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Really wasn't expecting that 0

The Story I've not read daredevil for since lady bullseye first came into it and i'm starting to get back into it now and thought id start off with shadow land and i really wasn't disappointed from the start this issue is pretty much actin packed and any story with the real Bullseye in it is going to be pretty cool in my eyes.  As a set up issue i think this is pretty good and the previously in... part helped me a little, I was a little disappointed that Daredevil wasn't in it for long but when ...

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Surprisingly good. 2

I like many people on this site are not familiar with the vampires of the Marvel Universe, and they seem to be interesting, but i think part of that comes from the fact that they are not, thank God, anything like the Twilight Vampires.  I wouldn't normally pick up an issue that focused around Vampires however, with the new X-Men series that is starting this month i thought why not, on to the review...  The Story I think that this issue is actually quite good, and i was pleasantly surprised by it...

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Better than the last issue 0

As the title of this issue suggests, i think this issue is a vast improvement on the last issue but not without its own new faults. The Story  The Story here doesn't really advance that much from the last issue however, the reason I think this issue is an improvement on the last issue is because all the characters seem to actually be in character.  I especially liked Emma and Scott's interaction after she telepathically forced some soldiers to leave  "What? I didn't do anything darling... Don't ...

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Best issue yet. 0

I was a bit unsure about the ultimate x-men when the first series ended, it was steadily going down hill and ended on quite a bad note (for me anyway) with most of my favourite x-men dead I thought where are they going to go from here?  The answer is up, this series is getting better and better and being only 3 issues in i wonder if they can keep this level of writing up?  i for one hope so.  I just think that this series should be monthly instead of bi monthly.  The Story  I think that this is ...

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The origins book i've been waiting for. 3

The X-Men origins title isn't the best title out there at the moment as it generally retcons a characters past to fit with a current story arc and a new direction a character is going in.  Here i think we get quite a bit of retconing, but seeing as not a lot of people know that much about Emma's past other than her fans, maybe Marvel rightly or wrongly decided they would give her a 'new' origin, which is ok its not brilliant or anything like that but i think it is better than some of the other O...

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Passable if your not a fan of the x-men 1

Let me just say that o though that this issue was ok, not great just ok.  Unlike Ellis' writing on the 'true' Astonishing X-Men book, some of the characters here seemed to be a little off like for example Emma Frost in sections of this book she was believable however, in others she just seemed like an annoying teenager  with lines like "No shops, No room service within a thousand miles...I just don't see the appeal"  to me like i said this was just not Emma at all.  Yet, i found the line "unhand...

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A good opening 3

I have to say that this possible beats the Utopia opening for me, i just loved the way the story begins to unravel from her on out.  I'm going to give this book a 4.5/5    The art  The art in this book is just fantastic which is what we expect when we hear the name David Finch.  Everything here looks amazing, from the characters themselves down to the detail in every panel.  I like how every thing seems to flow in Finches art, even moving from scene to scene the transition isn't confusing or for...

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The issue i've been waiting for 0

So, this is the issue i've been waiting for since the mini series started, and that is for one reason, Emma's story in this issue.  Im not going to tell you about all the stories that are here, just the Emma one.  In my honest opinion this was a good story however, there are a few errors here mainly in the names of characters, which surprised me quite a bit when they are quite well known characters like the Stepford Cuckoos the writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa gets the cuckoos names wrong, well one...

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An ok finish 0

(Im going to try and be quite critical) I thought that this issue was o.k it didnt wow me like the main necrosha book and it really has little impact on the main story over all.  I think that the main reason i wasnt wowed in the first place was because i only really care about a couple of characters here (Rogue, Psylocke and Magneto).  I believe that if this had taken place on Necrosha, Utopia or even San Fransisco it would have felt as though it had more to do with the story, but for me thats w...

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Easily the best issue of Necrosha X yet 2

The story basically picks up from where issue 23 ended and the team going the Necrosha.  I found that the main bulk of the story focused on Selene, which i was thankfull for as we've not really had much detail about her its mostly been about her inner circle of followers.  During the isse there are a couple of fight sequences which fell epic however, what appealed to me were the more story driven moments between Selene and her inner circle for example when she was talking to Eli Bard and the dea...

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Best in the series! 2

This has by far been the best issue of the series, and i think it was a very fitting end as well.   The story comes to a concluson in this issue, and Psylocke has in my opinion never been better (in this series anyway).  Both Psylocke and Wolverine have a confrontation which is fast paced and enjoyable.  This issue was as much about the psychological effects of meeting the person that has destroyed your life as much as it was about the physical destruction of that person.  Psylocke in this issue...

