Reinventing herself...

"My eyes are up here."

Fresh out of her month-long stay in rehab, Caitlin takes a nervous step forward out into a new unknown. Actually, according to her count, she relived that month, more or less, for an entire year considering how many times she 'died'. But now that she's broken free of her version of groundhog day, she's actually been there for a month to the outside world. Maybe she'll write a book about her experiences in her autobiography someday, but for now no one will ever know.

The cameras flash like stars beaming from the night sky as reporters begin to ask a million questions. Most of the men are not looking at her face, however, and she clears her throat, "Ahem. My eyes are up here." She says, gesturing to her face. That's when it's noticed that Caitlin is now sporting her new hairstyle. She's a blonde now and the paparazzi bombard her with questions. Holding up two gloved hands as she milks in every second of the limelight, she says, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, one at a time, please. I'll answer your questions, but I can't do that if all of you are talking at once."

She turns to one particular fellow with a bushy mane of red hair, "You. Go." She says, pointing at him before doing a pose for the camera with her hands on her hips. A typical, straight forward, hero pose. "What's with the new costume?" The reporter asks.

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"You like it?" Caitlin asks, flexing her bicep and it bulges under her tight costume. She knows for a fact that one is going on someone's wall. Likely a lot of them! The mere thought gives her the giggles as the reporter nods his head, wearing a goofy smile, "I love it! The U on your chest is perfect for your name!" And he can't help but look again at her chest, eliciting the rolling of eyes from the Ultra-Woman of Super-Heroes.

"What about your identity as the Sequel? Will you now be abandoning that costume?" Another reporter asks. Caitlin rolls her eyes, "Oh goodness, no. I'm still the Sequel and when in matters pertaining to my duties within Selebrity, I'll still be wearing that particular costume. But this one I'm wearing now I'll just wear some of the time."

Another reporter asks, "Why are you suddenly going blonde now?"

With a flashy smile and another pose, Caitlin answers right back with, "Why not? Blondes are all the rage now." She doesn't say it, but due to Trinity Blue's rising fame as the savior of New York, blonde people's popularity has skyrocketed, especially that of the exotic Seraph. Everyone wants to be a blonde now it seems. Caitlin is merely cashing in on it too.

"Can you tell us what rehab was like for you? Is your alcohol addiction over and how will you cope with it going forward?" Another reporter asks.

Frowning softly, Caitlin says, "Didn't I ask for one question at a time? That was three!" She says, but she takes the time to answer them anyway even if she's now slightly annoyed, "Rehab was a nightmare at first, but I'm glad I was signed up for it. The best thing that ever happened to me! I really can't thank Samson enough for having the balls to do what no one else could and that was making me face a dangerous habit. Now that he's the Governor of California, he has my undying support." Even though she wishes she could be a part of his staff, but realizes she can't because she's too risky. Selebrity is where it's at and it's where she can thrive as she climbs the ladder once again. Her aim is to one day be the head of the media department.

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"I will cope the same way every other recovering alcoholic does. By taking it one day at a time." She winks at the camera. With that, Caitlin's time with these hungry reporters is over as she takes a bow before taking off. Little does Caitlin know but her going blonde is not due to Trinity Blue but rather than the entity that now lives inside of her. For Blonde is the color of yellow. It represents fear and it was Phobos who influenced her host body to adopt the color. So as the new reinvented Ultra-Woman flies away, her blue eyes flash yellow for a moment as hints of horrors yet to come...