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Extended bio

He was the face of Winter Technologies, where yesterday's resources were turned into the future's favorite home appliances

Until he was killed on broadcast television

He was the assassin no one knew was on their trail, until they were immortalized in his hall of victims

But then the voices in his head took over whole man

He was a master of turning savagery into impeccable art-- you should have seen his Northern Chinese styled human-chop entre

But now he's just The Uncommon-- The Beast

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Real name: August J. Hudson

Age: Late 50's to early 60's?

Hair color: White

Eye color: Dark Blue

Height: 6'2

Weight:220 lb

  • British Citizenship with mostly German and Indian ethnicity
  • Almost always has a suit or collared shirt on for public appearances (Pre-Revival)
  • Loves to tango (Pre-Revival)
  • Loves cigars (Pre-Revival)
  • August maintains the mutant ability of perfect eidetic memory (instant recall), but during his 2-decade long study in Tibet, he was able to evolve his mutant genetics more externally. Using a wide array of motions where he naturally shifts fields of energy from his core, August can propel or even weaponize plates of the earth below his feet. (Think, earth bending)
  • Raised assassin, most talented in sabotage
  • Hudson always has a pistol, a smoke bomb, and a knife on him at all times
  • Always has a covert patch of cyanide underneath his right sleeve for... reasons
  • When on more serious missions he carries a lot more weaponry like a rifle and katana.

The man ...

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Who goes by August Hudson is the revenant of a more sophisticated man. This quieter, more conflicted Hudson is living in a constant state of mental and physical pain. In the past life, August spent decades in Tibet, training to utilize the forces of nature and earth like an elemental god. But in the process of gaining that power, he traded his head space with the actual spiritual manifestations of nature themselves. So, the man that currently goes by August Hudson is actually driven by the primal spirits, who all want different things, but only have one body to truly command.

OR he's actually a schizophrenic with more power than even a sane man should have, and is living out a self inflicted assassination injury PTSD.

The Beast...

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Fearless, uncanny, and dangerous. With its grizzly fur and trail of shadows, the beast is a cruel trick on the eyes, revealing only rows of jagged crystalline teeth and ember-like breath against the rest of the black abyss.

The supernatural


Earth's shadows~ Malnala
Earth's shadows~ Malnala

Work in progress