Rinse & Repeat: Conclusion!

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L.A. Rehab & Wellness Center for Meta-Humans...

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I can't take this for much longer. She thinks, a tear slipping down her cheek. Caitlin has lost count how many times she's died only for the time loop to happen again. Then the round of torture begins anew with her greatest nemesis hoping the Ultra-Woman of Super-Heroes will break. But Caitlin proves she has a will of iron as she stubbornly holds onto the vain hope she'll be rescued by...someone. Anyone.

"Ready for another round?" Mara's voice asks, having dumped her disguise several loops ago. There's no point in beating around the bush anymore and she is taking great delight in this.

Caitlin shakes her head, shrinking back away from her, "Please...PLEASE...no...HAVEN'T YOU TORTURED ME ENOUGH?!" She screams. Panicking, heart racing, she attempts to back up into a corner of her room and trying her best to ignore her hangover she has every time the time loop starts again.

"I won't stop until your a complete loon." Mara says, stepping forward as a giggle escapes her. But little does the Sorceress know there is something dark inside of Caitlin and it has been feeding on her fear, growing stronger. And now it's strong enough to fight back.

The little wrist band around Caitlin's left arm that is keyed to her DNA effectively makes the redhead completely powerless. But this is not the case with the entity living inside of her.

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"NYAAAH!" Caitlin cries out as her entire body flashes as bright as a yellow light bulb. The process is painful as her transformation occurs. Mara leaps back, a mixture of shock and surprise written all over her face, "What the h**?!"

Caitlin smiles, but none too kindly, as she rises from her position only to slowly step towards the Dark Mistress of Magic, "No. Not h***. Fear." She says with a voice that sounds nothing at all like Caitlin's.

"Who are you?" Mara asks, confused by this new development, hands glowing purple as she gets ready for a fight but with a tinge of fear in her voice.

"Me?" She asks, the floor catching fire where she has left a step, coming ever closer, "I'm the boogeyman in your closet. I'm the monster under your bed. I'm the dark shadow that stalks you in the blackness of the night. I am the hunter that is ready to pounce you. I am the one who is watching you when you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach. I am Phobos."

Mara screams as her fears manifest in the form of an army of Caitlin Riker's each reaching for her and when they do, it's over sa Mara screams no over and over again before falling down. The sorceress froths at the mouth, writhing on the floor.

Time Resumes At Last...

Caitlin wakes up with a devastating hangover and she holds her head, moaning. A staff member comes in, smiling, asking her if she wants some breakfast. "No." She mumbles before her eyes fly open and glances at this new woman who is a stranger to her, "You...your not...Emily?" She has the hope the time loop is over, not remembering what Phobos has done to end it.

Kylie looks confused, shaking her head, "Noo, there is no one here by that name. Are you feeling alright Ms. Riker?"

Despite how Caitlin physically feels, she smiles for the first time in a long time. "Yeah...Yeah, I feel fine." Relieved beyond all reasoning that her nightmare is apparently over, a happy tear slipping down her cheek as she hugs Kylie, leaving the woman even more confused than ever.

As time resumes it's normal march, free at last from the machinations of Mara, Caitlin can now spend her time in rehab the way she was always meant to. Visitors are now able to come and see her and she looks forward to seeing them. As for therapy, Caitlin's going to need it considering how many times she's repeatedly died when she was stuck in her time loop but other than that she is fine.


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Mara is wheeled into the Gateway Hospital and Mental Health Center in Los Angeles, struggling against her restraints, "GET AWAY FROM ME, CAITLIN! GET AWAY!" But she can't seem to escape her, the redhead is all around her, laughing and poking at her. Mara screams and the doctors think of her as insane as she is placed in a straight jacket and a lonely room with four padded walls.

Karma sucks. The very thing that Mara wished upon Caitlin is now happening to her. But perhaps Caitlin should have become the insane one because what is more dangerous than a powerful sorceress when she is mentally unstable? She begins laughing hysterically at first, then cackling like a Witch.

Not The End...