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    Black Book

    This is the only Batgirl issue I've read so I can't say if it feels like the character isn't written quite right like some other people are saying, but I really liked this! The diversity does feel a ...

  • Um wrote a review of Passion Nocturnale ; Survival of the Fittest.
    I <3 Nocturna

    So this is the first issue where I saw Nocturna, and I loved it! It was really short and the second half of the comic belongs to Green Arrow (which I'm not much of a fan of), but I think it's worth ge...

  • Um wrote a review of Crappily Ever After.
    Harley's Future's End

    This one shot was really funny and the art was amazing. The story line was interesting, and I loved the ending scenes! This was actually the first Harley book I read, which probably doesn't make a who...

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