that he loses that charm.

  • The Great Lakes Avengers, fighting all the supercrime in the Midwest completely on their own! Mr. Immortal: with the power to never die (but nothing else), Dinah Soar! Flight and sort of mind control! Big Bertha! Able to bulk up to eight hundred pounds in an instant (but needing to purge afterward)! Doorman! With the power to...be a door. Literally, you can walk through him to walk through walls. Flatman! As stretchy as Reed Richards with about half the intellect! Squirrel Girl! The power to command squirrels! Sacks full of nuts for energy boosts! One of the greatest hand-to-hand fighters in the Marvel Universe (yes really!)! Has any part of this description convinced you the GLA DON'T need their own movie?