Demon in the bottle...

"Evicted?" I couldn't believe what I was reading as my glistening green eyes scan the page for the third time in a row as I read the fine print, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M EVICTED?!" This...this can't be happening! The door is locked, what few things I own have been thrown outside and I SWEAR I was going to pay the rent this month. And last month's.

My lip quivers and I can't stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks. A soft whimper escapes my lips as I throw away the paper in heartbreaking anguish. I try and compose myself, taking a deep breath but the emotions are running high and deep down I know it's for real. I couldn't pay last month's rent or this month's. I had my chance to get the money and I couldn't because I was fired yet again from my last job. Spilled coffee all over someone, then I tripped and shattered a table thanks to my invulnerability acting like a wrecking ball. After that the manager had enough since I was late for work three times in a row thanks to STUPID TRAFFIC GETTING IN THE WAY! And now I get evicted from my apartment with my stuff thrown out the front.

I try and speak with the manager but it only ends up in a heated argument and me almost crushing his head like an eggshell. But it's not worth it and I leave when his stuck up wife threatens to call the calls. Jail is the last thing I need, but so is this. I leave in a huff and then when I'm outside I run into a wall of emotion and I fall to my knees crying. WHY CAN'T I GET A FREAKIN' BREAK?!

The reality dawns on me that I'm now homeless and my bank account has been overdrawn. I have enough money for a few meals but definitely not nearly enough to rent a hotel so I completely break down and curl up in a fetal position as I cry my heart out. Why can't anything go right for me? Once, I was Ultra-Woman and an Oscar winning movie star! I even won a Golden Globe and a few Emmy's! I got to play Red Sonja and inspire teenagers around the world as well as young adults. But now Hollywood refuses to cast me in anything more, I lost all my hard earned millions, I can't seem to hold onto a job, my powers are unreliable because they fail me at the WORST possible times and now I got evicted from my apartment.

I'm a homeless bum. I can't exactly go home either since my entire family is dead. And my friend Mara in Hollywood wants nothing to do with me. Funny how you learn who your real friends are when you don't have any money. Once that was gone, all my so called 'friends' in Hollywood disowned me. Not one of them is willing to help me.

I wake up after having accidentally fallen asleep when someone kicks me and yells at me. Great. I managed to cry myself to sleep. I get up and leave, too tired and emotionally drained to fight back. He leaves me alone and I don't care as to the reason why. I see a bridge and I head towards it. As I get closer, I begin to get ideas and not very good ones. I make my way to the edge out over the ocean. If I was human, I know the fall would kill me since hitting the water at this height might as well be landing on solid concrete. I don't hesitate like a lot of people do on TV, I immediately take the plunge and hope my powers don't kick in. Unfortunately, they do and when I hit the water I feel nothing. So much for a quick and clean death. I could simply suck in water and let myself drown, but what's the point? That's not as quick as I'd like anyway, plus I don't like the thought of drowning. I was hoping the fall would kill me but my invulnerability saved me. Stupid powers! When I need them, they aren't there for me when I don't want them they work just fine! Figures!

When I climb out of the water, I randomly walk around the city and find myself at a bar. I shouldn't, I know I shouldn't. I know the moment I walk in there, it'll be the stupidest thing in the world. But right now, I've hit rock bottom. What more can be done? How much worse can life get? I've lost my family, my dream job, my home, my money...

I have lost everything...

I don't care anymore. Surely drinking isn't that bad, right?

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I take the drink and I cough up a storm. IT'S HORRIBLE! How can people honestly drink this stuff?! Maybe it really is an acquired taste. The bartender smirks and gives me a different drink on the house. Sure, why not? I drink down this one and hey, it's not that bad! The after taste is a bit sweet too. The initial kick hits like a mule, though. Not a buzz yet. But this is whiskey and I know I'm drinking the hard core stuff. I tell him to hit me again and I down that one too. The coughing after every drink doesn't get any better but at least this brand of whiskery is more tolerable than the other one.

A kind gentlemen buys me a drink and I thank him, downing that one too. By the fifth drink, I'm feeling a buzz. It occurs to me I've never been drunk before. Oh, I've had a few beers at parties but I never got drunk before now. I never saw the point. But now I don't care. The more I drink, the more I lose my inhibitions, the more my brain seems to go into some kind of alcohol induced fog. My vision and speech begins slurring as I find it hard to stand, let alone walk. I think this guy is rather cute and he actually has the audacity to say I've had enough to drink! I try and tell him off but my words a slurred mess, "How DAORE you deeny me more drinksh. I should break yer spyne. I know...super shtrength an' all that..." I hiccup and burp, giggling like a school girl and I even hop on a table and sing a song. DUST IN THE WIND! And I'm awful at it but the men around me sure like it, clapping, hooting and hollering like animals.

After that, the takes me home and my memory is a blank from there. Actually, I don't even remember singing that song, either, come to think of it. I wake up the next morning with a pounding headache. Each movement makes it worse, every sound and every light source. I hold my pounding head before I slowly open my eyes to a room I don't recognize. That's when I forget my headache and I look around, sitting up and immediately regret sitting up so fast I hold my poor head. Did I leave my brain back in the bar and that's why my head hurts so much?!

Oh my goodness, that's when I see him. The guy from the bar! He's right beside me in the bed! Did we? Did I? Oh ***, I hope not! I start to panic, rushing out of bed so fast I fall out of it and make a loud thud on the floor, holding my head again from the constant pressure that suddenly worse. The guy wakes up, wondering what is going on. I yell at him, saying we better not have had 'done it' but he swears we didn't. Then why don't I believe him? The scum bag.

I manage to get my clothes on and rush out of there. I cover my eyes from sudden brightness of the lights, causing my headache to just get worse. So this is what a hang over feels like. I already hate it. I already hate the drinking, but a I know I'm going to go back. What other choice is there?

I'm a failure who can't get a lucky break...