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My Fan-Made Exiles (the Banished)

I consider the Exiles to be one of the best concepts Marvel has ever had. I'd have to be an idiot not to like them. So, being the imaginative lad that I am, I created my own version! Many of these idea need some development/revising, so please provide feedback, I'm publishing issues regularly.

List items

  • On her world, she is known as Magi. Following M-Day, she went with Doctor Strange instead of the New Warriors, leading her to become one of the Earth's most renowned sorcerers. Her identity remains hidden through most of the series, but her yellow trenchcoat is a dead giveaway.

  • He is known simply as Victor. His teenaged alternate version was brought to the team, with basic knowledge of tech and sorcery. He intends to be a hero, but never really gets the chance. We know nothing of his world.

  • Well, it's not Spider-Man, but he's the closest I can come. Curtis Parker is the Silver Spider, son of Spidey and Silver Sable. He leads the future Avengers, solely consisting of children of the original. He has all his father's powers, but prefers his martial arts training.

  • A weird choice, I know. Sorry, I love the character. But I can explain. In a world where the Kree-Skrull War came far too early, Kl'rt deserted his homeworld despite orders to find a new world. He flew through the cosmic cloud that gave the 616 F4 their powers. He landed on an Earth totally dominated by SHIELD, and joined the Avengers unit.

  • On a Communist world, Commissar Wagner has received the Super-Soldier Serum, and is the lead trainer of Germany's superhumans. He's a tough leader, with a rocky exterior. In addition to his regular abilities, he can also turn completely invisible and has low-level super-strength.

  • The last of the original members, Ororo T'Challa was widowed at the hands of Klaw. She reached out to the Avengers for help, and soon adopted both a spot on the Avengers and her husband's mantle.

  • After the unfortunate death of Victor at the hands of his alternate self, Techno was brought aboard the team. On his wirld, he used his powers to create a battle armor rivaling that of even Iron Man. Unfortunately, when Cypher attempted to use it, he and Warlock got absorbed into it. He's a hulking figure who struggles to keep his intellect in check.

  • OK, so this one is actually Spider-Man. After his alternate son died, this version, named Carnage, was brought upon the team. He's a member of his homeworld's Avengers, and what makes him different is that he steals his villains' tech after defeating them (he's got Scorpion's tail, Doc Ock's tentacles, and Shocker's gauntlets, among others). He's a giant jerk to the rest of his team, believing he is superior to them.

  • Our beloved Commissar has fallen, so another great X-Man must fall in. Enter Phoenix, from a world where there were three sides in Schism: Cyclops', Wolverine's, and Storm's (all women). Being so divided would lead their world to doom, unless Phoenix can make a difference here.

  • Simple: how did Sandman become a villain after being a hero? Wizard altered his brain patterns. So on his world, that never happened, and he remained a loyal Avenger. He replaces Techno, and proves to be a capable team member.

  • I hear you gasp. Well, on this world, he sincerely adopted Scott and Alex, and in lending his strength to the founding X-Men, soon became a member. He's spliced his DNA with Cyclops' and Havok's, to become a being of pure energy (with which he has named himself Gambit).

  • On her world: MJ was bitten by Peter's spider (yes, he created the radioactive spider), and soon became Spider-Girl. She's Magi's replacement.

  • After absorbing Carol Danvers' powers, she died from the lack of energy. Rogue decided to take the name Ms. Marvel and join the Avengers in her honor. She's still young and afraid, but a strong heroine.

  • He's Ultron. That's right, I said it, he's Ultron. Ultron was first created by a cooperation between Pym and Stark to be an anti-terrorism online virus. But Pym got "infected," and as such, his body is turning into that of 616 Ultron. Nothing can stop the spread, so the Banished are his last stand.

  • On her world, she is known as the Black Wasp: a lethal killer with wings and bioelectric bursts. She was a founding Avenger, and vital to taking out the Hulk when the Avengers formed. Pym quit the team, giving her his blessing, and she is pregnant with Hawkeye's son. She's a killer, but that's behind her. Now she one of Earth's mightiest heroes.

  • Vision was built by Ultron, but soon after stolen by AIM and turned into an Adaptoid. As such, when he finds new technology, he downloads it into himself. He's rather cold, but he's a powerhouse.