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Respect Takion, The Embodiment of the Source!

Respect Takion

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Joshua Sanders, a blind psychologist, was one day stripped of his mortal form by Highfather Izaya of New Genesis and transformed into an embodiment of the Source (the energy source that created the universe and gave its inhabitants powers). As an avatar of the Source Takion has the ability to interact with and manipulate all the energy in the universe that originates from the source.

For a brief period of time Takion led the people of New Genesis serving Highfather's role (who was presumed to be dead), guarding it from the forces of Apokalips. Takion also appeared in Death of The New Gods where he was killed off by Infinity Man, but that story has since then been retconned to not be canon. He currently resides on Earth-51 alongside the people of New Genesis, as seen in the The Multiversity: Guidebook.

Table of Contents

  1. Cosmic Power
  2. Cosmic Awareness
  3. Divine Powers
  4. Energy Manipulation
  5. Travel Speed
  6. Time Manipulation/Combat Speed
  7. Phasing/Invisibility
  8. Teleportation

1.0 Cosmic Power

The power of the Source grants Takion with superhuman strength and power, capable of handling several herald tier characters.

  • Takion #2- Puts down Captain Atom with one blast.
  • Takion #2- Releases an AOE blast knocking away Kyle Rayner, Captain Atom, and Wally West.
  • Takion #2- Breaks out of a containment field made by Captain Atom.
  • Takion #1- Breaks free of Kyle Rayner's construct.
  • Takion #7- Tanks a blast from an enraged Lightray.
  • Takion #7- Tanks a punch and getting blitzed from Lightray one after the other.

2.0 Cosmic Awareness

When Takion first received his powers he was instinctually informed of the things going on throughout the universe, this would later be turned off, but the Source would continue giving him knowledge from time to time when requested.

  • DC Comics Encyclopedia- The source grants him nigh-omniscience.
  • Takion #1- Has an instinctual understanding of the universe that he receives from the Source from time to time.
  • Takion #1- Takion's connection to the source makes him aware of the different events going on throughout the universe, such as black holes being formed or changes in the trajectory of a comet several light years away.

3.0 Divine Powers

4.0 Energy Manipulation

The Source is connected to all the energies in the universe, and Takion can manipulate these energies due to his direct link to the Source, over time Takion would eventually learn to harness these energies without being overwhelmed.

  • Takion #1- Creates a black hole to reach the source.
  • Genesis #4- Manipulates the energies of the Godwave so the other heroes can strike through to the Source, the Godwave has enough energy to destroy the universe and gave powers to all of the beings that reside in it.
  • New Gods #14- Shrinks down a group of beings called the Annihilators to the size of miniature figures.
  • Takion #7- Frees Lightray by absorbing all the dark energy from him.
  • Takion #5- Scatters Stayne’s energies by dispersing her magnetic field.
  • Takion #2- Places Kyle Rayner, Captain Atom and Wally in an electromagnetic field so as to protect them from his dangerous energy.
  • Takion #1- Unknowingly creates an energy dampening field that temporarily depowers Kyle Rayner’s ring.
  • Takion #4- Increases Stayne’s gravitational attraction to a celestial body.
  • Takion #2- Captain Atom is unable to handle the energies of a bloodlusted Takion, this energy wreaks havoc over the Quantum Field, Kyle's Power Ring, and the Speed Force.
  • Takion #2- Accidentally creates a singularity.
  • Takion #2- Unknowingly accelerates Wally West's speed, through manipulation of the speed force.
  • Takion #1- Temporarily shuts off Kyle Rayner's power.
  • Takion #5- Transforms Stayne into antimatter.
  • Takion #5- Disperses Stayne's molecules by removing her electromagnetic field.
  • Takion #7- Knocks out Lightray with a single blast.

5.0 Travel Speed

The Source grants the power of flight, being able to traverse very long distances in a short amount of time.

  • Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #18- Travels through the known dimensions of the universe, the planes of Apokolips/New Genesis, and several realities to reach the Source Wall.

  • Takion #7- Accelerates himself and Lightray towards the Moon at FTL speeds.

6.0 Time Manipulation/Combat Speed

Using the powers of the Source Takion can manipulate the flow of time, as well travel through different points of the timeline.

  • The Final Night #1- Steps between seconds and teleports a bunch of heroes away from a Sun Eater.
  • Takion #6- Seemingly reverses time to save a crashed helicopter.
  • Takion #3- Freezes a bunch of people in time.
  • Takion #4- Freezes time once again and teleports someone away to their home planet.
  • Takion #2- Operates in the space between moments and steps out of Kyle Rayner’s construct.
  • Takion #1- Is able to view and exist in multiple different points throughout his timeline.

7.0 Phasing/Invisibility

  • Takion #7- Phases through a wall to enter his parent's apartment and become intangible.
  • Takion #7- Can will himself to be invisible to others.

8.0 Teleportation

  • Takion #3- Teleports several people across the planet.
  • Takion #2- Teleports out of the way of Wally's blitz, displaying fast reaction speeds as well.
  • Takion #2- Unknowingly teleports a whole building of people to Central Park.
  • Takion #1- Teleports out of the way of Kyle Rayner's blast when Kyle stops holding back.


Takion is a very unique character, being the embodiment of the Source his powers are virtually limitless, limited only by the condition the Source is in and his own inexperience, unfortunately he didn't have too many appearances but the ones he did were very impressive, he was shown to be alive in The Multiversity: Guidebook residing on Earth-51 back in 2015 but hasn't made any significant appearance since.