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Justice League issue 25 theory

This is my second blog so forgive me if I suck :P. Also if this has been done before I'm sorry.

If you haven't read Justice League 25 the Forever Evil prepare cause SPOILER ALERT.

BATMAN MAY BE THE ONLY LEAGUER WHO DOESN'T HAVE A CRIME SYNDICATE COUNTER PART, IN THE NEW 52? hmmm So we know that Batman has an alternate universe counterpart known as Owl-Man, whose real name is Thomas Wayne. But this is a completely altered canon so things in Pre-52 don't seem to apply here. In Justice League 25 we got a look at Owl-Man's (aka Thomas Wayne Jr.) history and with he and his family we see not 2, not 3, but 4 family members of the Wayne family.

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"This is strange". You ask. "This has never happened before". You say. You're absolutely right but need I remind you this is a completely different canon of the DC you came so accustom to. And I you remember the beginning of Snyder's Batman run, Batman was fending off the Court of Owls and the Talons. Batman fought their leader Lincoln March. March revealed to Bruce that he was his mentally unstable brother named Thomas Wayne Jr, whom after there parents died was forgotten.

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This may or may not be true, it was never confirmed. However during flashbacks in JL 25 you can see Thomas Wayne Jr with a younger brother named Bruce. Now on this earth Bruce, died along with his no good crime boss parents, by the the hands of young Thomas Wayne Jr. On our earth however the young Bruce lived while his brother "rotting in a special hospital". Now with this knowledge in mind, is it possible that the young Thomas Wayne Jr is not a counterpart to Bruce Wayne but a counter part to the young Lincoln March? Now is it possible that since our worlds Lincoln March became there worlds Owl-Man, that our worlds Bruce Wayne lived and there's died in the alley last night? Maybe maybe not, I doubt this is something that will be of importance to the future stories just some thing I thought would be fun digging into.

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What are your thoughts on the matter? More importantly did you like this blog? Hope you enjoyed.


Why I love the Dark Knight trilogy

I suck at blogs and this is my first, and I don't know if anyone has done this blog before, so spare me.

This is why the Dark Knight trilogy is my favorite film saga of all time (though I hate Rises). This trilogy made me feel like the director actually watched the other films as he was making the new ones instead of going off of memory. This trilogy to me really captured Batman's skill (though not quite his brain). I think these films (except Rises) are the best superhero films to date. Nolan truly knows what the fans want (when I say things like this assume I don't mean Rises).

The best thing to me is Bale Batman. Some may not agree but he was the best Batman in film and will probably still be after 2015. When Bale put on the suit you really felt like he was gonna kick some ass. I mean the suit actually looked intimidating on him in Begins. Bale Batman wasn't quite the thinker but he certainly was the unbeatable monster in all three films ( that's right he was a beast in Rises too). He made Batman very very stealthy like his comic book counter part. This is a very big deal as stealth is a huge part of Batman. His voice was ridiculous but it was cool too (don't lie). Bale and Nolan showed us why Gotham needs Batman and how he's fit to serve the city. His portrayal of Wayne was equally just as great. You can see him wanting to truly better Gotham. In Knight you can see him happy to see Gotham not need him. But Batman will always be apart of Bruce as in Rises you can see him happy to be back in the Cowl. And if you still aren't convinced.........I mean just look at him go

The second thing I loved was the villains, there's no denying that the DK trilogy was true to the source material here......for the most part lol. First off Ra's was the beast he was in the comics. I mean sure there was no Lazerous Pit but did the movie really need one (though it would of been nice). Ra's was everything else his comic book counter part was expert swordsmen, chaotic neutral, Leader of the League of Assassins......I mean Shadows ;). Ra's was my favorite villain of the trilogy. Even though Ra's was my favorite villain he wasn't the best. That was the Joker. Nolan got everything about the Joker right his ambiguous origin, killing for laughs and his being steps ahead of everyone (except Batman of course). I mean Ledger didn't win an Oscar for no reason.I think Joker's portrayal is the greatest villain portrayal in any movie ever.Finally Bane was pretty ok too. He wasn't too bad though I'd would of made him better. His fighting skills, his brutality, and his strategic genius were spot on in Rises (the only thing lol). The villains were what made these movies the epic roller coaster ride they were.

Next is something I know you'll all agree on is the proper origin of this character everyone loves. Nolan show cased Batman's motivation to becoming Batman and in a way that makes sense and doesn't sound ridiculous. What he did for us translated well on screen, and I didn't leave the theater wanting to kill my self lol. He showed us the road to becoming Batman and took 58 mins doing it. Nolan took us from his training to discovering the symbol needed to strike terror into the petty hearts of criminals. He didn't just give us a hero, a setting, and a villain. He gave us a story. He didn't just hand Batman the skill to punch thugs through walls. He didn't just give Batman gadgets and not tell us how he got them. Nolan actually put substance into the story he showed us when, where and how and I appreciate that.

The next thing is it saved us from you know this......nuff said

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The last and final thing in this run on blog is the Gadgets. This movie took Batman away from this silly and laughable gadgets to the ones that actually help him get around, fight crime, and traverse the city. They gave an onscreen reason to why Batman has and to how he got these gadgets. I love this because he didn't just poop out a flying batarang gadget he gave everyone a purpose and importance. He gave the Batvehicles useful stealth features, which makes perfect sense.

This is the end of this blog. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments. Hope you enjoyed

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