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A good build up for the final issue 0

I really liked this issue and i think it follows on very nicely from issue 520.  For me the main draw of the issue was seeing what Magneto is doing up on Mt. Tamalpais, however, we do see the conflict between the genetically engineered mutants and Wolverine's group. For me the fight sequence between the two groups played out well and it didnt feel all that rushed even thought there are two other stories going on at the same time, this is where Matt Fractions writing is shown off at its best, whe...

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I thought this was a good 1st issue 9

I really liked this issue, it introduced me to alot of Ultiamte versions of characters i wouldnt of read about.  There were some suprises in this issue like for example what happens between the thing and the invisible woman, or what happens at Reed Richards house.   Heres what i liked about the ssue, the art is great, the writing is Bendis which is always good, it introduced me to new characters, and left on a cliff hanger.  what i didnt like however was that it left on a clif hanger, im mostly ...

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One of my favorite issues Fraction has done 1

For me this is probably one of the better Fraction issues, sometimes he can get the characters wrong however in the past 3 issues her has gotten them spot on.  I really liked that they didnt really feature Emma and Scott (as a couple) in this issue, instead we see what magneto has been up to along with some other x-characters like psylocke collosus and wolverine who meet one of the lesser known x-characters, Fantomex.    however there are some down sides to this issue namely the art Land shoudnt...

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Its ok its been better though 0

Sadly im not a fan of this issue and idont think it should of started of Nation X, in my opinion this issue deals mostly with fall out from Utopia so this issue is a kind of epilogue.  The art,  im getting tired of Greg Lands art style now, as readers we got a break for a while during utopia with Dodson and Ross, i personally was hoping that Dodson would stay with the book.  My main problem with the style is that the characters seem a little off take Psylocke for instance, her scene with Dr. Tak...

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I loved this issue!!!!!! 1

I know some people dont like this issue for the basic reason we have seen the beggining a few times already, but i need to say this is so much more than what we have seen previously.    the story  As we already know, this story is about Emma and Scott telling the other about what they have been doing since basically messaih complex and all the secrets thay have kept from each other.  Apart from the obvious we do get some nice insights to the characters, Emma still has her doubts about her place ...

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Better than I expected 2

Chapter 2 of the utopia crossover is here, well it has been for a couple of days now but o well.ill start with the art, its Dodson which in my eyes is great i think he  draws the x-men than anyone has recently thats pretty much all i can say about the art apart from how i loved the way Namor was introduced by emma the look of that scene was pretty cool.Now for the story, i wasnt expecting much from this book to be honest, but it was pleasently suprising we all knew we'd get the ussual team intro...

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Average but not Astonishing 0

like with the last issue of astonishing i reviewed im not going to treat this as a whole arc, just because i cant as ive not read any of the Warren Ellis run prior to issue 29 so here goes:Again like with the last issue there are moments when the art does feel incredibly good like on the second page the close up of forge is very detailed but ive found that with Bianchi's work he finds one pannel he wants the reader to focus on and it doesnt really have alot of dialogue there which is goodbecause...

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Good but not great 0

coming of of the sisterhood arc which was, in my opinion, a very good arc i may be the only one actually thinks this but it had some pretty good moments when you go back and read it as a complete arc, like Emma attacking lady mastermind in diamond form to the Psylocke and Betsy inner conflict, you have to remember this arc isnt just a 4 issue arc its seeds have been planted way back in uncanny issue 501 with maddies first appearance, so this issue is pretty much an epilogue for the past 10 or 11...

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my favorite astonishing issue to date 0

Having not read the last few issues of astonishing im going to review this as a solo issue.Let me start by saying how good does that cover look!!!!!!!Ok then on to the review , seeing this as an issue on its own i really liked it i thought the "previously in astonishing x-men" helped fill in the blanks for me. The main thing though that makes me love this issue is the interior art, I absolutly love it but there is one pannel in the book that actually made me say out loud wow and that is on page ...

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just awsome 1

let me just start by saying, like many of the major review sites said, wow! its got to be one of the best opening chapters that ive read to date, id say its probably better than the messiah complex opening, which i thought was pretty awsome.  now then down to the review: in my opinion there is only 1 bad thing about the book which is the initial riot is to long to me it could of been done in a couple of pages instead of the 5 it took which is a shame as they could of included more interaction ...

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