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My Fan-Made Weapon X (Weapon eXiles)

You've seen my Exiles, now it's time for their polar and moral opposites. Just to clarify, this is Weapon X (Panoptichron), not the organization. So, without delay, here they are!

List items

  • Warren Worthington III was never selected for the X-Men on his world, with Nightcrawler being chosen in his stead. Thus, when his secondary mutation kicked in, he became the monstrous Hellhawk, feasting on mutants everywhere, literally and figuratively.

  • On a world where Scarlet Spider never defeated Venom, he sought Ben as a new host, and though remaining a hero, he's close to crossing that line due to the fragile nature of his cloned mind.

  • When he proposed to Aunt May, she accepted, and Spider-Man didn't interfere with their wedding. He was inspired by May to reform, and joined the Avengers. His Spidey followed to keep and eye on him. He doesn't want to be a villain, but with his experience, he may not have a choice.

  • General Ross was the only Hulk on his world, but the circumstances of that are unknown. He joined the founding Avengers, but killed Loki, leading them to question his judgment and place on the team.

  • In fighting the Juggernaut initially, the other X-Men were killed. He managed to blast Jugg's helmet off, and Xavier stunned him. Cyclops left, calling himself X-Man, to form a team that takes care of its own. But Xavier hasn't given up either.

  • On a world where James Howlett was selected to become Captain America, Steve Rogers is his Bucky equivalent (codename Patriot upon joining the team, known to the world as Stevie).

  • She was hired by an unknown contractor to abandon the Heroes for Hire and kill the Avengers. She did so under the guise of Ronin.

  • In a world where Angel bled out due to having his wings removed due to the Mutant Massacre, Banshee became the first Horseman of Death. He can no longer speak, and has since returned to the X-Men and his girlfriend, Jean Grey.

  • On the same world as Gambit of the Banished, Victor is a proud X-Man, and a skilled leader and fighter. His worst foe is his son, Wolverine.

  • Matt Murdock killed the Kingpin in confrontation. He took his role to avoid jail time, but still keeps the mantle of Daredevil to fight the crime he must create.

  • Earth was obliterated by Thanos, and he was one of the heroes off-world at the time. He is one of the last Avengers remaining to fight. He's also one of the few true-blue heroes on Weapon eXiles.

  • When Gabriel returned to Earth, he sought out his siblings, but being too powerful, he accidentally killed them. Since his life was so unstable, he joined the X-Men under the codename "Havok." Only problem with the killings was that he liked it...

  • Bullseye (Elektra) is the loyal agent of the Hand, and killed their prize, Daredevil, to be used as their leader.

  • Little is known of this Deadpool, except that he murdered Tony Stark, stole an Iron Man suit and joined the X-Men.

  • This version of Siryn was raised by her uncle, Black Tom. Known as the most lethal criminal on her world, she seeks to kill her father, and his allies, the X-Men, and then the human race.

  • Upon switching back with Iceman to their original bodies, they ended up permanently switching powers. Now amnesiac, she journeyed to Canada and joined Alpha Flight as the cryokinetic Snowbird.

  • Lorna accidentally killed her father due to her powerful nature when they first met, and so she adopted his mantle to become a hero. No one would accept her as Magneto, though, and she is rallying a Brotherhood on Genosha to fight back.

  • After the Xavier Institute was decimated by Sentinels, the Summers family declared war on humans, but also became pacifistic, moving to Genosha. Ruby believed in fighting, so she fled and mounts a rebellion on the Xavier Graveland, as it is now called.

  • Nothing is known about him, other than the fact that he killed Amadeus Cho accidentally, and formed a new lawless Avengers team.